Future Planning for your Child with Disabilities

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Saving for the future is important for everyone but having a financial plan for children with disabilities is critical. If the natural order prevails, children will outlive their parents; how those children with disabilities will be cared for is a major source of concern for most parents.

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) has been doggedly making its way through Congress for the past seven years. The idea is to authorize a 529-type plan that would allow parents and caregivers to put aside money tax-deferred, to be used for education, housing, transportation, therapy, rehabilitation and assistive technology. Easier and less expensive to set up and maintain than trust funds currently used, the Act has 342 co-sponsors in the House and 66 in the Senate.

This account could also be used by those with disabilities to save more than the $2000 allowed if they receive SSI funds, meaning they could be more responsible for their own futures.

It would seem to be a no-brainer, but the fact that it’s been in the works for seven years would say otherwise. This editorial in the New York Times talks about it more; go take a look for the details and examples of who and how this would help. And if you think it’s a good idea, take a minute to contact your Congressman to let them know how you feel.

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