Impossible Dream Accessible Sailing

The Impossible Dream sail boat.

The Impossible Dream, a universally accessible catamaran, is dedicated to engaging the global community to raise awareness to barrier-free design and to inspire people with disabilities, wounded soldiers, disadvantaged youth, and their families to improve their independence and quality of life.

Impossible Dream was created by Mike Browne, a paraplegic who dreamed of a vessel that could sail the world’s oceans and be fully operational by a person in a wheelchair. The boat was designed by Nick Baily and built by Multi-Marine in 2002. Impossible Dream remains at the forefront of barrier-free sailboat design.

This amazing sailboat now travels the world creating access to the water for thousands of people with disabilities. A sail on the Dream is no longer impossible!

Impossible Dream offers many programs. We recently sailed with the crew while they were touring the Boston Harbor. During the summer schedule they sail up and down the East Coast of the US, from Maine to Miami! Learn more about the Impossible Dream’s dates and programs.

Below are a few pictures from our sailing trip with Impossible Dream!

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