Elin Johnson

Elin is mother to a young man who is blind. She shares ideas about how to create creative learning experiences for kids with visual impairments.

touching an exhibit at a tactile museum

Visual Impairment

Visiting a Tactile Museum with Your Blind Child

Tactile museums are designed for visitors to touch each exhibit and experience the art and history through their fingers.

Tactile Christmas Cards

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Make Your Own Tactile Christmas Cards Using Your Child’s Artwork!

Elin shares how she and her son Theo were able to turn his artwork into tactile graphics Christmas cards that he could give to friends and family.

Picture of a steering wheel with a pole that has a wheel at the end

Orientation and Mobility, Toys

Go Wheelie: An Early Mobility Toy?

The Go Wheelie features an easy turning steering wheel and makes a fun clicking noise as children drive to their destination. It provides a fun, safe way for children to...

Dreaming Fingers

Braille and Literacy

Dreaming Fingers (Les Doigts Qui Revent)

Dreaming Fingers is a French organisation that specialises in tactile Illustrated books. They produce lovely books which can be adapted to any language.