The 7 Best Smart Bassinets of 2023

Adorable baby sleeping in blue bassinet.

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  • The best smart bassinets are equipped with smart technology and often have vibration settings, rocking motions, and white noise. 
  • Smart bassinets help parents get their baby to sleep in a safe, secure location. 
  • Babies can use bassinets from the newborn stage until they can roll over independently. 

As a mom of three, I constantly look for innovative products to help relieve the stress associated with parenting. While smart bassinets don’t secure a full night’s sleep, they do promote more sleep and often mimic womb sounds to keep your baby asleep.

These bassinets are like a helping hand that assists in keeping your baby asleep and helping them sleep longer stretches.

Need some help finding a smart bassinet for your baby? We’ve got you covered! Our list of the best smart bassinets of 2023 will have your baby sleeping in no time. 

Best Overall
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0, Baby Bassinet, Grey
Best Luxury
SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet - Bedside Crib with Automatic Rocking Motions and Soothing White Noise - Ideal for Newborn Babies to 6 Months - Natural Sleep Training
Best Budget
Delta Children Nod Bassinet - Smart Sleeper with Auto Glide Motion, Wi-Fi and Airflow Mesh - Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Connect App, White
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper
Snoo Smart Sleeper
Delta Children Nod Bassinet
Price not available
Best Overall
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper 3.0, Baby Bassinet, Grey
HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper
Best Luxury
SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet - Bedside Crib with Automatic Rocking Motions and Soothing White Noise - Ideal for Newborn Babies to 6 Months - Natural Sleep Training
Snoo Smart Sleeper
Best Budget
Delta Children Nod Bassinet - Smart Sleeper with Auto Glide Motion, Wi-Fi and Airflow Mesh - Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Connect App, White
Delta Children Nod Bassinet
Price not available

Our Favorite: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper
  • 🥇 #1 BASSINET – Rated “Best Bassinet” by Parents Magazine, Good Housekeeping, The Bump and more
  • 💤 EXTRA CLOSE SAFE SLEEP – The only bassinet that swivels over your bed for the closest safe sleep. Mesh walls for air flow and visibility
  • ✨ EASY LOWERING WALL – Scoop your baby up for cuddles and feeds in bed. Discontinue use when baby shows signs of rolling over
  • ✌ 2-IN-1 DESIGN – Converts to lightweight, portable nest for around the house. Should only be used on the floor while baby is awake and supervised
  • Swivels
  • Safe alternative to co-sleeping
  • Adjustable height
  • Motion and sounds
  • No wheels

The HALO BassiNest is the only bassinet that swivels over your bed, allowing for easy access to your baby and giving the effect of co-sleeping without having your baby in bed. The swivel feature and the bassinet’s ability to bend over are fantastic for new moms who just gave birth and still have difficulty bending over. 

You can adjust the bassinet’s height to ensure it properly fits over your bed. Parents will also appreciate the mesh siding, which gives you a clear view of the baby and offers peace of mind. 

Little ones will love the Soothing Center, which offers soothing motion and soft music, including a heartbeat to mimic yours. You can also detach the HALO BassiNest from its base and move it around the house, reducing the need for multiple sleeping spots. 

The best bassinets offer a safe, secure place, and the HALO sleeper provides just that. The HALO BassiNest can hold babies up to 20 lbs and is made with 100% polyester. 

One thing to note is that the bassinet does not have wheels, so you can’t push it around the house. Instead, you will need to carry the base to your ideal location. 

Material: Mesh | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds | Dimensions: 47″L x 47″W x 44.5″H
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Most Luxurious: Snoo Smart Sleeper 

Snoo Smart Sleeper
  • Added Sleep: SNOO Sleeper boosts sleep 1-2+ hours per night, so parents get more sleep than with other baby cribs or smart furniture. Our moving sleeper bassinet soothes babies with the constant rumbly sound and gentle rocking motion they loved in the womb.
  • Automatically Responds To Cries: SNOO detects fussing and the self-rocking bassinet responds with gradually stronger white noise + motion to calm crying. Your own essential personal helper, 24/7!
  • Prevents Risky Rolling: The only bassinet, sleeper, or bed that keeps your baby safely on the back, the #1 safe sleep guideline recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Comes with 3 hip-safe sleep sack swaddles.
  • Easy To Customize: Our smart app logs sleep and naps, and lets you adjust bassinet’s motion, sound, and cry sensitivity. Includes preemie mode and weaning option for the best transition to the crib.
  • Cry Detection
  • Motions and sounds
  • Snoo Sack included
  • Controllable from smartphone
  • Expensive
  • No wheels

If you are looking for luxury, look no further than the Snoo Smart Sleeper; however, be prepared for the high price tag. The Snoo bassinet was created by Harvey Karp, who is well-known for his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block.

