The 7 Best Baby Sleep Suits of 2023

Happy young mother bonding with her toddler son in blue sleeping suit.

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  • A sleep suit is a wearable blanket, often with holes for the feet so the child can walk around or crawl while wearing it. 
  • Some sleep suits are made with heavy, thick material more appropriate for winter. Others are lightweight and a good alternative to light blankets. 
  • Sleep suits help babies get adequate rest because, unlike blankets, they don’t come off. 

I can’t count the nights I’ve awakened from my sleep wondering if my children are warm enough in bed. On cold evenings, I often walk from room to room to make sure each child has enough blankets. The thought of my kids sleeping with cold toes or freezing arms is enough to wake me from the deepest sleep. 

This is why I love baby sleep suits. A baby sleep suit is similar to a baby sleep sack. It’s like a wearable blanket, designed to keep your baby warm throughout the night. 

Through the years, I’ve tried numerous options to keep my babies warm at night. Loose blankets never stay on and pose a suffocation hazard for children under one year old. Sleep suits have always been a favorite of mine, especially through the toddler years. 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your baby warm all night long, a baby sleep suit might be just what you’re in search of. I’ve rounded up the best baby sleep suits so you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet. These sleep suits will not disappoint!

Best Choice
Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit - 100% Cotton Baby Transition Swaddle - Baby Sleep Suit - Cream - 3-6 Months
Best Fit
HALO Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag, 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, TOG 0.5, in The Stars, 2T
Best Budget
Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy 2 Pack Sleep and Play Suits, Pink Shapes, 0-6 Months
Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit
Halo Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag
Hanes unisex-baby Sleep & Play Suits
Best Choice
Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit - 100% Cotton Baby Transition Swaddle - Baby Sleep Suit - Cream - 3-6 Months
Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit
Best Fit
HALO Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag, 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, TOG 0.5, in The Stars, 2T
Halo Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag
Best Budget
Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy 2 Pack Sleep and Play Suits, Pink Shapes, 0-6 Months
Hanes unisex-baby Sleep & Play Suits

Our Choice: Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit
  • ORIGINAL SWADDLE TRANSITION PRODUCT – Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is designed to help your baby transition from swaddling, promoting good sleep habits essential for their growth and development.
  • PEACE OF MIND FOR PARENTS – Rest easy knowing that your baby is getting the proper rest they need. This baby sleep sack helps establish good sleep habits and provides parents peace of mind that their baby is getting adequate rest for proper growth and development.
  • SAFE & RECOMMENDED DESIGN – The sleepsuit is designed for back sleeping in the crib at the recommended room temperature for babies. Proper fit and timing of introduction of the sleepsuit are critical to the safety and effectiveness of Baby Merlin’s Magic sleepsuit.
  • SUPREME COMFORT IN EVERY LAYER – The Baby Merlin’s Cotton Magic sleepsuit features a soft and breathable jersey cotton inner layer, a soft cotton outer layer, and a layer of polyfil in between for just enough comfort. Also available in cozy microfleece (Baby Merlin’s Microfleece Magic sleepsuit).
  • Variety of color choices
  • Helps limit startle reflex
  • Made with soft cotton
  • Might be too restrictive for some babies

What’s not to love about a sleep suit that also helps minimize the startle reflex? The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was created by a pediatric physical therapist and is the perfect swaddle transition product. 

This sleep suit is made with a super soft jersey cotton lining so your baby will be comfortable all night long. The outer layer is also made with soft cotton and the inner layer is made with a warm polyfill. This means your baby will stay warm without any discomfort from scratchy materials. 

The reason so many parents rave about Baby Merlin’s magic Sleepsuit is that it’s designed to keep the startle reflex at a minimum. Many babies begin to transition out of swaddles at three months old. When you start wondering how to get your baby to sleep without a swaddle, it’s the perfect time to transition to this sleep suit. 

Many parents have noted that their babies slept significantly longer when using this sleep suit. Perhaps this is why it’s called a “magic” sleep suit. 

To make middle-of-the-night diaper changes easy, this suit has a double zipper. It’s also machine washable for easy cleaning. 

Some parents have noted that Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was too restrictive for their baby. Parents should monitor their baby’s development and limit use if milestones like rolling over aren’t being met. 

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age Range: 3-9 months
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Most Comfortable: Restcloud Baby Sleep Bag with Feet

Restcloud Baby Sleep Bag with Feet
  • The sleeping sack bag is certificated by Oeko tex Standard 100, made of organic cotton, safe and comfortable.
  • Organic cotton
  • Not too warm for spring or autumn
  • Three-way zipper
  • May not limit startle reflex

My next pick is a favorite among many parents for both comfort and quality. The RESTCLOUD Baby Sleep Bag with Feet is one of the most comfortable sleep sacks. It’s sure to keep your baby warm as well. 

