Skwitch: A new way to make music


The minds behind the Skoog music cube have come up with a new way to make music through your iPhone: The Skwitch!

Skwitch is a smaller device that connects to your iPhone, turning your phone into a music making machine. The possibilities are really almost endless and learning how to navigate through the different sounds, chords and functions allows for complete customization and a greater understanding of how music is made.

Check out the video below to see how you can create a library of music through a little button connected to your phone:

But it’s not just a music maker. The Skwitch uses its built in sensitivity to understand short and long presses and translate them into an accessible bluetooth navigation button. And not only will it allow you to navigate through your devices, you can even use it to learn how to code in Swift Playgrounds. Sounds too good to be true? It’s actually really easy and fun to watch. Check it out below:


And this video explains how to use your Skwitch as an accessibility device:


Skoog and Skwitch are both available through Apple and Amazon and available to purchase world wide. Check out these resources for more info:


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