The Snoo smart sleeper has wowed parents with its self-rocking motion that senses when your baby is fussing. In addition to the rocking motion, the bassinet gradually plays white noise to get your baby back to sleep. 

While it might seem like an unnecessary feature, any sleep-deprived parent will tell you they will do nearly anything to get their baby back to sleep. 

As an added feature, you can use the Snoo’s smart app to keep track of your baby’s sleep history and understand their sleep habits. Understanding your baby’s sleep patterns can help you prepare for when they likely will wake up and need feeding or a diaper change. 

You can also operate the bassinet’s sound and motion from the app, which is ideal if you don’t want to disturb them during naptime. Long are the days of required ninja moves to turn the bassinet back on without waking baby up. 

Harvey Karp was onto something when he created the Snoo because it helps prevent your baby from being in an unsafe position with the included Snoo Sack. Like the Halo BassiNet, the Snoo doesn’t come on wheels, so you can’t push it around the house. 

If Snoo looks like a great option, but the price seems too excessive for a bassinet, consider the company’s rental option. And keep an eye out for deals on their website too!

Material: Cotton | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 25 pounds | Dimensions: 35.83″L x 18.9″W x 32.28″H
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Best on a Budget: Delta Children Nod Bassinet 

Delta Children Nod Bassinet
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: This Wi-Fi enabled bassinet easily pairs with the Delta Children Connect App, Amazon Alexa or Goggle Assistant; Wirelessly control and customize settings for the auto glide motion, music, nature sounds and nightlight
  • AUTO-GLIDE SETTING: The silent auto-glide motion helps soothe your baby; Choose your desired length and speed in the Delta Children Connect App, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • AIRFLOW MESH: Breathable mesh sides for increased airflow and clear view of your baby; Lightweight aluminum frame and quilted fabrics create a modern look
  • TONS OF STORAGE: Large storage basket keeps necessities close; EASY PORTABILITY: 4 wheels for easy mobility; Lock wheels in place while baby is inside; COMFY SLEEP SPACE: Bassinet includes 1-inch mattress pad with machine washable fitted sheet
  • Affordable
  • Rocking and white noise
  • Auto-glide
  • Nightlight
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Storage compartment
  • Wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Base not made from real wood
  • Can become unstable over time

The reality is you aren’t going to find a dirt cheap smart crib because they come with features you can’t find in basic bassinets. However, the Delta Children Nod Bassinet offers Wi-Fi technology with a lower price tag and has white noise, a gentle rocking motion, and a nightlight.  

The convenience of adjusting the white noise and rocking motions from your smartphone reduces the chances of waking a baby, which is really high on most parents’ wish lists. 

You can also use the storage compartment for diapers, wipes, and other necessities you don’t want to have to search for in the middle of the night. In addition, the bassinet has four wheels, which makes moving your baby from room to room a breeze. 

As a bonus, the bassinet has a toy arm to keep your baby entertained for at least the time it takes you to get them from a nap. It also has a breathable mesh siding to ensure your baby has a safe night’s sleep. 

As a tip, if you notice one of the smart features isn’t working, a simple reset will help things get back to normal. Also, don’t be concerned about the thin mattress; while it may seem uncomfortable to you, that’s all your baby needs. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface free of any objects like toys or stuffed animals. 

Finally, the Delta Children Nod Bassinet holds babies up to 30 lbs. But remember, it’s best to transition to a crib when your baby rolls over. If you have two babies, the Delta bassinet is an excellent choice because two won’t necessarily break the bank. 

Material: Mesh | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 30 pounds | Dimensions: 33″L x 22″W x 47″H
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Best for Bigger Babies: Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet 

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet
  • Cry Detection Technology detects and automatically responds to baby’s cries to help soothe baby back to sleep
  • The head-to-toe, soothing motion is gradual and includes varying speeds to help baby get back to sleep
  • 3 different motion speeds are included to provide the right pace to fit baby’s preference
  • 2-speed vibration helps to further soothe and comfort baby.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean, Machine Wash
  • Holds babies up to 44 lbs
  • Cry detection
  • 20 total sounds and songs
  • Programmable settings
  • Front wheels
  • Canopy included
  • Storage Pockets
  • No Bluetooth technology
  • White noise might not be loud enough for some
  • Buttons cause loud sound when clicking
  • No back wheels

It’s not always easy to find products for bigger babies, but they do exist! The Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet holds babies up to 44 pounds and is over 25 inches in length. 

