Guest Contributer

Many of the articles written for are contributed by parents or caregivers of children with special needs. Please contact us if you would like to tell your story or share a resource with the community!

Lachlan using brailler

Support, Visual Impairment

Surviving the First 18 Months After Learning Your Child is Blind

Learning your baby is blind is hard... but you will move on! Janine says, "Life was continuing and I started to realize how strong we were becoming. The tears were...

love is blind

Visual Impairment

25 Things Only a Mother of a Child who is Visually Impaired Would Understand

Becoming a parent to any child is magical in its own right, but here is a list of observations about things only a mother of a child who is visually...

Nick, Mia and Jo

Visual Impairment

Raising a Blind Baby: A Father’s Perspective

Nick writes about learning that his baby daughter, Mia, is blind with LCA. Most blog posts are written by mothers, but here Nick writes from the father's point of view.

a large bathroom with 7 Steps to Teach a Blind Child how to be Independent in Public Bathrooms

Potty Training, Visual Impairment

7 Steps to Teach a Blind Child how to be Independent in Public Bathrooms

Rusty has put together some sound advice on how you can help your older blind children navigate bathrooms on their own independently!

Quiet Book

Braille and Literacy

Quiet Books Blog

A quiet book is a book (usually made out of fabric) filled with quiet activities for children. It's often used for special times, like church, when you need to keep...

3D Printer

Math and Science, Visual Impairment

3D Printing for Visual Impairments

How can 3D printing enhance the life of a visually impaired child? From toys to tactile graphics to braille puzzles... the possibilities are endless!

young girl smiling

Adoption and Foster Care

Hope For Orphans with Visual Impairments

This site is dedicated to finding families for orphans with visual impairments. The children listed on this site may have a very minor impairment, such as a lazy eye (amblyopia...

LightAide Lesson Plan from Ox Ridge Elementary School

Light Play

Colors, Literacy and Social Play

This lesson plan from Ox Ridge Elementary School shows how the LightAide can be used in a second grade classroom to make story time accessible to all the students.

LightAide Lesson in Loge Elementary School

Light Play

Rainbow Lessons with Light and Texture

This is a seven-day lesson plan from Loge Elementary School where we spend one day on each color of the rainbow using a LightAide and tactile elements.

LightAide Lesson Plan from UAH Rise School

Education, Special Needs

Making Circle Time Accessible for All Students

This lesson plan from UAH Rise School incorporates the Lily LightAide in making their circle time routine accessible for students of all abilities.

LightAide Lesson Plan

Light Play

The Look, Feel and Smell of Colors

It can be difficult to come up with fun, engaging and multi-sensory ways to teach colors to children who are visually impaired. This lesson plan uses the bright lights of...

LightAide Lesson by Yakima Public Schools

Light Play

Bright Lights and Shape Identification

In this lesson plan from Yakima Public Schools, students are introduced to shapes and matching through the bright lights on the LightAide.