Make Your Own Braille Magnet Board

Braille Magnet Board

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Here is a very easy idea to make a braille magnet board. I used a metal oil drip pan to create this board for my daughter Freya’s room. She’s using it to work on braille letters and numbers and we have plans for some fun games as well.

Here’s what I did…


What You’ll Need:


How to Make Your Braille Magnet Board:

  1. Use the adhesive Velcro patches to attach your metal oil pan to the wall. The Velcro comes with two sides that are sticky, a set for the pan and a set for the wall. You can also easily move your board around the house by setting up Velcro patches in other rooms as well.
  2. Add magnets using the magnet tape to braille blocks, a braille number line or braille score card with buttons and place them on your board.
  3. We are also working on frog and butterfly life cycle models that Freya can place on her board. We also have plans to create a texture matching game by cutting some felt, cardboard, feathers, etc and adding the magnets. We’ll create two of each texture then have Freya find matches and place them side by side to play.
  4. Very easy and inexpensive! What other uses can you find for a braille magnet board?


    braille magnet board


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