The smart bassinet also detects when your baby is crying and helps soothe your baby back to sleep. It also has two vibration settings and three different speeds, which allows you to pick the perfect soothing settings for your little one. 

If your baby likes white noise, they will appreciate the various sounds available, including 10 soothing sounds and 10 sleepy songs. 

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect combination of sounds and movement and then forgetting the settings. However, the Graco Sense2Snooze lets parents save their baby’s settings, so it’s only a click away. 

The smart crib will also cycle through the soothing settings until it finds the one that puts your baby back to sleep. 

Additional features of the Graco Sense2Snooze include wheels for maneuverability, a canopy to shield unwanted light, mesh sides for breathability, and storage pockets for diapers, wipes, and other essentials. 

Material: Mesh | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 44 pounds | Dimensions: 19″L x 26″W x 41″H
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Best for Travel: Chicco Close to You

Chicco Close to You
  • 3-IN-1 CONVENIENCE – Keep your newborn close with a bedside sleeper, portable bassinet and extended-use changing table (up to 35 lbs.).
  • EASY-CARE MATTRESS – Quilted for sleep on one side and waterproof for changes on the other, the Chicco bassinet features a reversible mattress with machine-washable, zip-off fabrics for easy cleaning.
  • SOOTHING OPTIONS – Electronic module on bedside bassinet includes 6 melodies, 2 vibration settings and a nightlight for a restful environment for your baby.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE – A range of height adjustments (24” – 33.5”) allow you to easily maneuver the bassinet and glide it over the bed for close, independent sleep and night feeding or for comfortable standing when used as a changing station.
  • Three different modes
  • Lockable wheels
  • Glides over bed
  • Nighlight
  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel wheels
  • No Bluetooth technology
  • Bassinet has low max weight of 20 lbs
  • Wheels squeak over time

There’s nothing worse than getting to a destination and realizing you have nowhere to put your baby to sleep. While the Chicco Close to You isn’t designated as a travel bassinet, it has everything you need for your next trip. 

The bassinet has three modes: bedside sleeper, adjustable changing table, and portable bassinet. It also has lockable wheels, so you can move it around depending on the ideal sleeping spot. 

A portable bassinet is ideal if you travel often or you live in a smaller space like an apartment or condo. The Chicco bassinet also has 2 vibration settings, 6 melodies, and a nightlight. 

It’s also a great bassinet for leaving at the grandparents’ house since it doesn’t have a huge footprint. If you do plan on using the bassinet for travel, prepare to break it down to ensure it fits in your car. 

Material: Mesh | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds | Dimensions: 33.5″L x 28″W x 46″H
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Most Stylish: Cradlewise Smart Crib 

Cradlewise Smart Crib
  • Converts to a crib
  • Built-in monitor to learn sleep patterns
  • Soothes baby before crying begins
  • Motion and sounds
  • Expensive
  • Not aesthetically pleasing for everyone

If you are looking for style, look no further than the Cradlewise Smart Crib, which has everything you could ask for in a smart bassinet. The stylish smart crib learns your little one’s sleep patterns over time, so it can better respond to their needs. 

Once your little one starts to fuss, the Cradlewise Crib gets to work and starts to soothe them back to sleep. Unlike similar products, it has a built-in monitor that gets to know your baby’s sleep habits. 

While the price tag is overwhelming, you can use the crib until your baby turns two since it transforms into crib mode. You might notice the readings aren’t 100% accurate, which might make you second guess the cost; however, it’s not something that will collect dust in a few months. 

Cradlewise boasts that you can use the smart crib until your little one turns two, but the weight limit is 33 lbs, so keep that in mind while you transition your baby. 

