21 Fun Kids Songs That Parents Can Also Rock Out to

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  • Parents who sing songs with their children will experience the joy of bonding through music.
  • Teaching your child songs for kids will give them the self-confidence that they need for many other areas of their life.
  • Singing a fun song that uses rhyming words is a great way for children to identify which words have the same ending.

As a family, we love taking road trips. Whether it’s across a few states or just a few hours away, we get excited about traveling to new destinations. However, with four children, we have to get creative about passing the time. 

When traveling long distances, we usually run out of car activities for toddlers and big kids. This is when we turn to fun kid songs. A good playlist will make everyone happier when the kids start to get antsy or cranky. 

My husband and I are picky when it comes to kids’ songs. We don’t want to listen to Wheels on the Bus for 5 hours in the car. We prefer a catchy tune that will get us all dancing. 

If you’d like some fresh, new kids’ dance songs to add to your playlist for road trips or playtime at home, I’ve got you covered. This list of 21 fun kids’ songs is all you need to get the dance party started!

At What Age Can Kids Learn Songs?

Children are never too young to learn songs. This is why music light toys are such a popular item for babies and toddlers. Many parents begin playing babies music during pregnancy, as researchers have found that it has a positive impact on fetal brain development. 

In fact, in a 2011 study conducted by researchers at the Laboratoire de Psychologie et Neuropsychologie Cognitives, including Carolyn Granier-Deferre, Sophie Bassereau, Aurélie Ribeiro, and Anne-Yvonne Jacquet, titled A melodic contour repeatedly experienced by human near-term fetuses elicits a profound cardiac reaction one month after birth, proves the value of music for babies in the womb.

This research study found that at least 3 weeks of exposure to a classical melody in the last trimester of pregnancy “affects infants ‘auditory processing’ or perception, i.e., impacts the autonomic nervous system at least six weeks later, when infants are 1-month old”.

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Reasons to Enjoy Singing Songs With Your Kids

Singing songs with your child has benefits for both you and your little one! 

What Are the Benefits of Singing Songs for Parents?

Parents who sing songs with their children will experience the joy of bonding through music. When you sing a song with your child, it will likely stay ingrained in their childhood memories. A classic example of this is bedtime songs. 

Many adults remember certain songs being sung to them as they fell asleep as children. Hearing the songs again often brings comfort and warm memories. 

What Are the Benefits of Singing Songs for Kids?

Kids will obviously benefit from the humor and joy of singing a funny song. But there are many other benefits that often get overlooked. When your child sings new songs they gain:  

Eye-Hand Coordination 

When kids dance to action songs, they improve their eye-hand coordination. Movements like clapping, reaching, grabbing, and touching your toes are all great examples of this. Also, if you add musical instruments for kids to your song routine, they’ll gain more practice with eye-hand coordination. 

Language Development

Many silly songs include unique adjectives and nouns in the lyrics. Listening to these songs, again and again, will help your child grasp the new words. Kids will also learn grammar skills as they hear examples of different sentence structures in the lyrics.

Memory and Recall Skills

When you sing a karaoke song without the lyrics, you’re relying on your memory and recall abilities to pull you through. When a child learns a new song, they’re sharpening these exact skills. This is especially the case in popular kids’ songs where the lyrics build upon each other and repeat again and again. 


Children often feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they can sing a new song by heart. More extroverted children might even perform for their parents to hear. Teaching your child songs for kids will give them self-confidence that will be needed for many other areas of their life. 

Counting and Alphabet Skills 

A classic children’s song that most children learn by the age of 5 is the Alphabet Song. This song is one of many that introduce children to educational concepts that build a foundation for life-long learning. Counting songs are also popular and will lay the foundation for strong math skills. 


One of our favorite funny songs for kids is Down By the Bay. This song encourages children to create their own rhymes and silly lyrics. Many funny songs for kids have repetitive lyrics that children can use to create their own versions of the song. 

Rhyme and Rhythm Awareness

As children listen to nursery rhyme songs or other songs with rhythm and rhyme, their brain takes notes. Singing a fun song that uses rhyming words is a great way for children to identify which words have the same ending. They’ll also learn how to determine the rhythm of the song by clapping along.

What Are Some Other Things That Kids Learn From Songs? 

In addition to those skills, children can learn a host of educational materials from songs. Here are just a few: 

  • Math facts
  • Sight words
  • History facts
  • Timeline events
  • Names of body parts
  • Spelling words 
  • Bible verses 
  • Names of plants
  • Types of animals
  • Geography
  • Potty training (Yes, there are even potty training songs for kids.)
  • And so much more!
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What Kinds of Songs Are Suitable for Kids?

