Catherine Rose

Dr Catherine Rose has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, three undergraduate degrees (in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math and Spanish) and an MBA. She has lived and studied in Spain, Japan and the Netherlands. But it was her pregnancy with Alexis and Kaitlyn and that changed her life.


Kaitlyn died at 29 weeks in utero followed by 72 days in the NICU where Alexis fought for her life. Sixteen months later Jessica was born. Both Alexis and Jessica are miracle girls (diagnosed with HDAC8 deletion). “Like my children, I am a fighter, I am their advocate, I am a visionary. I see the possible from the impossible.”

happy mom with her daughter

Parenting, Special Needs

8 simple ways to be a happier special needs mom

Being happy doesn't just happen, it's a skill that you need to work on and hone. How do you maintain your happiness as a special needs mom?

Financial planning for the special needs family


I’m Planning for a 70-Year retirement… How About You?

When you're raising a special needs child, you need to plan for your own retirement as well as your child's financial future. How can you cover both expenses in your...


Things in My House that I Wish Would Just Take Care of Themselves

This is going to sound like a lot of complaining, but really it's my response to the special needs world closing in on me. Sometimes you need to come up...

Welcome to Orlando Florida

Assistive Technology, Special Needs

ATIA 2014 Orlando: News from the assistive tech conference

Catherine Rose reports from the ATIA assistive technology conference in Orlando Florida. She write about the LightAide and learning about assistive tech for communication as well as when is the...

Cici using LightAide

Assistive Technology, Special Needs

Funding Opportunities for the LightAide

Assistive technology devices can be so beneficial to your child... but they can also be very expensive! Catherine gives advice on how to raise money to cover these devices, like...

Health & Nutrition, Special Needs

Hospital Tips & Tricks: How to Prepare for a Long Stay at the Hospital with Your Special Needs Child

Here are practical suggestions from moms about how to prepare for a stay at the hospital. Find out what to pack, what to have in hand, who to connect with...

child on an airplane

Parenting, Special Needs

Traveling with a Child who is Medically Complex

Traveling with a child who is medically complex can be difficult. Not only do you have all the normal travel woes, but there's medications, medical equipment and emergencies to prepare...

Staff Appreciation Day


Show Them You Care! How to Organize a Staff Appreciation Day at Your Child’s School

Have you ever wanted to organize a staff appreciation day for your child's teachers but don't know where to start? Catherine Rose gives tips and advice on how to create...

stack of papers

Parenting, Special Needs

How to Stay Organized when Raising a Special Needs Child

If you're the parent of a child with medical complexities you're probably feeling pretty stressed. Catherine gives you advice on how to keep your medical records organized so you can...