5 Best All-Terrain Strollers of 2023

Young active parents hiking in the mountains with a double twin stroller with two children, brother and sister, baby boy and toddler girl

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  • All-terrain strollers can be a big investment, but they’re worth it for getting the family into the outdoors safely and comfortably. 
  • All-terrain strollers allow you to take your baby smoothly and easily over rugged terrain, gravel, sand, and off-road, where regular strollers can’t go.
  • Jogging strollers are all-terrain strollers specifically designed to get you out running with your baby. 

Not all strollers are the same. If you want to get outside for hikes, walks in the woods, days at the beach, or back into a running routine with baby in tow, an all-terrain stroller might be for you. 

Keep in mind that an all-terrain stroller is unlikely to become your everyday stroller unless you find a hybrid travel system with all-terrain wheels. Hiking and jogging strollers are usually heavier and wider than your average stroller. They’re generally less compact, heavier to lift into your trunk, and harder to get down the supermarket’s aisles than a regular stroller.

However, if you’re envisioning walks on beaches, nature trails, or in the park on uneven ground and grass, the air-filled tires of an all-terrain stroller will provide a smoother, easier, and more comfortable ride. 

We found five of the best all-terrain strollers of 2023 to help you figure out which is best for you. 

Best Choice
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller - 2016 | Air-Filled Rubber Tires | All-Wheel Suspension | Quick Fold Jogging Stroller, Black/Gray
Best Budget
Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller, Convenient One-Hand Fold, Infant Car Seat Compatible, Redmond
Best for Running
Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, Black/Black Frame (10101923)
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller
Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller
Best Choice
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller - 2016 | Air-Filled Rubber Tires | All-Wheel Suspension | Quick Fold Jogging Stroller, Black/Gray
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller
Best Budget
Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller, Convenient One-Hand Fold, Infant Car Seat Compatible, Redmond
Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller
Best for Running
Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, Black/Black Frame (10101923)
Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Our Choice: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller 

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller
  • Patented quick fold technology fold your stroller with one hand
  • 3 Wheel Stroller: 16″ rear and 12″ front air filled tires with front wheel lock mounted on the handlebar for easy conversions between jogger and stroller mode
  • All wheel suspension system soaks up road bumps making it the perfect all terrain stroller
  • Hand operated rear brakes for more control on hilly or uneven terrain
  • All-wheel suspension for any terrain
  • Hand-operated brake
  • One-handed folding
  • Large canopy
  • Heavy to lift
  • Canopy does not adjust for child height as they get older

Baby Jogger is known for their mid-priced, high-quality, nimble strollers. They make excellent, sporty, rugged strollers that are easy to maneuver and collapse. 

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 gives you the features of a jogging stroller but slimmer and easy to fold with one hand. 

Helpfully for a jogging stroller, it has a hand-operated brake in addition to a foot brake which is convenient and easy to use. It has one of the largest canopies of any brand, which parents love for weather and sun protection for their sleeping babies. 

One of its best and most useful features is the one-handed folding mechanism. Baby Jogger is always great at making easy-to-collapse, easy-to-store strollers, and this one is no exception. 

Parents report that it can be heavy to lift, especially if you invest in the double stroller option. Also, although the canopy is one of the largest, it’s not adjustable for children’s heights, so your toddler may outgrow it sooner rather than later. 

However, compared to other higher-priced brands, Baby Jogger has made a high-quality, all-terrain option without the same luxury price tag. 

Also at Target.

Fabric Type: Nylon | Dimensions: ‎22 x 10 x 31 inches | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 75 pounds
View on Amazon | View on Walmart.com | View on eBay.com

Best Budget All-Terrain Stroller: Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller 

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller
  • One-Second Folding: Graco’s signature FastAction one-second, one-hand fold provides ultimate convenience
  • Infant Car Seat Compatibility: Accepts all Graco infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment for a custom travel system
  • Comfortable Strolling: 3-position height-adjustable handle for personalized comfort
  • Smooth Ride: Air-filled rubber tires offer a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Affordable
  • Folds with one hand
  • Lighter than most jogging strollers
  • Handlebar is not adjustable
  • Only compatible with certain car seats.

Parents can always count on Graco to make a practical, affordable, quality product, and their FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller is the perfect example. At just a third of the price of some luxury stroller brands, this lightweight all-terrain stroller does almost everything its more expensive competitors do. 

It has large, air-filled rubber tires which allow you to jog or walk over bumpy, uneven terrain without excessive vibration or discomfort for your baby. It’s lighter and slimmer than many similar strollers, and it fits through standard doors, so you may find it versatile enough for everyday use.   

