8 Really Fun Toys for Blind Toddlers

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Now that your blind child is growing up (two years old is awfully mature, isn’t it?) you may be looking for some new, fun, stimulating toys for your toddler. Being blind or visually impaired may limit some of your options, but there are still plenty of toys on the market that will appeal to your special toddler.

And don’t forget to ask your Early Intervention (EI) program or your child’s preschool about the toys listed below. We did not buy most of our toys, but are playing with them on loan through our EI program. This is much more economical and when your child outgrows the toy, you can just give it back! If your EI program or preschool does not have some of these toys, maybe you could suggest they purchase them.

Our Favorite Toys for Toddlers Who are Blind

These are our top picks for toys for blind toddlers. Most of them are available through Amazon. For more toy ideas check out our articles on Toys for Blind Babies or making your own Scented Rattle and Toy Basket. You can also read our article on how to choose the best toys for your blind child or check out some of our favorite Holiday gifts. If you have a great toy you want to add to the list, contact us and let us know!

Battat Sound Puzzle Box

Battat Sound Puzzle

This sound puzzle from Battat features three different shapes in three different colors that fit in corresponding tubes in the puzzle. When you fit the puzzle piece in correctly the toy makes a lovely low-pitch sound as the piece slowly falls through the tube. This is a great first shape sorter for toddlers who are blind because the sounds are a nice added incentive!

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

This toy is currently Ivan’s favorite. Each button plays a separate instrument and the “Orchestra” button plays all instruments together. You can listen to one at a time or experiment by combining instruments. Ivan’s favorite combo is flute and french horn. Ivan is learning how to press buttons, identify different instruments, and he really enjoys being a little conductor! Munchkin also makes a nursery rhymes cube, but the sound on that toy is terrible, so it’s best to just stick with this classic. 

Battat Ball Dispenser

Place the balls in the top then press the lever and …swoosh… the balls roll out the bottom of the gumball machine. Great for teaching cause and effect and also great for increasing fine motor skills. The three levers on the machine each work in a slightly different way (pull, turn, push) and each are also easily distinguishable by touch.

Teachable Touchables

Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

The idea behind the Teachable Touchables is simple yet brilliant: create a bag full of small square pillows providing an array of textured experiences. Each texture (leather, satin, bumpy, smooth, etc) comes in pairs, so you can play matching games, too. But even if matching games are too advanced for your child, these pillows are still a great way to talk about the concepts of “same” and “different” or just to introduce different textures.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Similar to the Phonics Bus, each letter in this set will play a song that will name the letter and tell your child what sound it makes. You can place braille on the back of each letter so your child can feel both the raised print letter on one side and the braille on the other. We used Feel ‘n Peel print/braille stickers we purchased from APH.

Looking for more phonics fun? Check out the LeapFrog Phonics Fun Animal Bus! Press a letter on the side of the bus to hear the name and sound of the letter. Put the bus in “animal” mode and you will hear the name and sound of an animal that begins with that letter!

Multi-color Tunnel Play Structure

Hide N Side Play Tunnel

This is a great gross motor toy. Kids love scooting, crawling, or even rolling through this tunnel. Sometimes Ivan just likes to lay down in the tunnel and feel the sides and listen to the fabric crinkle. You can also check out these other great crawling tunnels.

First Act Discovery FG130 Student Acoustic Guitar

First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is small so it fits well in little hands but it still produces a nice, clear sound. It’s pretty sturdy and affordable, too. Ivan can sit forever strumming his little guitar and humming along to the “music.” He finds this toy very comforting when he’s a bit fussy (like after his nap or first thing in the morning).

Schoenhut Thumb Piano

Kalimba Thumb Piano

The best thing about this thumb piano is that no matter which key you press, it always sounds beautiful! It’s also a very nice way to encourage fine motor play and finger isolation.

8 Really Fun Toys for Blind Toddlers

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