Material: Mesh | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 33 pounds | Dimensions: 40”L X 25”W X 42”H
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Best for Ease of Use: 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet
  • 5 parent-inspired motions, 5 speeds and 4 white noise options
  • Bluetooth Functionality – easily adjust motion, speed, sound, or set a timer with the 4moms app
  • Safe Sleep Environment – firm, flat sleep surface with mesh sides for visibility and breathability
  • Find Your Roo, exclusively on the 4moms app, helps you find the MamaRoo motion and speed combination that are inspired by your own natural soothing moves
  • Various speeds, motions, and sounds
  • Mesh siding
  • Adjustable height
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • No wheels
  • Not ideal for bigger babies
  • Cannot run sounds continuously

The 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is sleek and can easily be moved around your home. While it’s not on wheels, the bassinet boasts 5 speeds, 5 parent-inspired motions, and 4 white noise options. 

Parents can also access and control the bassinet’s features from the 4moms app, which is convenient if you don’t want to risk waking up your baby. 

Like most choices, the MamaRoo has mesh siding to provide a secure, breathable place for your baby to sleep. You can also adjust the bassinet’s height between two settings, depending on how high or low you’d like your baby to be. 

The MamaRoo doesn’t have the smallest footprint, but it also isn’t huge and complicated like other bassinets. Getting a bassinet for small spaces is ideal if you live in an apartment or are short on space, regardless of the reason. 

Material: Washable | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 25 pounds | Dimensions: 29″L x 24″W x 39″H
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How Smart Bassinets Help Babies Sleep Better

Smart bassinets help babies sleep better because they do the work for you. For example, several can detect when your baby is crying and begin working their magic to calm your little one. They also can connect to Bluetooth technology and allow you to communicate with the bassinet through your smart device. 

Bassinets are used while babies are in the newborn stage up until the first six months, depending on when they roll over for the first time. You also want to check the weight restrictions on your smart bassinet to ensure your little one hasn’t outgrown it. 

Most smart bassinets get to work once your baby cries and starts playing soothing sounds or begins gentle rocking. They also can help detect sleep patterns and sleep habits to help better establish an ideal night’s sleep. 

Here are a few of the top ways smart bassinets help babies sleep better, although you should always remember each baby is different and may have a varied response. 

Keep Babies Asleep

To prevent your baby from waking, smart bassinets have features like rocking motions, white noise, and additional sounds to help keep your little one asleep. If your baby sleeps well on a car ride, then you will love how these put your baby to sleep in a similar manner. 

Help Babies Sleep Longer 

Not only do smart bassinets keep babies asleep, but they also help them sleep longer with their built-in high-tech features and ability to detect when your baby starts crying. The soothing sounds and motions on smart bassinets are meant to help your baby sleep longer stretches at night. 

They Learn Your Baby’s Sleep Habits 

Most smart bassinets store your baby’s sleep patterns to better detect how they will respond to specific sounds and motions. Parents also appreciate the ability to check their baby’s sleep on their smart device, like a smartphone or Google Home, and keep track of their sleep habits. 

Offer a Secure Place to Sleep 

Smart bassinets keep your baby safe by offering a sturdy, secure place to sleep. For example, mesh siding allows breathability and air to circulate while your baby is sleeping. 

The mattress in a bassinet should be firm and flat, which is the recommended sleeping situation for babies by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Even though you might not find the mattress comfortable, it’s what is best for your baby.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Smart Bassinet

When comparing bassinets, remember babies only fit in them for a short period of time. While sleep deprivation will make parents buy almost anything, you don’t want to break the bank on a smart bassinet.  

These bassinets undoubtedly have features you won’t find in a standard bassinet, but your baby can only sleep in one until they can roll over.  Here’s a look at what you should consider when buying a smart bassinet. 


You should never discount how much you are willing to spend on a smart bassinet. Since prices vary, you should remember your budget and do your best not to stray from it. 

Remember, babies only sleep in bassinets until they can roll over, so consider that when picking your smart bassinet. If your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet, they likely are ready to transition to a crib. 


If your baby won’t sleep without white noise, you want to ensure you find a smart bassinet loaded with sounds. You also want to check out the included rocking and soothing motions, which can make a difference for a little one. 

In addition, a benefit of smart bassinets is the ability to control the sleeper from your smart device, like a phone or Google Home. If this is vital for you, ensure you carefully check the description since not all smart bassinets have Bluetooth technology. 

Baby’s Age 

If your baby is nearing six months, you want to step away from the smart bassinet section. Unfortunately, your little one has reached the point where they need a crib or pack-n-play to sleep in.

Babies should stop using bassinets when they can roll over, which usually occurs between 4–6 months, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Best Smart Bassinets

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