Its best feature, however, is the one-second, one-handed fold mechanism. Few all-terrain strollers are as easy to collapse, fold, and store as this one from Graco. 

An important drawback, though, is that the adult handlebar is not adjustable. If you’re planning on running with it, try it out in person to see if it’s the right height for you and the other adults using it. If a stroller doesn’t suit your body or causes you discomfort, you won’t use it often. 

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger with Infant Car Seat
  • Includes the Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat, rear facing for infants from 4 35 pound and up to 32″
  • One second, one hand fold provides the Ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Air filled rubber tires offer suspension for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Locking front swivel wheel provides an Easy transition from daily strolling to jogging

You’ll also want to check your car seat compatibility, as it does not accommodate all car seats, even including some Graco car seats. However, there’s an option to purchase a car seat with this stroller too. 

Also at Walmart.

Fabric Type: Rubber | Dimensions: ‎53 x 23.5 x 44 inches | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 50 pounds
View on Amazon | View on Walmart.com | View on eBay.com

Best All-Terrain Stroller Wagon: Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon PLUS 

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon PLUS
  • Hideaway Pull Handle easily allows the Expedition Stroller Wagon to transform from “push” a stroller to “pull” a wagon mode
  • Includes Seat2Mat: Extra cushion that can transform into a lie down mat
  • Flip over basket can be used at the front or back of wagon
  • Super large Cargo Space with Built-in Seating for two, includes 3-point safety harness belt
  • Adjustable for two children
  • Can be pushed as well as pulled on different terrains
  • Lie flat sleeping option
  • Can’t be used as an everyday stroller
  • Does not have air-filled tires
  • Bulky and heavier than most

A stroller wagon is an excellent option for bigger toddlers who get fussy in the restraints of a regular stroller. It’s also useful for two children to sit comfortably, whether you have a baby and toddler or two toddlers. 

The Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon PLUS is great if you have a child who wants more space and a different perspective when looking out at the world as you have your outdoor adventures. 

Parents love the copious storage space of this stroller wagon and its versatility for two children. The seats also adjust to a lie-flat mat, allowing older kids to nap comfortably rather than in a seated position as in most strollers. The adult handlebar is adjustable for pulling or pushing, depending on the incline and the terrain. 

While there are a lot of pros to this stroller wagon for your outdoor trips, it’s probably something you’ll buy in addition to your everyday stroller. Its bulk, size and weight don’t make it practical for travel or use in stores, malls, or on city streets. However, this is a comfortable option for your kids for trips to the park, on flat trails, or out to the beach. 

The Baby Trend Expedition Stroller Wagon doesn’t have the air-filled rubber tires and suspension system of some models on this list. Therefore, the ride won’t be as smooth as it would be in other all-terrain strollers.  

Yet, the storage and spacious seating make it a great option for taking two kids to the park, the zoo, or other outings. Its pricing is attractive too, compared to other all-terrain strollers. 

Also at Target.

Fabric Type: Polyester | Dimensions: ‎42 x 27 x 44 inches | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 110 pounds
View on Amazon | View on Walmart.com | View on buybuyBABY.com

Best for Running: Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller 

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller
  • A lightweight, all-terrain stroller perfect for jogging or strolling through town
  • Voted Best Jogging Stroller of 2023 by Women’s Health
  • Swivel front wheel locks into place for jogging and running
  • Large 16″ rear wheels with suspension provide an ultra-smooth ride
  • Lightweight for a jogger
  • Hand-operated brake
  • Very smooth suspension
  • Cost
  • Accessories are expensive to buy separately

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is the all-terrain stroller for parents who run. Its superior suspension and air-filled tires make for a ride smooth enough for your child to nap while you run. If you plan on racking up the miles daily running or walking with your baby, the ease of maneuverability of Thule Urban Glide 2 will be worth its considerable cost.  

In addition to being smoother and lighter than most jogging strollers, it has convenient features like a large storage basket with zip-top closure, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything when you run. It also has an adjustable handlebar with a wrist strap and hand-operated brake. Parents also love the one-handed fold feature.  

The Thule Urban Glide is comfortable for your baby, with a nice large canopy and peekaboo window so you can see your child napping without disturbing them. It has a padded reclining seat and is super safe, with ventilation system and a five-point harness. 

The major drawback of this great stroller is, of course, the cost. It’s the most expensive stroller on this list, and accessories like a rain cover and cup holder, included with other strollers, must be purchased separately. 

