Coterie Diapers: One Mom’s Hands-On Review

Baby with Coterie Diaper

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  • Each Coterie diaper is dermatologist tested and free of fragrances, dyes, phthalates, and parabens.
  • These diapers are designed to absorb 70% more liquid than the average diaper and absorb 4 times faster than other brands.
  • Coterie diapers are made with totally chlorine-free wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.

Diapers aren’t the most exciting purchase in your monthly budget. Trust me, I know this all too well. With 5 children in our home, we’ve likely spent thousands on diapers throughout our parenting journey. 

Diapers are one thing I wish I could spend less on. However, I always find myself stuck between paying less and sacrificing quality or splurging and getting a diaper that exceeds my expectations. 

This is what piqued my interest in trying the luxuriously priced Coterie diapers. When I read the reviews, it truly seemed that these were the best of the best. Parents were raving about the performance and quality.

So I grabbed a pack for my 4-month-old and put them to work. I’m dishing out my honest review of Coterie diapers, so you can decide if they’re worth the splurge.

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What We Love About Coterie Diapers

Let’s start with the positives. And let me tell you—there are plenty. Coterie diapers impressed me with their quality and performance.

Wetness Indicator

This is a must-have in diapers. Most diapers today come with a wetness indicator, but it’s always worth noting. A wetness indicator line makes checking your child’s diaper effortless.

These diapers feature a yellow line that turns blue when wet. It’s simple and effective. 


Parents who are looking for sustainable diapers will be pleased with Coterie diapers. These diapers are made with totally chlorine-free wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Coterie is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and maintaining customer transparency. 

Free of Chemicals

Parents who have little ones with sensitive skin will rejoice over this ingredient list. Each Coterie diaper is dermatologist tested and free of fragrances, dyes, phthalates, and parabens. They’re also free of over 200 potentially harmful chemicals. 

Coterie uses plant-based ingredients wherever possible in the construction of their diapers. They are currently made with 25% plant-based materials. Their careful ingredient selection process will help your baby avoid diaper rashes

Ultra Absorbent 

These diapers claim to be some of the most absorbent diapers on the market. They’re designed to absorb 70% more liquid than the average diaper and absorb 4 times faster than other brands. This helps reduce leaks. 

During our trial period with these diapers, we never had diaper leaks. This isn’t always the case with other brands. I think the absorbent materials they use make all the difference.


Softness is no issue with these diapers. They’re without a doubt the softest diapers I’ve ever felt. When I took the diapers out of the pack, I instantly realized why parents were raving. 

Comfortable Fit

These diapers fit my baby just right without leaving marks. They’ve taken into account the way a baby crawls, scoots, and stands, and made them move with your child. Plus, the newborn size features an umbilical cord notch for ultimate comfort for your little bundle. 

What Coterie Diapers Could Do Better

Coterie Diaper Collage

These diapers are definitely impressive. However, they aren’t perfect. Here are a couple of drawbacks I found in Coterie diapers:

Lack of Designs 

Okay, I know this isn’t a huge drawback. However, parents who are used to buying Honest brand diapers understand what I mean. When you are splurging for a toxin-free, comfortable diaper, it’s nice to get cute designs with it. 


It’s no secret that these diapers are more than many other premium diaper brands. They’re more than triple the cost of popular budget brands. 

For some parents, this is worth the investment. However, parents on a lower income or looking to scale back may pass on these diapers because of the price tag.  

How Coterie Diapers Compare to Other Diapers

Let’s take a look at how Coterie performs in these categories compared to other brands: 


Most diapers land somewhere between $.20 and $.30 a diaper. There are even some great diapers under $.20 a diaper like I mentioned in my Parent’s Choice diaper review. Coterie diapers stagger high above all other diaper competitors, at nearly triple the cost of average diapers.

These aren’t for you if you’re looking for a budget diaper. If you don’t mind paying more for non-toxic diapers, they are worth looking into simply because of their softness and absorbency. 


When it comes to ratings, I’ve found that the majority of parents love the performance of these diapers. They also rave about the soft materials—some going as far as to say that they’re soft as cashmere. 

Parents who use these diapers seem to agree that their child is dryer, more comfortable, and leak-free while wearing these diapers.


I’ve used a large variety of diaper brands over the years. Though some were a bit softer than others, none of them really stood out above the rest. These diapers changed that. 

Compared to all other diapers I’ve used, Coterie diapers are noticeably softer.


Coterie is committed to keeping harmful chemicals out of their diapers. Curious about how they stack up to other brands? Take a look:

Diaper BrandFree Of
Seventh Generation Fragrance, lotions, and chlorine
Pampers PureParabens, latex, fragrance, and elemental chlorine
DyperParabens, latex, fragrance, lotions, alcohol, and phthalates 
HonestParabens, latex, fragrance, and chlorine
CoterieParabens, latex, fragrance, lotions, chlorine, and over 200 other chemicals

Coterie Diapers: The Bottom Line

Coterie Diaper

I was pleasantly surprised at how well these diapers performed. Though I was skeptical that they’d live up to their claims, I quickly realized there was much to love about these luxury diapers.

Coterie diapers fit better than most diapers. While using these diapers we never had a diaper blowout or leak. My baby’s skin stayed dry even through the night. 

These diapers claim to absorb 70% more liquid than average diapers. 

Though I don’t have proof that this claim is accurate, I do have a good feeling it’s not far off. Compared to the diapers we have on hand, these absorbed quite a bit more liquid. 

These diapers feel much softer and sturdier than the brand we currently use. They’re also free of everything I could possibly think of. No chemicals on my baby’s tiny bottom make for a happy mom. 

Overall, these are fantastic diapers. If they’re in your budget and you’re looking for a toxin-free comfortable diaper, they’re a clear winner. However, if you have to choose between affording groceries or splurging on toxin-free diapers, there are plenty of less expensive, non-toxic diapers for sensitive skin that will do the job. 

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Recommended Accessories

These diapers are soft and comfortable making each diaper change a little more enjoyable. Here are a few other helpful diaper-changing products to complement Coterie diapers:


How do I know which size Coterie I should buy?

When you buy Coterie diapers, you’ll want to pay attention to the sizing. The weight limits for each size are different than other diapers I’ve used. Choosing the right size will help ensure you have a leak-free experience. 

Diaper Size Weight Range 
Newborn Up to 10 lbs
Size 18-12 lbs
Size 210-16 lbs
Size 314-24 lbs
Size 420-32 lbs
Size 527+ lbs
Size 635+ lbs

Are Coterie diapers organic?

Coterie diapers aren’t organic. However, no diaper has met those qualifications yet. The same is true for a 100% biodegradable diaper.

Coterie is very vocal about the abundance of “greenwashing” in the diaper industry. Their goal is to remain transparent and continue their efforts to create clean, eco-friendly diapers.

Where are Coterie diapers made?

Coterie diapers are manufactured in Canada. They source the ingredients from Japan, Israel, Finland, and the US. 

Where can I buy Coterie diapers?

Coterie diapers can be purchased on Amazon, in some local grocery stores, and on their website. Coterie offers a subscription service that ships a monthly supply to your door every 4 weeks. 

The monthly pack varies in size, depending on the diaper size you choose. For example, size 3 comes in a pack of 168 diapers which allows you to use a new diaper for up to 6 diaper changes a day.

Coterie Diapers: One Mom's Hands-On Review

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