The 5 Best Baby Swaddles of 2023

Newborn baby child swaddled in fabric sleeping and holding teddy bear toy.

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  • Swaddles should fit snugly but not so tight that it poses a risk of harming the baby.
  • You should stop swaddling your baby when they begin to roll over.
  • Finding swaddles with two-way zippers or quiet velcro will allow you to change your baby quickly and quietly.

The first few months of a baby’s life can be exhausting. From midnight feedings to all-day bouncing, parents are often desperate for sleep. So what’s the secret to getting a great night’s rest? 

Ask any experienced parent, and they’ll likely tell you it’s all about the swaddle. A swaddled baby is a happy baby.

Swaddles are the perfect option to help your little one rest more soundly. With all five of our children, we’ve successfully used swaddles to help them sleep better. However, we’ve also found that every swaddle is different, as is every baby. 

There’s quite a variety of swaddle styles and brands. You might find that your baby prefers one over the other. In addition to your baby’s preferences, you might find some swaddles easier to use than others.

To make your swaddle search simple, I’ve found the best baby swaddles on the market and lined them up for you here. These swaddles are all parent favorites for helping babies sleep through the night. 

Best Choice
HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, 3-Way Adjustable Wearable Blanket, TOG 1.5, Heather Grey, Small, 3-6 Months
Best Adjustable
Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap, 3-Pack Newborn Swaddle Sack, Baby Swaddles 0-3 Months, Swaddles for Newborns, Baby Sleep Sack, Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap, Coral
Best Blanket
Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Soft Silky Baby Blankets 47 x 47 inches, Breathable Swaddle Blankets, Newborn Receiving Blanket for Boys and Girls, 4 Pack
HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle
Bublo Baby Swaddle Blanket 3 Pack
Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Price not available
Best Choice
HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, 3-Way Adjustable Wearable Blanket, TOG 1.5, Heather Grey, Small, 3-6 Months
HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle
Best Adjustable
Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap, 3-Pack Newborn Swaddle Sack, Baby Swaddles 0-3 Months, Swaddles for Newborns, Baby Sleep Sack, Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap, Coral
Bublo Baby Swaddle Blanket 3 Pack
Price not available
Best Blanket
Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Soft Silky Baby Blankets 47 x 47 inches, Breathable Swaddle Blankets, Newborn Receiving Blanket for Boys and Girls, 4 Pack
Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Our Choice: HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle

HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle
  • The original wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib for a safer environment; the 3-way swaddle ensures your baby’s best sleep and an easy transition when it’s time to stop swaddling; number 1 choice of hospital nurseries to promote safe sleep
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric, double knit construction is soft and a little stretchy, perfect for swaddling; TOG Rating of 1.5 offering the right comfort for moderate seasons or climates, and can be layered with warmer sleepwear for cooler temperatures
  • Generously sized swaddle fasteners offer adjustability for a perfect fit; 3-way adjustable swaddle allows Arms-In to reduce startle reflex, One-Arm-Out for self-soothing, and Two-Arms-Out for easy transition from swaddling to Halo’s SleepSack
  • Inverted zipper opens from the bottom for easy diaper changes without undoing the swaddle; sleeveless to reduce the risk of overheating; arm and neck openings sized for a safer fit
  • Inverted zipper
  • 45 patterns
  • Transitions to a wearable blanket
  • Velcro sticks to fabric when washed

HALO is a name that many parents are familiar with. From their smart bassinets to their sleep sacks, HALO is a trusted brand. The HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle is a popular choice among parents. 

The design of this wearable blanket will allow your baby to move their legs while their arms are secured down. You’ll also have the option of allowing one or two arms out for self-soothing. With an inverted zipper, middle-of-the-night diaper changes will be easy. 

Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip-healthy, you can rest assured knowing that this swaddle sleep sack is safe. I love that, unlike other swaddles, this one can grow with your baby. Using this swaddle with two arms out will also allow your baby to easily transition to a wearable blanket. 

The Halo sleepsack swaddle comes in 100% cotton and a choice of 45 patterns. You’ll be able to choose from sizes starting at preemie and going up to 12 months. 

Some parents found that the velcro stuck to the fabric and pulled the threads when they washed it. You’ll want to ensure the velcro is attached securely before washing to avoid damage to the fabric. 