Made with organic cotton, this sleep sack is soft to the touch. The filling is extra warm, making it a perfect choice for spring, autumn, and winter months. The ideal room temperature for this suit is between 64 and 71 degrees. 

If you have a little one who moves around in the night, you’ll appreciate that this suit stays in place and won’t allow your child to slip out of it. During the day, your child will be able to move around comfortably while still wearing it. If you’re worried about their feet getting cold at night, simply add socks under the suit. 

For middle-of-the-night diaper changes, the three-way zipper will allow quick changes without much disruption. The suit is designed for babies 6 to 18 months old, or between 18 and 27 pounds. When your child grows out of it, there are two bigger sizes you can move up to. 

Compared to Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, this sleep suit is not as stiff. This means some babies might startle easier at night. However, it’s a great option when your baby becomes mobile or wants more freedom.  

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age Range: 6-18 months
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Most Breathable: Tealbee Dreamsuit: Toddler Sleep Sack with Feet

Tealbee Dreamsuit: Toddler Sleep Sack with Feet
  • ❤ GET BETTER SLEEP – Moms and Dads, you can sleep better too with our Dreamsuit, baby & toddler sleeping bag with feet! Prevent your baby from waking up from being cold with our baby sleep bag with feet.
  • ❤ NO MORE WORRIES – Babies do not know how to cover themselves with a blanket like adults; You can stop worrying about your active early walker kicking blankets leaving them cold. Keep your baby warm with 1.2 TOG, lightly padded bamboo and cotton quilted fabric, making it perfect for nursery room temperature (64-72).
  • ❤ PREMIUM BUTTERY SOFT FABRIC – Create warm and comfy environment with fabric that feels incredibly SOFT, light weight, and luxurious; The bamboo cotton fabric has better breathability than 100% cotton, microfleece, merino wool, or fleece and also thermo-regulating, keeping the baby cool in hot temperature and warm in cold temperature
  • ❤ IDEAL FOR BLANKET KICKING TODDLERS AND CRAWLING &. WALKING BABY – No more worries about your baby tripping over a traditional baby sleeping bag in the crib or kicking blankets. Loose fit sleepsuit design provides ample room for movement making their sleep comfortable while the foot opening allows for mobility. Perfectly safe for your early walkers & toddlers!
  • Short sleeve
  • Soft cotton and bamboo
  • Will keep baby warm or cool
  • Takes a while to dry

Some sleep suits are too warm for wearing year-round. The Tealbee DREAMSUIT: Toddler Sleep Sack with Feet is the perfect choice for an all-year wearable blanket. 

This suit is sure to be one your baby loves. The fabric is super soft and made with lightweight cotton and bamboo. Since there aren’t any sleeves, your baby won’t wake up sweaty in the summer months. 

The fabric is designed to keep babies at an optimum temperature, with breathable fabric and polyester filling. In a room between 64 and 72 degrees, your child will stay cozy. You’ll also be able to find a size that will fit from 12 months to 4 years. 

This Dreamsuit features one zipper down the front. It’s not a two-way zipper but still makes diaper changes easier than a snap-up option.

Parents will be happy to know this suit is machine washable. It’s not recommended that you use the dryer, as it will wear down the sleep sack faster. Many parents line dry the suit instead, though the polyester filling takes quite a while to air-dry. 

Fabric Type: Cotton, Bamboo | Age Range: 1-4 years
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Most Fun: Michley Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Feet

Michley Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Feet
  • ★EXCELLENT QUALITY FOR YOUR SWEETY: Baby sleeping bag are made of high end polyester material and filling with super soft cotton, breathable & comfortable, which is free from any harmful chemicals. Perfect for every seasons or climates temperature between 59-77℉, no matter cold winter or hot summer, they will provide your little baby a safe and cosy sleep.
  • ★ENOUGH SPACE FOR MOVING FREELY: Available in three sizes: 1-3T for size S; 3-5T for size M; 5-6T for size L. the light weight and comfortable sleeping bag have much room to move around for your child, it fit your baby well with room to grow, foot openings for convenient movement when kids awake, makes your baby enjoy the funny, it’s the most effortless way to help your little one sleep through the night.
  • ★SAFETY AND CONSIDERATE DESIGN: Sleeveless design allow heat to escape and prevent your child from overheat, keep them good sleep all night; Featuring durable zipper from bottom to top, which makes changing diaper easier; with zip cover at the top to protect little child’s chin; all details are specially designed for baby to give them a warm and cozy feeling.
  • ★ PERFECT TRANSITION FROM SWADDLE TO SLEEPING BAG:when your little baby grow up day by day, once your baby sleeps poorly with being swaddle, this baby sleeping bag would be a perfect replacement for weaning your baby off swaddling, it kept baby warm and comfortable and safe all night, there is no suffocation risk anymore with loose bedding.
  • Fun patterns
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Zipper feels cheap

What toddler doesn’t love fun pajamas? The MICHLEY Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Feet is the most fun baby sleep suit on the market. 

