Easter Resurrection Snack

Easter Resurrection Snack

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My kids and I love Easter. It’s one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. We love all of the Easter eggs, candy, and delicious food.

However, our absolute favorite thing about Easter is celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I will take any opportunity to talk about the story of Easter. Over the years, we’ve found plenty of Easter books, crafts, and activities that all point to Jesus.

It wasn’t until this year that I realized I could easily make a snack that tells the story of Jesus’s resurrection. With just a few simple ingredients, I threw together this snack complete with an angel and tomb. My kids’ reactions were priceless. 

If you’d like to make this resurrection snack for your kids, you’ll only need a few ingredients. If your child has allergies to any of the ingredients we used, I listed several substitutions. You can make this Easter Resurrection Snack using a variety of foods that are both tasty and healthy.

Follow along to create this Easter Resurrection Snack your child will love. 

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Easter Resurrection Snack: What Ingredients You’ll Need

Easter resurrection snack ingredients.

To make this snack, I grabbed a few items we already had on hand. Feel free to use my suggestions or create your own version. Here’s what we used:   

  • Cheese stick: Cheese sticks are one of our favorite protein snacks for kids. It’s also a great source of many vitamins and minerals including A, D, K, and calcium. We used mozzarella cheese but any variety would do. 
  • Spinach: I’ve found that my kids will eat greens if I provide the right dipping option. To get your kids to eat the spinach in this recipe, try offering dips like ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, or honey mustard. Spinach is a great source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron. 
  • Almonds: Almonds are packed full of nutrients like vitamin E and riboflavin. My kids love them roasted and salted, as they have more flavor than raw almonds. 
  • Raisins: Raisins contain vitamin C and fiber. We like to offer them as a sweet treat for snack time.  
  • Round crackers: Who doesn’t love buttery round crackers? We try to offer whole-grain crackers for most snacks, but my kids always prefer standard buttery rounds. 
  • Mini Peppers: Sneak in some antioxidants and vitamins with some slices of mini peppers. My kids think they’re delicious plain, but you can also offer dipping sauces to encourage your child to try them. 
  • Apple Slices: We always have organic apples on hand. Sliced apples are a delicious afternoon snack and offer fiber and vitamin C. 

How to Make this Easter Resurrection Snack  

This snack only takes a few minutes to throw together. It’s so simple your kids can also help assemble it. Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Cut Wrapper on Cheese Stick

With a pair of scissors, trim the excess wrapper off the cheese stick. This will make it look more like an angel. 

Step 2: Draw on Face

Using a Sharpie marker, draw a face on one side of the cheese stick. 

Step 3: Cut out Halo

Slice off a few pieces of the mini sweet pepper. Choose the right size for the halo on top of the angel. 

Step 4: Slice apples

Slice the apple and choose two slices of similar size to create the angel wings.

Step 4: Assemble

Take the almonds and create the shape of a cave. Fill in the center with raisins to make it look dark inside the tomb. Place the cracker to the side of the cave to show that the stone was rolled away. 

Next to the tomb, assemble the angel with wings and a halo. Use the spinach to create the ground under the angel and tomb. 

Can I make this nut-free?

You can absolutely make this nut-free. If your child has an allergy to nuts, try sunflower seeds instead of almonds. You can also use crunchy chickpeas as a variation.  

What ingredients can I use as substitutions?

I love to find ingredients that I already have instead of having to buy extra ones. If you don’t have these ingredients or have a child with allergies or food aversions, try some of these suggestions:

  • Cheese stick: Try a dairy-free chee stick if your child is allergic to dairy. You can also try a long pretzel rod to give you the shape of the angel’s body. 
  • Spinach: You can either leave the spinach out or use a variation like broccoli or peas. 
  • Raisins: For a sweet treat, you can use mini chocolate chips in place of the raisins. 
  • Round crackers: Any round item would work in place of the cracker. Try a round orange slice or a round slice of salami. 
  • Apple Slices: The angel wings can be recreated using slices of other fruits like pears or oranges. 

Can making this snack benefit my child’s development? 

Yes. Have your child help you assemble this snack to encourage creativity and fine motor skills!

I love to pull my kids into the kitchen with me to provide opportunities for growth. Making snacks like our healthy peanut butter cookie bites or our sparkle snowball cookies is both fun and educational. 