Childhood is the time to expose children to wholesome, high-quality songs that bring joy. The songs you choose might be funny songs that entertain, educational songs that teach, or classical songs that calm and inspire. Any of these categories and suitable and great for a child’s brain and heart.

What Kinds of Songs Are Not Suitable for Children?

Parents should pay close attention to the lyrics of the music they choose for their children. Though you might choose to listen to songs with adult themes, use caution in what you expose your children to. Songs with violence, drug use, or other mature themes are not suitable for children. 

How to Find the Best Songs for Your Kids

When I want to find the best songs for my kids, I ask friends. You might find that other parents in your circles have great recommendations for new artists and specific songs. I once had a friend recommend “The Happy Song” by Imogen Heap, which ended up being a lifesaver for my baby who hated car rides. 

You can also search on your favorite music platform. I’ll often play a kid song station just to discover new artists.  

21 Fun Kids Songs

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles 

The Beatles are a great option for parent-friendly kid music. Most of their songs are perfect for little ears and this song is no exception. It will have you tapping right along.

Baby Beluga by Raffi 

Raffi is a beloved children’s artist who produces high-quality songs for kids that won’t drive parents crazy. This song about a baby whale has a catchy tune and feel-good beat.  

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Choo-Choo Soul

You’ll find yourself dancing along to this catchy beat. If you have a little one who loves trains, it will be a sure winner. 

Tooty Ta by Jack Hartmann 

Once you start listening to Jack Hartmann, you might not be able to stop. This is one of my kids’ favorite songs and has silly lyrics and dance moves to go along with it. 

Banana Banana Meatball by Blazer Fresh 

Blazer Fresh has a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibe and produces some of the best kids’ songs for learning. This song is great for introducing pattern-making to children.

The Walking Song by Have Fun Teaching 

When you want to look cool driving your minivan full of children, you blast Have Fun Teaching music out your windows. These songs have dance-worthy beats but completely safe lyrics for your kids. This song is great for improving gross motor skills.

Run Baby Run by Caspar Babypants 

This folksy tune will have you dancing around the living room or bouncing your baby on your knee. Caspar Babypants has a slew of other fun songs that are worth listening to. 

The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band

This silly song is another household favorite here. It’s a fun, upbeat song that’s perfect for getting some wiggles out. Laurie Berkner sings some of our other go-to funny songs for kids. 

The Floor is Lava Song by The Kiboomers 

Be prepared to have your kid climbing up on a chair or couch to get away from “lava” with this active kids’ song. It’s one that kids love no matter their age. 

You Are My Sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell

This classic folksong is one that all can sing along to. You might enjoy Elizabeth’s other folksongs geared toward children as well.  

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ

This soothing, ukulele song is beautiful and a classic for young kids to learn. You can let your little jammer pretend to play the ukulele right along with IZ.

Baby Shark by Pinkfong 

I know what you’re thinking. Baby Shark is already overplayed in your house. But it’s still worth mentioning because there’s a reason this song took the world by storm.

Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream by Super Simple Songs

This sing-along song will have your children laughing and yelling “eww” with each silly combination of food. My older kids like creating their own versions of the song to try and come up with the wackiest food combination.  

ABC by The Jackson 5  

This classic tune is fun for the whole family. Your kids will likely also enjoy “I Want You Back” and other Jackson 5 songs. 

Five Little Monkeys by The Wiggles 

“Five Little Monkeys” is the perfect song for counting practice. Kids love to count along and make a telephone sign when the momma calls the doctor. This version is less sing-song than others and won’t get on your nerves. 

Muffin Man by Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs has a slew of classic children’s songs. “Muffin Man” is my toddler’s current favorite, but they’re all worth checking out. 

Hokey Pokey by Ray Anthony

An old take on this classic song, this version will have you swinging around the living room. The actions in the Hokey Pokey are perfect to get kids moving on a rainy day.  

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake 

Parents will appreciate this super fun dance song by pop artist Justin Timberlake from the Trolls movie. It’s a great song to bust out when your kids need a brain break or just a mood booster.

The Cat Came Back by The Learning Station

My kids all agree this is one of the best funny songs for kids. This silly song about a cat who just keeps coming back, despite all attempts to rid him, will have your little ones meowing along.  

Hakuna Matata by Disney 

This funny song from the Disney hit The Lion King will never get old. A family favorite in many households, it’s worth adding to your playlist. 

Happy by Pharell Williams

Just the name alone makes you want to play this upbeat song. This feel-good song will have your whole house dancing and smiling. Plus it’s a great way to talk about emotions. 


What instruments can I add to these songs?

Drums, tambourines, triangles, and rattles are all great beginner instruments to use with kids’ songs. You can even make your own shake rattle roll recycled rattle for a fun starter instrument.

Fun Kids Songs That Parents Can Also Rock Out to

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