Sensee Braille Books and Learning Set

Sensee braille learning kit.

Sensee is a South Korean-based company that creates braille-on-demand and educational braille products for visually impaired children. They are currently interested in expanding their product availability to the US, and I had the chance to look at (and touch!) their books.

Sensee braille book.

Print-Braille Books

All of the Sensee print-braille books are published on thick, durable paper with spiral bound binding protected by a hard cover. They have multiple titles to choose from and each book includes the original text and illustrations with the braille embossed directly on the page. These books are net yet available for purchase, but will be soon!

As with other print-braille books, Sensee wants to encourage sighted print readers and visually impaired braille readers to read together. Whether that’s a sighted parent with a blind child or sighted and blind siblings, Sensee books allow everyone to read the same book.

What makes Sensee books different is that they also encourage braille literacy with a list of core words at the beginning of each book. Similar to “spelling lists” or “sight words” that sighted children may have accompanying a story supporting early literacy, Sensee has these lists built right into the storybook. You can use them as a reference or as part of your braille curriculum.

Sensee learning the letter A.

Learning Braille Letters and Numbers

Sensee also offers a braille learning set that is both fun and educational! The set includes magnetic print letters and numbers as well as three “peapods” with magnetic “peas” that can be placed on the included braille cells board. The peas can be used to create free-form braille letters on the board or as part of the letters books that provide traceable print letters and magnetic braille letters. The braille kit is now available to purchase on Amazon!

SENSEE Braille Learning Kit
  • Board Book , hard- cover
  • Size : 9 * 10* 3 inch

Each letter page includes an image depicting an item that starts with that letter (for example, Apple for A), the letter in print (which can be matched with the magnetic letter that comes with the kit), and the letter in braille (which can be assembled with the magnetic peas). The magnets for the braille can also only stick to the parts of the cell that create the letter, so there is no way to accidentally make the wrong letter on the letter page!

The kit also includes a print-braille reference page showing all the letters and numbers and how to make them in both print and braille. These reference pages are not tactile, however, so hopefully that will be a feature they will add in future editions!

Sensee coloring books.

Raised Line Coloring Books and Tactile Images

Sensee also makes beautiful raised line coloring books that include embossed braille on the page, as well as books with raised tactile images. These books are fully accessible for blind readers and also very accessible to sighted readers so kids can read and color together!

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The raised image books are not yet available to purchase, but you can find the Vehicle Coloring Book, Animal Coloring Book, and Fruit Coloring Book on Amazon!

Sensee Braille Books and Learning Set

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