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age range: Preemie – 12 months | Dimensions: ‎9 x 0.5 x 11 inches
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Best Adjustable: Bublo Baby Swaddle Blanket 3 Pack

Bublo Baby Swaddles Collage
Bublo Baby Swaddle Blanket 3 Pack
  • Don’t sacrifice quality, value or safety. Swaddle your little one with the best. Parents say these swaddling blankets stay-snug, sweat-free design makes all the difference between a night of crying, or a good night’s rest during summer, winter and every month in between. one peak at the reviews tells you why this is the best baby registry gift ever!
  • The perfect parenting companion – Specially designed swaddles sack creates the womb like environment to soothe baby and mitigate startle reflex and infant stress. Moms say “these really do the trick!” during those frustrating moments when nothing seems to work – transforming a tear stained baby into a tranquil, peaceful angel.
  • Snugglies, softest, simply the best From the superior, kitten soft 100% cotton fabric that everyone at the baby shower wants to touch, to the quiet adjustable hook & loop that stays perfectly grippy after 1000’s of washes, to the beautiful, gender friendly prints – you’ll quickly agree that this is the best infant sleep swaddle sack for any parent who want a rested, joyful baby who smiles all day.
  • Mom approved safety – We meticulously & continuously inspect every newborn swaddle sacks, making these the best newborn swaddles if you value quality, safety, and long-lasting durability.
  • Strong velcro
  • 100% cotton
  • Soft material
  • Velcro is loud

Adjustable swaddles have always been a favorite in our house. The Bublo Baby Swaddle Blanket 3 Pack is one of the best choices for adjustable swaddles. 

I purchased this pack of adjustable swaddles in hopes that they would keep my little one from busting loose. Adjustable sleep sacks allow you to position the swaddle snugly around the baby’s arms and torso. 

I love the quality of the velcro closures. They are firm and hold their place through the night, despite my 15 lb infant’s best moves. The 100% cotton fabric is also super soft and doesn’t irritate her skin. 

These swaddles are similar to sleep sacks in that they keep your baby snug and all tucked in. I never have to worry about my infant getting her feet out of the sack and getting cold at night. 

The only drawback to using velcro swaddles is that they make noise when you open and close them. This often causes the baby to wake up. If the velcro was quieter, it would make it less difficult to adjust the swaddle while they are sleeping.

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age range: Preemie – 6 months | Dimensions: 25 x 28 inches
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Most Innovative: Love To Dream Swaddle UP

Love To Dream Swaddle UP
  • Swaddling has been around for ages as it helps to prevent the startle reflex. But forcing the baby’s arms to their sides or over their chest prevents two natural behaviors that frustrate the baby and they fight to get their hands free.
  • First – Over 90% of babies sleep with their ARMS UP around their head when placed on their back to sleep. This is simply a baby’s natural and preferred way to sleep, just like in the womb!
  • Second – All babies are born with the need to SELF-SOOTHE by touching their face and sucking on their hands as they did in the womb. This medically proven behavior is how a baby calms and falls asleep on their own. Traditional swaddling prevents this.
  • The patented wings on the Swaddle UP allow the baby to both sleep with their arms in their preferred ARMS UP position and gives enough movement so they can SELF-SOOTHE, all while calming down the startle reflex.
  • Allows baby to self-soothe with their hands
  • Hip healthy
  • Soft jersey cotton
  • Few color choices

Many babies love to sleep with their arms in the air. Traditional swaddle blankets put babies in an arms-down position. The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is an innovative swaddle that breaks the mold. 

This swaddle is a dream come true for babies that love to sleep with their arms up. With this design, the baby goes into the swaddle sleep sack with their arms up by their head. Despite the arms-up position, the snug fit still reduces the startle reflux. 

My favorite thing about this swaddle blanket is that it will allow your baby to get their hands to their mouth. Babies often use their hands to self-soothe. Having their hand free also makes breastfeeding easy while they’re in the swaddle. 

The hip section is wide to allow adequate leg movement. In fact, it’s approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. You won’t have to worry about your baby’s legs or hips being damaged. 

Parents rave about the extra soft jersey fabric. Unfortunately, you’ll only have five color choices to choose from. However, the size ranges are great, starting at newborn and going up to large. 