With over 10 cute designs to choose from, your child is sure to find something they’ll love. From flamingos to owls to pandas, there is something for everyone.

Each sleep sack is made with polyester and cotton. This company is committed to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. This is good news for parents concerned about the chemicals used on most polyester products. 

The polyester and cotton sack is perfect for temperatures ranging from 59 to 77 degrees. That’s an impressive range for a sleep sack. Your child can wear this all year long in just about any climate. 

The suit is available in 3 sizes from 1 year to 6 years. Your child will be able to grow with these suits for years to come. 

You might find that the zipper feels a bit cheap on this one. However, the company seems to stand behind their products and provide quick customer service. Should the zipper break, getting a replacement shouldn’t be a hassle. 

Fabric Type: Polyester | Age Range: ‎1-6 years
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Best Transitional: Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack Walker

Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack Walker
  • Baby’s Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack Walker is the perfect transition from our Dream Sack.
  • Wearable blanket made of two layers of fabric for added coziness and comfort
  • Provides a consistent sleep environment by using the same fabric choices as our patented Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.
  • Extra roomy sack design with foot openings for more mobility during wake time. Appropriate for babies 22-28 lbs.
  • Soft, breathable cotton
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Two-way zipper
  • Runs big

If your little one loves the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, this pick is for you. The Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack Walker is a sleeveless version that makes a great transition product. 

When your little one begins moving around in the bed, you’ll want something less restrictive. This sleep sack has the same comfort as the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit but it allows for more movement and walking. 

The sack is made with 2 layers of soft cotton. It features a two-way zipper as well for easy dressing. The foot holes allow your toddler to walk around while wearing the sleep sack. 

The Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack comes in 2 sizes, 6 to 12 months and 12 to 18 months. There’s a size for your baby anywhere from 16 to 28 pounds. Parents transitioning from the Magic Sleepsuit, will likely be able to use these sacks for a year after making the switch.

The material is much lighter than the Magic Sleepsuit. Parents may want to dress their baby in a long sleeve pajama underneath the suit during winter months. The sizes also run big, so be prepared to roll up the pant legs on smaller babies. 

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age Range: 6-18 months
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Best Fit: Halo Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag

Halo Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag
  • SAFE SLEEP: Continuing the trusted bedtime routine, HALO’s SleepSack Toddler is your child’s next step in safe sleep. Worn over pajamas, this wearable swaddle sleeping bag replaces loose blankets to safely comfort your little one all night long. And since it can’t be kicked off, your toddler will stay asleep longer.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Features convertible foot openings that can be flipped over to keep little toes toasty, and legs openings for extra mobility. The sleeveless swaddle blanket design also prevents overheating.
  • 3 SIZES AVAILABLE: All sizes include adjustable shoulder tabs and elastic waist to support your toddler’s growth for a full year. The younger sizes (12 mo and 2T) also feature an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes. The 3T size has a standard zipper that provides more freedom to older toddlers.
  • MATERIALS: Made with premium fabric without any added chemicals, it’s available in 100% cotton (TOG 0.5) or ultra plush Luxe Fleece (2.0 TOG).
  • Cotton or fleece options
  • Adjustable straps
  • Two-way zipper
  • Legs run big

Most wearable sleeping bags aren’t customizable to your child’s size. The HALO Sleepsack Toddler Sleeping Bag is an exception to that. 

One of my favorite things about this wearable sleeping bag is its adjustable shoulders. Most sleep suits are made for a wide range of ages and end up being too long on smaller children. The adjustable straps will allow you to pull the sack up higher on your baby’s body. 

The elastic waist is a nice touch as well, as it keeps it from being too bulky. The ankle cuffs are a bit long, but you can roll them up for a snug fit. You’ll also have the option to keep them long to cover your baby’s toes. 

With 3 sizes ranging from 12 months to 3 years, you’ll be able to use this brand for several years. There are even options for warm and cool climates. Parents can choose from 100% cotton or fleece material. 

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age Range: 12 months – 3 years
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Best Budget: Hanes Unisex Baby Sleep & Play Suits

Hanes Unisex Baby Sleep & Play Suits
  • HANES ULTIMATE – Total comfort from head to sweet little toes.
  • SOFT AND STRETCHY – Four-way stretch ensures a perfect fit in these baby pajamas.
  • FITS BABY LONGER – Made of a stretch ribbed fabric that moves when he or she does, Flexy playsuits fit baby longer.
  • SIMPLE SIZING – Infant pajamas are available in four sizes ranging from 6 months to 24 months.
Hanes Unisex Baby Sleep & Play Suits Collage
  • Lightweight material
  • Reasonable price
  • Two suits in a set
  • Runs big
  • Uses snaps instead of a zipper

In warm weather, you might want something lightweight and simple to go over your child’s onesie. The Hanes Unisex Baby Sleep & Play Suits are thin and comfortable options for sleep suits. 

