Hayley Chalkley

Hayley is a freelance writer, blogger, and grateful mama of four young people.


Previously a social worker, children’s services inspector, and college lecturer, Hayley runs local and online parenting classes offering support for families who want more peace and kindness in their lives 😍


A passionate advocate for children’s rights and a long-time home edder, Hayley writes about respectful parenting, natural learning, and intentional living at takingakinderpath.com.


You might also find her eating carrots, wearing odd socks, and dreaming of life in a van, usually with a giant cup of tea in hand ☕

Hayley Chalkley
Three years old child crying in bed because of nightmare.


Do Babies Have Nightmares?

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How Often Should Kids Bathe?

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Toddler Growth Spurts: When and What to Expect

Toddler growth spurts occur between one and three years of age. While not as dramatic as some other stages, there’s still a lot going on for your toddler.

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Wake Windows & How to Optimize Your Baby’s Sleep by Age

The basic principle behind wake windows is simple. Given the right amount of awake time your baby will sleep better.

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How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Given a safe space to practice and lots of loving attention, learning to walk comes naturally for most babies.

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When Do Babies Stop Wearing Onesies?

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How to Help Your Congested Baby Sleep

Humidifiers, saline nose drops, a steamy bathroom and upright snuggles can help clear your baby’s stuffy nose and help you both get the sleep you need.