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Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

Braille and Literacy, Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

Make sight word memorization easy and fun with this Easter-themed game. With just a few supplies, you can create this Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt.

Portrait of small boy and girl playing indoors at home.

Play, Special Needs

5 Unique Play Date Ideas for Toddlers

Playdate coming up? We’ve got some simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-set-up ideas for your toddler and their friends next time that play time is at your house.

Playing with unicorn sensory rice.

Sensory Activities

Unicorn Sensory Rice

This unicorn sensory rice is simple to make and full of color. Use it to make your own sensory bin to keep little hands busy for hours.

Playing with a snowy animals sensory bin.

Sensory Activities

Snowy Animals Sensory Bin

This Snowy Animals Sensory Bin is perfect for exploring animal tracks and learning about how animals survive winter. Your little one will want to play for hours!

Valentine’s Day Q-tip Painting Activity

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Tactile Arts and Crafts

Valentine’s Day Q-tip Painting Activity

This adorable Valentine’s Day Q-tip Painting Activity is perfect for little hands. Conversations hearts and Q-tip flowers make this tree extra special!

Cute little four years girl child with funny painted face art in children's room.

Play, Special Needs

9 Tips for a Sensory-Friendly Birthday Party

Sensory-friendly birthday parties can be inclusive and fun without being overstimulating. Check out our guide to start planning your child’s next party.

A group of young girls with disabilities and autism is training their hand and finger muscles by drawing and painting with water.

Play, Special Needs

18 Engaging Indoor Activities for Kids with Physical Disabilities

There are many fun indoor activities for kids with disabilities, from interactive storytelling to adaptive yoga routines, disability-friendly board games, and virtual escape rooms.

A handsome boy with ADHD, Autism, Asperger.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

10 Inclusive Strategies for Managing Holiday Crowds with Autistic Children

Learn how to make holiday outings more comfortable and enjoyable for children with autism.

Valentine's sight word game.

Braille and Literacy, Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Valentine’s Sight Word Game

Turn sight word practice into a game with this Valentine’s Sight Word Game. This Valentine’s Day activity is both inexpensive and easy to create!

Valentine's Gingerbread House Craft

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Tactile Arts and Crafts

Valentine’s Gingerbread House Craft

Gingerbread houses aren’t just for Christmas! This adorable Valentine’s Gingerbread House craft is the perfect activity for a wintery day!

Outdoor activity like play, touch and sensory learning method for baby and kids.

Sensory Activities, Special Needs

Springtime Sensory Play: Outdoor Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders

The natural world is the perfect setting for sensory exploration. Children with sensory processing disorders can engage with nature during outdoor sensory play.

Winter-themed I spy sensory bottle.

Sensory Activities

Winter-Themed I Spy Sensory Bottle

This Winter-Themed I Spy Sensory Bottle is a great way to keep little ones busy on a cold day. With just a few supplies, you can create this unique activity!

A little cheerful boy in a shiny green top hat and green clothes laughs.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

Accessible Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids Who are Blind

If you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day as a family, you’ll love these accessible Saint Patrick's Day crafts to try with your visually impaired child.

A blogger girl makes a felt craft for Valentine's Day in the shape of a heart.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

5 Accessible Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids Who Are Blind

Everyone can get crafty this February with these creative, fun, and accessible Valentine’s Day crafts for children who are blind.

Children with bunny ears searching for colorful eggs in snow drop flower meadow.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

Adapting Easter Egg Hunts for Kids With Disabilities

There’s no reason why children with disabilities need to miss out on Easter egg hunts. Throwing an accessible Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to celebrate.

Close up of a hanging paper snowflake.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Tactile Arts and Crafts

Hanging Paper Snowflakes

When the weather turns frosty, have fun indoors with these Hanging Paper Snowflakes. You’ll turn your living room into a winter wonderland!

Sparkle Snowball Cookies

Cooking and Kitchen Play

Sparkle Snowball Cookies

These sparkle snowball cookies are simple to make. The fun sprinkles make them an afternoon treat sure to delight your kids!

Three tactile alphabet cookies spelling B O G

Play, Sensory Activities, Tactile Arts and Crafts

Tactile Alphabet Cookies Using Sugar Cookie Playdough

Learning the alphabet can be fun with these tactile alphabet cookies. Try out this educational activity using homemade sugar cookie playdough.

Happy new year. Family watching fireworks.

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Special Needs

8 Tips For a Successful Sensory-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

Parties can be tricky if you have sensory processing issues. A sensory-friendly New Year’s Eve Party allows everybody to celebrate and have fun together.

Family working on origami together.

Tactile Arts and Crafts, Visual Impairment

10 Ways To Help Your Blind or Visually Impaired Child Get Started With Origami

Find tips for parents on introducing and getting started with origami with their children who are blind or visually impaired.

One of the sets with text instructions for blind builders.

Toys, Visual Impairment

Bricks for the Blind

Bricks for the Blind provides text, audio, and braille instructions for LEGO sets that allows blind people to build LEGO sets independently.

Children and teacher playing with musical instruments in preschool.

Music Play

Music and Movement: Enhancing Preschool Learning Through Songs

Music and movement activities for preschoolers can help enhance their cognitive skills and brain development while developing social, emotional, and academic skills.

Children in forest looking at leaves as a researcher together with the magnifying glass.

Math and Science, Sensory Activities

Exploring Nature: 5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for things to do outside with your preschooler? These ideas for outdoor learning are easy, inexpensive, informal, and best of all, fun!

Cardboard Christmas Ornament Craft

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Cardboard Christmas Ornament Craft

Let your kids get involved in the tree decorating with this simple, inexpensive Cardboard Christmas Ornament Craft. All you need is an old box and some imagination.