Fabric Type: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane | Age range: 0-6 months | Dimensions: ‎11 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches
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Fastest Swaddle: Happiest Baby Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle

Happiest Baby Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle
  • “#1 Swaddle” New York Times: Rated America’s best baby swaddle, our Sleepea was designed by top pediatrician and the world’s leading swaddling expert, Dr. Harvey Karp. Perfect for healthy, growing hips (International Hip Dysplasia Institute seal of approval).
  • 100% Organic Cotton: Made from luxuriously soft organic cotton that is safe for babies. Includes extra-quiet Velcro for escape-proof security and 2-way zipper that opens from top or bottom for easy midnight nappy changes.
  • More Infant Sleep: Our baby swaddle sack prevents startles and boosts babies’ sleep quality with special inner flaps that give the snug embrace your baby boy or girl loved in the womb. Arm openings can unsnap to allow for arms out. Great transitional swaddle for arms free independent sleep training.
  • “5-Second Baby Swaddle”: The Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle is the easiest, safest, fastest, escape-proof baby swaddle sleep sack. It promotes self-soothing and keeps babies sleeping longer than other swaddle wraps. Breathable mesh at shoulders and legs to reduce risky overheating.
  • Quick, secure hold
  • Hip healthy
  • Transitions to sleep sack
  • Extra piece that attaches between legs

Swaddle blankets often require a bit of time and practice to achieve a secure hold. For parents looking for quick alternatives, the Happiest Baby Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle is a great choice. 

With over 2,000 raving reviews, parents agree that this simple design is user-friendly and effective. To use the swaddle, you simply place your baby in the swaddle sleep sack and secure the bands with velcro around their arms and torso. Then you zip up the sleep sack and place them in bed.

You’ll also have the option to leave the arms out as your baby grows. Then this swaddle functions more as a sleep sack. The extra room in the bottom of the swaddle allows your baby to move their legs freely for healthy hip development. 

For middle-of-the-night diaper changes, the two-way zipper makes it easy to open the swaddle. You can even keep your baby swaddled while you change them. If you need to adjust the swaddle, you’ll love that the Happiest Baby Sleepea is quieter than most velcro swaddling blankets. 

Parents can choose from 13 different colors and sizes ranging from small to large. The fabric is 100% organic cotton and free from harmful chemicals. There’s also a mesh portion on the swaddle that allows air to enter to prevent your baby from overheating.

Some parents find the piece that comes up between the legs unnecessary. This could make diaper changes a little more difficult, despite the two-way zipper.

Fabric Type: Cotton | Age range: 0-3 years | Dimensions: 9.75 x 8 x 1.24 inches
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Best Blanket: Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets
  • Best Fabric For Baby: Momcozy muslin swaddle blankets are up to 3 times softer than regular cotton muslin blanket, and the partial cotton can maintain the durability. By combining cotton and other natural material together, the fabric becomes even softer and more breathable. Our fabric will get softer with every wash.
  • Perfect Swaddle & Baby Sleep Better: Size 47″ X 47” (120 x 120 cm), large enough to easily wrap babies, prevent newborn babies from startling themselves awake with random arm movements, recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, help soothe your baby and get them better sleep.
  • Multi-use: The baby swaddle blanket can also be used as receiving blanket, cuddle blanket, nursing cover, sunscreen for strollers, burp cloth, car seat cover, play mat, changing pad, mini crib sheet and so on. Best baby shower gifts for new mothers and newborns.
  • Floral Patterns For Baby Girl: Stylish and attractive, four individual floral patterns will make your little princess look more sweet and fashion.
  • Multiple uses
  • Trendy colors and patterns
  • Lightweight material
  • Not as easy to learn how to swaddle

Many parents are familiar with the Aden Anais swaddle blankets that made muslin swaddle blankets so popular. Now there are countless muslin swaddle blankets to choose from. My personal favorites are the Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are super soft and the perfect size for swaddling. I’ve found that I can easily get a secure swaddle when using these to wrap my baby. Since the fabric is lightweight, I’m not worried about her overheating with a snug wrap during the summer months. 

I love the color options the Momcozy blankets are offered in. The options for both boys and girls come in trendy colors and cute patterns. All of the blankets are silky soft as well. 

These swaddling blankets have multiple uses as well. I’ll often use one of these blankets as a stroller cover, a nursing cover, or a burp cloth when we’re out and about. It’s the best swaddle blanket for moms who like items that are multipurpose.  

Some parents have found that swaddling a baby with a blanket can be difficult. I’ll admit that it took me a while to figure out how to get a secure hold with a swaddle blanket. However, there are many video tutorials online that make it simpler. 

