Dot Braille Smart Watch

Braille Smart Watch

By Hillary Kleck

Developers at Dot, Inc. have unveiled designs for the Dot Braille Smart Watch for blind users. The South Korea company aims to produce an electronic device with four cells of braille on a refreshable braille display that fits around your wrist. Their goals are to make it affordable, serve as an e-reader with expected smart watch features, and promote braille learning among the 95% of the visually impaired population who give up braille for common reasons. In fact, the Dot Watch is expected to hit the market at under $300 with pre-orders available in 2015.

Interested? You can sign up to be on their priority newsletter update list on their website, as well as follow Dot on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about Dot? We’re definitely excited to see future updates on Dot’s progress! We’ll be sure to keep our readers informed here and we’d love to have your thoughts. Be sure to leave your comments and questions below!

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