Toy Ideas for Blind Kids & Babies

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We get a lot of emails from parents and grandparents telling us about all the fun toys and activities their kids are into.

We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites!


Lots & Lots of Toys!

This Little Piggy by First Years is a super-soft plush toy that also lights up and sings the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy.”

Here is what one grandma had to say about it: “As she sings the soles of the pig’s feet light up and move up and down. It is quiet and the final part of the song is followed by the sound of a laughing child. Since my grandson can see from one eye and now maybe both eyes this was a real hit with him. He would turn in the direction of the sound and smile; It was one of the few things he responded to with some consistency.”

Baby Einstein Take Along TunesThe Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes has a big button that’s easy to press and plays through seven different nursery rhymes. It also lights up and is pretty durable.

One mom says, “This is my son’s favorite toy—I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to replace the batteries in it!”

Gym Spin The Spin Disc looks like a toy your Physical Therapist would love. It’s similar to a Sit’n Spin, but the handles are on the side and it takes a bit more effort to get to turn.

This toy will accommodate kids and adults up to 124 lbs (so it’s great for older kids) and it can also “improve balance and coordination.”

Plasma CarThe Plasma Car may be a little complicated at first, but once you’ve got it down you’re in for some fun! It doesn’t require batteries or even pedals—just steering.

One mom says, “This toy is great for my daughter because, even though she has lower muscle tone in her legs/ankles/feet, she can make this car go very easily by twisting the steering wheel from side to side.”

ElefunThe Elefun is an action toy. Turn it on and Elefun shoots colorful toy butterflies into the air that your kids are supposed to try to catch, but even if they just sit and feel them fall all around them, it’s a very cool toy.

One mom, whose daughter has CVI, says, “My daughter likes toys that move. Elefun is great because it gets her attention.”

Kidsplay Diatonic 8-note Handbell SetThis 8-note Handbell Set by Kidsplay is a wonderful way to introduce musical notes to your child. Each bell rings at a specific note on the scale and they are very easy to hold.

Here’s what one mom had to say about these bells: “These are colorful bells you can shake to get a good tuned note. My son loves playing guess that note!”


Other Cool Things

IQ Baby Baby BuzzThis teether by IQ Baby, called the Baby Buzz, is not only nice to chew on but also plays music and provides a soothing vibration for irritated teeth.

Here’s what one grandma told us: “This teether is so cool, my granddaughter just loves it. I hope you can find it because it was just the ticket for her!”

Spa Baby Upright Baby Bath TubThe Spa Baby bath tub is a neat new upright tub for infants. The tub’s design supports your baby, keeps the water warm, and is also very cozy and comforting.

One mom just loves this tub for her visually impaired baby: “We noticed our daughter would often get scared when getting a bath and it would turn into a traumatic situation instead of a relaxing bed time ritual, so we decided to try the Spa Baby tub. She absolutely loves taking a bath now! I think she likes how it surrounds her body and she can sit and splash.”

Another mom mentioned that her son loves making tactile books with her that they can read over and over together. Think of them as scrap books with braille! Pick a simple topic (like My Day at the Park), collect some tactile objects to glue to your pages, add braille, and you’ve got a sweet personalized book to share with your child. What a great idea!

Thanks to everyone for their ideas! Keep them coming!


Toys & Things: Fun ideas from WonderBaby readers


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