Sonokids Software and Apps for Kids who are Visually Impaired

the Ballyland characters

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Sonokids is an Australian software company that creates accessible computer and app games for kids who are visually impaired. All of their games follow a group of characters who live in Ballyland (yep, all the characters are balls!) making the games fun, silly and entertaining as well as accessible and educational.

The unique thing about the Ballyland games is that they teach kids who are visually impaired the basic skills they will need to use or interact with technology (think keyboarding or VoiceOver skills), but they do it in a fun and engaging way.

With Sonokids’ Ballyland software, children with vision impairment can play and develop foundation technology skills together with their sighted friends and siblings.
Ballyland empowers children by building these technology skills and helping them become more independent.

Below are the three games available so far (with hopes of more to come):

  • Ballyland for Windows and Mac: Enables children to explore the computer keyboard independently, with engaging sounds, images, stories and songs and is also switch accessible
  • Stay Still, Squeaky! iBook: An accessible iBook book that responds to touch with audio feedback, while teaching basic iPad skills
  • Ballyland Magic App: An educational iPad game that helps children with vision impairment to learn and practice a number of VoiceOver gestures
  • Ballyland Rotor App: Fun and interactive game to learn the VoiceOver Rotor. In this sequel to Ballyland Magic, Ballicopter, Ballyland’s little red helicopter, goes on an adventure

Watch Madilyn below with the Ballyland Magic App:



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