Fabric Type: 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton | Age range: 0-3 years | Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 0.01 inches
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Recommended Accessories

A great night’s sleep is important for both babies and their parents. Here’s what I’ve found makes all the difference, along with a swaddle, in achieving sound sleep:

How to Safely Swaddle a Baby

Cute adorable newborn baby wrapped in colorful blanket, looking at the camera.

Search any hospital nursery and you will find tiny little babies swaddled up snugly in receiving blankets. Nurses are no strangers to the benefits of wrapping up newborns in a swaddle blanket. With all their practice, they’ve perfected the art of safely swaddling a baby. 

So how can you swaddle your baby just like the nurses in the hospital do?

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Wrap Like a Burrito

When you swaddle your baby with a receiving blanket or swaddle blanket, you’ll want to think about wrapping a burrito. While there are plenty of great video tutorials online, you essentially pull one side over the baby’s arm and torso and tuck it behind them. You then repeat the same step with the other side. 

When you’re finished, you’ll need to secure the bottom of the blanket underneath the baby. If you pull the blanket snugly enough over each arm, you should have a solid swaddle that your baby can’t break easily.

Don’t Swaddle Too Tightly

You want the swaddle to fit snugly but not so tight that it poses a risk of harming your baby. To ensure the swaddle isn’t too tight, try fitting your fingers underneath the swaddle on your baby’s chest. You should be able to fit three to four fingers in this space.

Place Your Baby on Their Back

To avoid any risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), only place your baby to sleep on their back. This is especially true when they are wearing a swaddle. If your baby is face down, they won’t be able to turn their head to breathe. 

Don’t Overdress Your Baby

Many parents wonder what a baby should wear under a swaddle. To answer this question, ask yourself what you would be comfortable wearing to bed under your covers. If you’re wearing long sleeves and pants to bed, dress your baby the same. 

If you feel that your baby is cold, you can add a second light blanket to swaddle with. Nurses will often do this in the hospital with newborns to ensure they stay warm. This is a safer option than adding loose blankets to your baby’s crib, as those can cause suffocation.   

Swaddle Before Naps and Bedtime

To help your baby calm down and fall asleep, swaddle them right before you lay them down. This will work for both naptime and bedtime. The safety they feel in a swaddle will help them relax, and the snug hold will keep them from startling awake again.

Choosing the Best Baby Swaddle for Your Baby

Newborn baby boy sleeping and swaddled in blue cloth lying in grey nest.

When searching for the best baby swaddle for your little one, you’ll want to look for these features:

Lightweight Fabric 

You don’t want your baby overheating from a swaddle wrap that’s too thick. The swaddling blanket or wrap you choose should be lightweight and breathable. You can always double up on the swaddles to keep your baby warm. 

Hip Healthy 

Swaddles should be snug around the baby’s torso and arms. However, you don’t want it to be too restrictive around their hips and legs. Look for swaddles that have been recognized as hip-healthy options to prevent damage to your baby’s growing legs.

Easy Diaper Changes

In the middle of the night, you don’t want to have to wake your baby to change their diaper. Finding swaddles with two-way zippers or quiet velcro is important. This will allow you to change your baby quickly and quietly. 


How many swaddles does your baby need?

Newborns may go through many swaddles due to diaper blowouts. I like to have 3 swaddle blankets on hand so that I always have a clean one. If you only do laundry once a week, or like to wash bedding daily, plan on stocking up with around 6–8 swaddles. 

At what age should you stop swaddling a baby?

You should stop swaddling your baby when they begin to roll over. If your baby can roll from their back to their tummy, it’s no longer safe to swaddle them. This might happen around 2–4 months of age. 

Instead of swaddling, you might transition to a baby sleep sack at that point. 

Is swaddling recommended by experts?

Yes. You’ll find that many sleep experts agree that using a swaddle can help teach a baby to self soothe. Many hospital nurses will recommend swaddling to keep your baby from startling awake. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that while swaddles aren’t proven to reduce the risk of SIDS, they are safe to use as long as the baby is on their back. 

What are the risks of swaddling?

When swaddling a baby, you’ll want to make sure you follow the safety guidelines. Wrapping your baby too tightly can pose serious risks such as hip dislocation or hip dysplasia.

Best Baby Swaddles

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