Eye Power Kid’s Wear

Will Patch for Cake shirt


There are so many people out there who want to support you and your visually impaired child!

Case in point: Eye Power Kid’s Wear creates adorable print T-shirts specially designed for kids who wear glasses or a patch!

Jessica Butler, founder and designer, writes about why she started making these T-shirts:

“I want Scott and all those other kids out there in glasses/contacts and patches to grow up feeling cool! I want them to be proud of their glasses because glasses are AWESOME! I want kids who don’t wear glasses to wish they did.”

From T-shirts that say “Yes, my glasses are real!” to “My glasses give me Super Powers!” or graphics of monsters and robots wearing glasses or patches… these shirts are just plain cool!

And one more thing… they make capes too!

You can learn more about Eye Power Kid’s Wear products at their store or you can share your story about a child in glasses, contacts or patches and be featured on their spotlight blog by contacting spotlight@eyepowerkidswear.com.


collection of T-shirt designs from Eye Power Kid's Wear


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