Enter our Halloween Costume Contest!

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It’s time to get creative with your child’s Halloween costumes! Enter our Halloween Costume Photo Contest on Twitter and your child’s Halloween photo could be featured on our Twitter Header Photo, plus you could win the complete Perkins Panda Literacy Kit!

Just Tweet a photo of your child on Twitter including the hashtag #WBCostumeContest and @WonderBaby, then have your Twitter peeps vote for your costume by “favoriting” (clicking the star) on your original Tweet Here’s an example of a Tweet with the necessary information:

Contest Rules & Guidelines for Engagement

To enter your costume photo, just post it to Twitter with the hashtag ‪#‎WBCostumeContest‬ and mention @WonderBaby so we’ll be sure to see it, or copy and paste this text to tweet: “I’m entering the @WonderBaby #WBCostumeContest! Vote for me to win by favoriting this tweet!“. Be sure to attach your image to the tweet! Afterwards, we’ll reply with a tweet to let you know we’ve received your entry.

All the photos will be placed in our Twitter Feed and searchable on Twitter. Encourage your Twitter peeps to ‘favorite’ your Tweet by clicking the star on the original Tweet. A unique costume photo can be entered only once but you can enter as many different costumes as you’d like from over the years by Tweeting them individually with the necessary information! To get more favorites, you can encourage people to visit your profile page to “favorite” the original Tweet, or copy the link of the original Tweet and Tweet it along with a message asking for other users to favorite the original Tweet. Here are some examples for getting more favorites to win:

The TOP Halloween costume photos will be included in a collage for our Twitter Header Photo! The first place winner will receive a Perkins Panda Literacy Kit from Perkins Solutions. The first place winner will be determined at 10PM Eastern time on Friday November 6th, so start Tweeting your pictures now! Oh, and here are a few more Twitter rules you must abide by in order to qualify! First, don’t create multiple Twitter accounts to vote and enter the contest. Don’t spam by constantly sharing the same links, message, or Retweets over and over again. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. You (the parent/guardian) must be age 18 or over in order to enter. You must be the parent or legal guardian of the child in the picture. If you have any questions, please comment below, tweet us @WonderBaby, or send us an email!

Need help getting started on Twitter? Read “How to Use Twitter for Parents of Kids with Visual Impairments” on our website! You may also like to follow our “Halloween Crafts and Costumes for Visually Impaired Children” on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.


About the Perkins Panda Literacy Kit

Perkins Panda teaches fundamental early literacy skills to children from birth through eight years old with visual impairments. The kit includes three packets with interrelated storybooks produced in uncontracted (beginning-stage) braille, large print and high-contrast illustrations; activity guides and cassettes; a story box; a stuffed panda from Gund® with a backpack to hold a tape player and a guide to additional resources. Visit the Perkins Products Store for more information.

Learn more about incorporating the Perkins Panda Literacy Kit into your child’s day:


Enter to win a complete Perkins Panda Early Literacy Kit



**Please Note: Twitter, Inc. is not affiliated with this contest.**

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