You can encourage language skills by having your child tell you the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection while they assemble the snack. Strengthen fine motor skills by having your child build the tomb and fill it in with raisins. 

Kitchen learning will expose your child to a variety of textures and tastes. This is perfect for picky eaters. And every child can benefit from the tactile input new foods provide. 

How else can I teach the story of Easter to my child? 

Resurrection Eggs
  • The Resurrection Eggs For Kids: Build Easter memories with FamilyLife’s Easter Resurrection eggs kit. Celebrate Easter with an egg hunt, storybook, stickers & videos for a happy, truth-filled occasion
  • Complete Easter Story: Our Resurrection Eggs Easter story comes with an illustrated bilingual storybook (EN/ES) & The Jesus Film Project videos. Teach kids the true sense of Easter in a fun, easy way
  • Biblical symbols: Resurrection Eggs for Kids Family Life set feature 12 vibrant plastic eggs, and colorful Easter stickers that help to bring the story to life, encouraging children to engage with it
  • Meaningful Christian Gifts: Our plastic Easter eggs with toys inside are perfect to use at home, Sunday School, and more. This set makes for wonderful Easter gifts for families with young children

One of the best ways to teach the story of Easter is through hands-on activities. Here is one of our favorite ways to tell the story of Christ’s death and resurrection: 

Story-Telling with Resurrection Eggs

To retell the story of Easter, gather six empty plastic eggs. You’ll fill each of these eggs with a different item that will help you tell the story. You can either open all six eggs in one sitting or open one egg a day for six days leading up to Easter. (You can also find premade Resurrection Eggs if you don’t want to collect all the items yourself.)

Egg 1: This egg will contain a piece of bread. The bread represents the Last Supper. At the Last Supper, Jesus taught his disciples how to take communion and gave them a picture of what was to come. 

We like to take that opportunity to receive communion together as a family and thank God for his sacrifice on the cross. Use Matthew 26:26 as scripture to support the lesson. 

Egg 2: This egg will contain a small cross. You can either cut one out of a piece of paper or use a small cross you may have in your jewelry collection. After Jesus ate the Last Supper, he was crucified on the cross. 

Talk about how that must have felt for Jesus and his friends, the disciples. Use John 19:17-18 as scripture reference. 

Egg 3: On day three, the egg will contain a small piece of cloth. This cloth represents the cloth they used to wrap the body of Jesus, which was then placed in the tomb.

Using John 19:40 as a reference, talk about how sad the disciples must have felt having to bury Jesus. 

Egg 4: This egg will contain a small stone. The stone represents the large stone that was rolled in front of the tomb. This was done to prevent anyone from coming to steal the body of Jesus and faking his resurrection. 

It’s important to note that this stone weighed thousands of pounds and was rolled into a groove that would make it nearly impossible to remove. The fact that it was rolled away was a miracle! Use Matthew 27:66 as a scripture reference. 

Egg 5: No need to add anything to egg number five. This egg will remain empty to represent the empty tomb. On the third day, Jesus was risen from the dead, the stone was rolled away, and his tomb was empty. 

Talk about how shocked Jesus’s friends must have been to find an empty tomb with an Angel outside of it. Read Luke 24:1-3 with this egg. 

Egg 6: What you put in egg number 6 is up to you. This egg should celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive forever. You might put confetti, candy, or something else that makes your child smile. 

Talk to your child about how exciting it is that we have eternal hope in Jesus, who died for our sins and lives forever. 

Ressurection Easter Snack

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 1 


  • 1 cheese stick
  • 1 round cracker
  • 10 almonds
  • Small handful of raisins
  • 4 leaves of spinach
  • 1 mini yellow pepper
  • 1 apple


  1. Using a permanent marker, draw a face on the cheese stick.
  2. Slice the apples and the mini pepper. 
  3. Place the sliced apples behind the cheese stick and add a slice of pepper to the top of the cheese stick. This should look like angel wings and a halo.
  4. Create a tomb shape using almonds. 
  5. Fill in the tomb with raisins to create a hole. 
  6. Place a round cracker in front of the hold to represent the stone that was rolled away.  
  7. Place spinach leaves at the bottom for the ground.
Easter Resurrection Snack

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