ALL PLAY Accessible Toy Guide

One of pages from Sensory Sun book

Shared by Hillary Kleck

Sensory Sun Educational Technologies published the updated 2015 ALL PLAY Accessible Toy Guide for Children of All Sight Levels to help family, friends, and teachers find great toys and resources for kids who are blind as well as for promoting inclusion with their sighted peers. The guide is about 50 pages long with a variety of kinds of toys as well as Braille book and technology resource information. A few of the categories include “It’s All About Braille”, “For the Holidays” and “STEM & Engineering”. The publication covers a wide range of abilities and ages, too. You can shop straight from the guide on the Sensory Sun Amazon Store by clicking the description links on the ISSUU browser. If you need an accessible version for screen readers, you can email Sensory Sun using the Contact Form on their website:!contact/c1l1m

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