Hayley Chalkley

Hayley is a freelance writer, blogger, and grateful mama of four young people.


Previously a social worker, children’s services inspector, and college lecturer, Hayley runs local and online parenting classes offering support for families who want more peace and kindness in their lives 😍


A passionate advocate for children’s rights and a long-time home edder, Hayley writes about respectful parenting, natural learning, and intentional living at takingakinderpath.com.


You might also find her eating carrots, wearing odd socks, and dreaming of life in a van, usually with a giant cup of tea in hand ☕

Hayley Chalkley
Little boy 1 year playing in the kindergarten.

Sensory Activities

What Is Sensory Soft Play?

Sensory soft play delights the senses but did you know it also helps develop your child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills, find out more.

This girl cuts her hair at her home.


Tips for Successful Sensory-Friendly Haircuts

Grab this list of top tips for a successful sensory friendly haircut, designed to help you and your child relax, let go of stress, and have fun.

Little cute newborn baby in diapers on a white bed in the bedroom.

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9 Best Non-Toxic, All-Natural Diapers of 2023

Non-toxic diapers are kinder to your baby’s skin and the planet. Check out our favorite disposable diapers to find the safest products for your baby.

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The 7 Best C-Section Underwear Picks of 2023

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Baby lying on bassinet getting love and attention from mom mother parent.

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What’s the Age and Weight Limit for a Pack ‘N Play?

What is a pack ‘n play’s weight limit, and why does it matter? Find out if it’s worth buying a pack ‘n play for your child and when to stop...

Cute mother and daughter playing together, reading first book.


18 Cognitive Activities for Infants to Help Development

Check out our list of the best cognitive activities for infants you can use to boost your baby’s brain power and jumpstart their learning journey.

Three years old child crying in bed because of nightmare.


Do Babies Have Nightmares?

When your baby cries out while asleep, you might wonder, do babies have nightmares? Learn more about what might be going on and what you can do about it.

Peaceful kid lying on a pack n play while sleeping.


Can a Baby Sleep in a Pack N Play?

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New compact electric breast pump to increase milk.


How to Donate Your Breast Pump When You No Longer Need It

Looking to donate your breast pump? If it’s a closed system pump, suitable for multiple users, and is working well with spare parts available, here’s how.

Asian little Chinese girls playing with water and foam.


How Often Should Kids Bathe?

Your child doesn’t always need a bath to get clean. For some kids, too many baths can do more harm than good. So, how often should kids bathe?

Adorable baby girl eating from fork vegetables and pasta.


Toddler Growth Spurts: When and What to Expect

Toddler growth spurts occur between one and three years of age. While not as dramatic as some other stages, there’s still a lot going on for your toddler.

Sleeping baby boy waking up in the bed hugging toy and wipe eyes.


Wake Windows & How to Optimize Your Baby’s Sleep by Age

The basic principle behind wake windows is simple. Given the right amount of awake time your baby will sleep better.