Fall Sensory Art Projects for Visually Impaired Kids

fun fall activities

I’ve always felt that the best way to celebrate any holiday or season is with crafts!

Easter and spring is one of my favorite times for crafts as we decorate eggs and make paper flowers, but fall may be the best time for natural crafts.

In the fall you can walk around outside in your yard or at the park and find all sorts of crafty materials, from crunchy leaves in bright colors to pokey acorns and pinecones. So tactile and so much fun to play with!

Of course fall also brings apple and pumpkin picking and there are so many things you can do with both to decorate your house and get your whole family in an autumn mood.

Here are some of our favorite Adaptive Fall Crafts:


autumn wreath art project

Autumn Wreath Art Project

Collecting fall leaves is a fun family tradition. Here’s an art project that transforms those collected leaves and acorns into a beautiful wreath for your front door.

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apple prints art project

Apple Prints Art Project

Apples make fun art crafts in the fall. This one is really easy, but you will need to use real apples so you may want to have some apples set aside just for eating.

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Simple Pumpkin Project

Make Your Own Simple Jack-O-Lantern!

Learn how to make a simple Jack-o-Lantern with no cutting or scooping required!

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apple potpourri art project

Apple Potpourri Art Project

Apple potpourri smells so nice, so why not turn it into an art project? Learn how to make a sweet fall treat!

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tactile tree art project

Tactile Tree Art Project

This is a great art project that will really get your kids involved. Go outside to collect leaves, twigs, and bark then put them together to make your own tree!

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Art really can be accessible to all kids, no matter their abilities or disabilities. For more ideas on how to include all children in your art activities, read our article on Sensory Art.


Five fun fall sensory activities


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