Linda Downey, MSW, LCSW

Linda has a passion for supporting and empowering parents. She received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in 2014 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Linda is the owner of Downey Parent Coaching and Counseling, which provides online coaching services to help families learn what strategies, resources, and changes will make a difference in their homes.


When not empowering families, Linda enjoys spending her time with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include being outside with nature, mid-century modern antiquing, reading, and warm cups of coffee. You can find more about her here.

Linda Downey, MSW, LCSW
Speech and language development for babies producing babbling sounds.


The Babbling Stage in Childhood Language Acquisition

Babbling is cute and silly, but it also plays an important role in your infant’s language development. Learn how you can encourage your child to babble more.

Toddler girl walking from dad to mothers arms in sitting room.


What Is Joint Attention & Why Is It Important?

The ability to respond and initiate joint attention is necessary for developing relationships. Learn strategies to foster joint attention for your child.

Photo of cheerful relaxed mother pretty lady hold small newborn baby boy cuddle wear white t-shirt home indoors.


Why Is My Baby So Clingy All of a Sudden?

When a baby becomes clingy all of a sudden it can be exhausting. Remain calm and learn ways to support your child through this normal phase of development.

Worried autistic boy sitting with crossed legs on mint chair during conversation with psychiatrist.

Autism, Behavior

How to Discipline a Child With Autism

Disciplining a child with autism involves using consistent, gentle discipline techniques and understanding your child’s specific needs and behaviors.

Mother with daughter sculpting dumplings in kitchen.


Sequential Reasoning Skills and Your Child’s Development

Does your child struggle with step-by-step instructions? Find out if your child struggles with sequential reasoning skills and ways you can help improve it.

Boy trying to solve math equations in front of blackboard.

Autism, Development

What Is Fluid Reasoning and Why Is It Important?

If a child struggles to learn new ways to do things, it may be a problem with fluid reasoning. Learn about fluid reasoning, its importance, and ways to improve it.

Nervous girl with brown hair.


Common Sources of Cognitive Distortions for Kids

Does your child worry a lot? Cognitive distortions in kids can negatively impact mood and behaviors. Learn how to help your child overcome negative thinking.

Children fighting over scooter.


Does Your Child Lack Personal Space Awareness?

Is your kid constantly touching others or standing too close? Your child may lack personal space awareness. Learn how to help your child grow body awareness.

Girl on the lesson of the development of fine motor skills in kindergarten.

Autism, Special Needs

Understanding Global Developmental Delay in Children

Global developmental delay (GDD) is diagnosed in children under 5 with significant delays in two or more domains. Learn the signs and best ways to help.

Smiling child psychologist and kid with dyslexia playing with building blocks.

Autism, Development, Special Needs

Understanding Cognitive Developmental Delay in Children

Cognitive developmental delays occur when a child’s thinking and reasoning are significantly below the expected average. Learn the signs and best ways to help.

Baby girl sleeping in bed.


Why Is My Newborn Grunting and Squirming While Sleeping?

Newborn grunting and squirming while sleeping is completely normal. Several factors contribute to the noise and movements your baby exhibits at night.

Woman teaching her baby to use toilet bowl in bathroom.

Potty Training

Potty Training Regression: 5 Tips to Get Back on Track

Potty training regression occurs when a potty-trained child suddenly has consistent accidents. These tips can help parents get a child back on track.