Coming out of the winter months, I wanted to find something lightweight for my baby to sleep in, and this 2-pack was a great price and didn’t look too warm. I was very pleased with how breathable the fabric was, making it a comfortable choice when the room temperature is above 70. 

I chose a pink and gray set, but they offer many other color combinations. Made with cotton, spandex, and polyester, the material is both soft and stretchy. I love that it’s safe to machine wash and tumble dry. 

I chose the 0–6 months size for my infant and it was a little big. However, I noticed that it bunches up easily and the elastic feet openings keep it in place. A wider size range means it will fit her longer.   

The only thing I would change about these sleep suits is the snaps. I prefer zippers as they make for easier diaper changes at night. 

Fabric Type: 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 3% Spandex | Age Range: 0-24 months
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Recommended Accessories

A good night’s rest is important for every member of the family. I recommend these accessories to develop a healthy sleep routine and good sleep habits:

How Do Sleep Suits Make Babies Sleep Better?

Sleep suits help babies get adequate rest because, unlike blankets, they don’t come off. As your baby tosses and turns, they’ll continue to stay warm. This makes it less likely that they’ll wake up at night.

Some sleep suits are weighted as well. The small amount of weight on the baby’s body resembles the weight from a parent’s hand. Many babies sleep better when they feel like their mom or dad is nearby. 

Are baby sleeping bags safe?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, wearable blankets are a safe option for infant sleep. Loose blankets, quilts, comforters, and pillows are unsafe to use in your baby’s crib. If these items cover the baby’s face, they can cause suffocation. 

How long should a baby be in a sleep suit?

Sleep suits can be worn for as long as the parent likes. Sleep sacks and suits are most beneficial for up to 12 months old, as loose blankets should not be used before this age. However, many parents use sleep suits well into the toddler years. 

Will a sleep suit help with sleep training? 

Many parents turn to gentle sleep training as a way to solve sleeping issues. Sleep suits may help with sleep training. Here’s how: 

  • Sleep suits keep babies warm and relieve worry from parents while sleep training. 
  • Some sleep suits reduce the startle reflex which wakes up babies. 
  • Sleep suits provide comfort and security to babies. 
The baby sleeps in the arms of the mother.

How to Choose a Sleep Suit for Your Little One

Choosing the right sleep sack or suit shouldn’t be difficult. Here are helpful things to know when choosing a sleep suit for your little one:

What’s the difference between a sleep suit and a sleep sack?

A sleep suit is a wearable blanket with holes for the arms and feet so the child can walk or crawl around while wearing it. These often resemble footed pajamas without feet. You’ll find them in both zip or snap-up designs to allow for diaper changes. 

A sleep sack is more like a wearable sleeping bag. The baby’s legs are tucked inside and they would not be able to walk in it. These often zip up to the baby’s neckline and their arms go through the top portion. 

What material should the sleep suit be made of? 

When purchasing a sleep suit, you’ll want to think about the average temperature that time of year. Some sleep suits are made with heavy, thick material more appropriate for winter. Others are lightweight and a good alternative to light blankets. 

Some common materials for sleep suits include:

  • Cotton 
  • Linen
  • Muslin
  • Merino Wool 
  • Fleece


What should a baby wear under a sleep suit?

When dressing your baby for sleep, it’s important to make sure they don’t overheat. Think of their sleep suit as a blanket and ask yourself what you would be comfortable in underneath a blanket. If you’d wear long sleeves, pants, and socks to bed, dress your baby the same. 

What is a TOG rating?

When you shop for sleep suits, you’ll notice something called a TOG rating on many listings. This rating describes how thermal the product is. This might seem confusing at first, but it’s quite simple to understand. 

For baby clothing, the scale typically runs from 0 to 3.5. The higher the number on the TOG scale, the warmer the clothing will be, and vice versa. Parents can determine if the clothing is appropriate for their climate by looking at the rating.

What is the ideal TOG rating of a baby sleep suit?

The ideal TOG rating will largely depend on your climate. You’ll want to get an idea of the average temperatures of your baby’s room before deciding. Though many rooms average between 68 and 72 degrees, there are plenty of homes that go above or below that average. 

Use this table as a guide to help you choose the right TOG rating:

TOG RatingRoom Temperature
3.0Below 61 degrees F
2.5Between 61 and 68 degrees F
1.0Between 69 and 74 degrees F
0.5Between 75 and 81 degrees F
0.25Above 80 degrees F
Best Baby Sleep Suits

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