Pass it On: Free Medical Equipment and Assistive Technology

Ivan and dad with Ivan's gait trainer

A volunteer-based 501C(3) non-profit charitable organization

Pass it On recycles “used but useable” medical equipment and provides it to disabled children and their families.

They provide free medical equipment and assistive technology to over 300 disabled children and their families per year and cover most of Eastern Massachusetts and Westerly to Worcester area since 1992.

Pass it On also provides medical equipment for non-profit medical training centers, disability awareness programs, and similar events that deal with disability issues. They also provide surplus medical goods and supplies to overseas relief agencies.

To Donate Equipment

To donate used equipment that is clean and in good repair, please call 1-800-267-6768 (in MA only) or 508-477-6966 (Monday through Wednesday, 9am to 4pm). The equipment must be your property and you must be certain of ownership.

Pass it On will stop by to pick up the item(s) you are donating (they do not have a drop-off site). Pass it On does not sell, trade, or buy equipment.

All donations of medical equipment are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

To Receive Equipment

Call Pass it On with all specifics surrounding your request. If the item is not available you may place your name on a waiting list. Pass it On delivers all items ASAP in most of Eastern Mass with a small delivery charge per item. They do not have a pick-up site.

Pass it On loans and donates medical equipment primarily to children and their families who:

  • do not have insurance coverage for an item
  • cannot afford insurance co-payment of an item
  • do not have the funds to rent or purchase the item

Overstock items are available to everyone.

How You Can Help

Monetary contributions to support Pass it On are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.

Please make checks payable to Pass it On, Inc and mail to:

Pass it On, Inc.
P.O. Box 2120
Mashpee, MA 02649

Pass it On would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions:

  • Clipper Ship Foundation
  • Lynn General Electric Employee’s Good Neighbor Fund
  • New England Children’s Foundation

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