However, if you’re an avid runner, a high-quality jogging stroller that’s comfortable for your baby and easy for you to push is a must-have. 

Also at Walmart

Fabric Type: Polyester | Dimensions: ‎36.1 x 25.2 x 13.3 inches | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 75 pounds
View on Amazon | View on Thule.com | View on eBay.com

Best Double All-Terrain Stroller: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller 

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller
  • Smooth ride: Suspension system & Air filled tires provide an ultra-smooth ride over any terrain
  • Perfect Fit: Adjustable handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights; no-rethread harness design for easy height adjustments
  • Extra space: 10 storage pockets and extra-large cargo basket provide plenty of room for your gear; includes a cell phone pocket handlebar
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with most major brand car seats with the use of a BOB infant car seat Adapter (sold separately)
  • Ultra-smooth ride
  • Extra storage space
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compatible with most car seats
  • Two-hand, two-step fold
  • Accessories like cup holders have to be purchased separately

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a double all-terrain stroller. Parents find that the air-filled rubber tires, smooth suspension, and adjustable handlebar make it an easy-to-maneuver double stroller. 

Another major plus is that it’s compatible with most car seats, unlike some other brands that are only compatible with their own. 

Although some parents find the toddler seats are a little snug for some children once they grow past a certain point, it’s still a very comfortable ride for most little ones. The side-by-side seats are individually adjustable too, so one of your kids can recline to nap while the other sits up. That’s a really smart feature for a double stroller

Because of its size, it’s not as easy to fold as some of the other strollers listed here, and two hands are required for the two-step fold. Another drawback to consider is that, although the BOB Duallie costs the same as some single joggers, accessories do have to be purchased separately, which adds to the cost. 

However, if you’re looking for a sporty, smooth, easy-to-handle double stroller, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex Duallie has a lot of great features. 

Also at Target.

Young active parents hiking in the mountains with a double twin terrain stroller with two children.

Fabric Type: Water Resistant Canvas Sport | Dimensions: 48 x 30.5 x 45 inches | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 100 pounds
View on Amazon | View on Walmart.com | View on Target.com

What Can You Do With an All-Terrain Stroller?

All-terrain strollers are ideal for outdoor family adventures, providing your baby with a safe and smooth ride over grass, at the beach, on gravel, or any bumpy terrain. Family hiking trails, walks in the woods, picnics by the lake—all of these will be easier and more comfortable because of the air-filled rubber tires and suspension of an all-terrain stroller. 

A jogging stroller may be worth the investment if you’re a runner and are eager to get back into your exercise routine. Be sure you’re using a stroller specifically designed for jogging. Not every all-terrain stroller is safe to use as a jogging stroller, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Consider, however, your lifestyle and what you’ll be using your stroller for. If you’re spending most of your time in city parks, indoor malls and play spaces and getting in and out of the car, an all-terrain stroller will probably be too bulky and heavy for everyday use. 

In addition, lighter strollers, such as travel strollers and umbrella strollers, are more versatile and easier for use in airports, on vacation, commuting on public transportation, and for city life in general.  You may end up purchasing one in addition to your all-terrain stroller. 

To decide whether an all-terrain stroller is right for your family, take a look at what makes them different from other stroller models: 

Stroller Features 
Regular Stroller 
All-Terrain Stroller 
Use on different surfaces For general use on smooth pavement, indoors, and flat city streets.For use on multiple surfaces including uneven ground, beaches, grass, over gravel, and “off-road.” 
Weight Generally lightweight and easy to carry when folded.Tend to be heavier and larger to lift. 
Wheels Four small, solid wheels, often plastic.  Three or four large, air filled rubber tires, like bicycle tires, that provide a smooth ride over rough ground.  
Collapsible Many models collapse with one hand or collapse easily and can be folded for compact storage. They can be folded, but are generally larger and not as compact. 
ManeuverableTend to be slimmer and lighter, great for getting around stores, public transportation, airports, or city streets.  Larger and not as nimble as a regular stroller for city use, but designed for easy use on uneven ground, uphill, or for outdoor exploration.
Suitable for jogging Regular strollers are not suitable for adults to jog with. Specific jogging stroller models are safe for adults to push while running. 
Safe for use for six months and under Regular strollers and travel systems usually have a newborn bassinet, are compatible with an infant car seat, or have a reclining seat that is safe for use for newborns up to six months. Unless they are infant car seat compatible or have a newborn bassinet or reclining option, they are not generally suitable for infants under six months. 
Suitable for toddlers Generally suitable for children up to 36 months. Generally suitable for children up to 36 months. 
Happy active young mother walking on a beach pushing an all terrain double stroller with two kids.

