Guest Contributer

Many of the articles written for are contributed by parents or caregivers of children with special needs. Please contact us if you would like to tell your story or share a resource with the community!


Braille and Literacy

Ask a Mom About… BRAILLE

I get to ask a mom about teaching her visually impaired son braille.

school bus

Visual Impairment

Wave at the Blind Lady!

Read this heartwarming story to learn how to help your blind child interact with a sighted world and help the sighted world interact with your blind child.


Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Visual Impairment

Tacey’s Story: Surviving Retinoblastoma

Find out how Tacey, a nine-year-old blind cancer survivor, became the first ever Miss Tough Enough To Wear Pink Four States Rodeo Queen.

beautiful blue lake

Visual Impairment

Memories of Growing Up Blind

Read Alysia's story about growing up blind and vacationing with her family at a beautiful lake.

boy reaching for a strawberry

Visual Impairment

Activities of Daily Living: Teaching Blind Children Everyday Organizational & Living Skills

Karen and Jay Stiteley go over common techniques used to manage everyday independent living by people who are blind. From labeling and organizing in the kitchen to ways to manage...

little girl reading a book

Braille and Literacy

Story Boxes: A Hands-On Literacy Experience

Learn how to make story boxes for kids who are blind with children's books and simple items from around your home.

mom looking at baby in crib

Special Needs, Visual Impairment

The Little Princess: Paige’s Story

Read the story of Jade's pregnancy, the birth of her little princess, Paige, and how she reacted to finding out that she was blind.