How to Choose the Best All-Terrain Stroller

Now that you’ve decided that an all-terrain stroller is right for you, which features should you look for? Here are a few you’ll want to consider: 


Think about what you’ll be doing the most. The best stroller is one that’s designed for what you want to do. For example, do you need a hiking stroller for walks on hilly terrain? Will you be maneuvering over wet and loose sand while walking the dog on the beach? 

Make sure the stroller you choose can handle the terrain you want to tackle. If you’re going to jog with your stroller, look at jogging strollers designed for that purpose. 

Car Seat Compatibility 

Look for a car seat adapter or an all-terrain travel system if you’ll need to move your baby from car to stroller frequently. Some brands are only compatible with their own car seats, so it’s important to check whether your car seat will fit before you buy. 


Big off-road adventures with a baby usually mean you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you. Look for generous under-seat storage space for all your gear. 

If you’re going for a jogging stroller, a zip-top storage basket is ideal for ensuring nothing falls out while running. 

Easy Folding

If you’ll be getting the stroller in and out of the car a lot, you’ll want to consider how easy it is to collapse and fold. Some brands have a one-hand folding mechanism, allowing you to hold your baby in one arm while you fold easily with the other. Others may require a two-hand operation. 

Remember that an all-terrain stroller will have big wheels and a bulkier frame, so consider its size when folded and how easy it is to collapse. 

Adjustable Handlebar 

An easily adjustable handlebar for parents is important when navigating rough terrain. You want a stroller that’s comfortable for every adult who is using it. Adjustability is a must for strollers for tall parents. 

If you’re running, check whether the handlebars are foam. Some runners find that foam handlebars are hard to manage with sweaty hands. 


All-terrain strollers are generally heavier than other types of strollers. Moms recovering from birth and c-sections need to keep this in mind, as the stroller will be even heavier once your child is in it. 

Braking System 

If you intend to use your stroller for running, a hand-operated brake is an important feature to think about. Some models have both hand and foot brakes. However, a hand brake and a wrist strap are helpful safety features for running up and down hills.


All-terrain and jogging strollers can be expensive, especially considering that they probably will not be used as your everyday stroller. You will likely buy this stroller in addition to a smaller, more convenient one.  

Most parents also don’t buy an all-terrain stroller until their baby is a little older, so they’ve probably invested in a bassinet stroller or travel system first. Many all-terrain strollers aren’t suitable for babies under six months old, so you will likely have a different kind of stroller at first. 

Think about how much you’ll use the all-terrain or jogging stroller before buying. If you’ll pull it out every weekend, it’s worth having in addition to your regular stroller. On the other hand, if it’s going to gather dust in the garage after the first time you use it, think twice. 


There are a few added extras to look for that make a stroller comfortable and convenient to use: 

  • Snack tray
  • Adult cup holder
  • Hand brake in the handlebar
  • Padded seat
  • Peek-a-boo window so you can see your child when the canopy is up
  • Storage basket
  • Rain cover
  • Phone holder or pocket 

Don’t assume that your chosen stroller will include these items. For many brands, you have to purchase these items separately, which can add up and will be a factor in your decision. 


Which is preferable: a three-wheeled or a four-wheeled all-terrain stroller?

The answer to this question depends on what you’ll use the stroller for and which features are important to you. 

Generally, a three-wheeled stroller has bigger wheels, is smoother over different terrains, and is easier to maneuver because of its large swivel wheel at the front. Most jogging strollers have three wheels for these reasons. 

However, as you’ve seen above, these strollers tend to be bulkier, heavier, and difficult to fold and store. In some cases, the front wheel needs to come off when you store the stroller. 

A four-wheeled stroller is more traditional. There is a greater variety of four-wheeled strollers, from umbrella strollers to all-terrain exploring strollers. Some parents also prefer the stability of four-wheelers. They tend to have smaller wheels and are easier to collapse.

A disadvantage of four-wheelers is that they’re less adaptable for off-roading, trails, beaches and gravel.  

If you’re an active family looking for a stroller you can run or walk trails with, you may find the three-wheel joggers preferable. Keep in mind, though, that these strollers are often not the best if you’re dashing to the store or doing errands on busy streets because of their weight and bulk. You may end up with a regular four-wheeler in addition as your go-to stroller most days.

Best All-Terrain Strollers

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