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Find support for parents of children with special needs. Learn how to advocate for your child, raise funds for needed equipment and find helpful organizations.

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Smart Cane recongizing owner's faces

Assistive Technology, Orientation and Mobility

Smart Cane Recognizes Faces

The XploR cane uses smartphone technology to send vibrations to the user when it detects a familiar face.

Shelby in her WonderBaby T-Shirt

Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Special Needs

Why I Loved Attending the CHARGE Conference

I was nervous about attending my first CHARGE conference, but I am so happy that I did! It was wonderful! You should attend a family conference about your child's diagnosis...

mom and Ivan working from home

Special Needs

Why You Should Hire a Special Needs Parent

Are you good at juggling multiple projects? Do you adapt well to change? You may be a special needs parent!

Lesley and her dog


How My Disability has Taught Me to Embrace My Own Uniqueness

Perhaps if we all made a positive difference in our own unique way we would feel more connected to each other and less afraid to be imperfect.

Ivan eating lunch at Panera Bread


Is this as Good as it Gets?

Maybe things are good now, but you know they will just get harder as your child grows up. Disability doesn't get easier as kids get older! Are these days your...

Beautiful Madilyn

Special Needs, Support

What Does it Mean to be Blind?

How can you explain blindness to your child when you are sighted? And how can you explain sight to a child who has never seen?

Sensory room


What would you buy for your special needs child if money wasn’t an issue?

Sometimes it's fun to live in fantasy land and imagine what we would give our kids if money were no object. What if you had a million dollars? What would...

10 dollar bill


Changes Coming to Make US Currency Accessible

What's your opinion of the need for accessible currency in the US? Should we change our money so that it's accessible to the blind?

Ivan in his mother's arms

Parenting, Support

The Day I Redefined Perfection as the Mother of a Blind Child

How can your baby be perfect if he can't see? Obviously there is something really wrong with his eyes, and isn't perfect the absence of wrong?

Ivan and mom in the bouncy house


Why a supportive community is so important for special needs kids!

Ivan wanted to join in the inflated obstacle course, but can a child with low muscle tone make it to the end of the course?

young girl smiling


Hope For Orphans with Visual Impairments

This site is dedicated to finding families for orphans with visual impairments. The children listed on this site may have a very minor impairment, such as a lazy eye (amblyopia...

LightAide Lesson Plan from UAH Rise School

Education, Special Needs

Making Circle Time Accessible for All Students

This lesson plan from UAH Rise School incorporates the Lily LightAide in making their circle time routine accessible for students of all abilities.

Netflix logo

Assistive Technology

Netflix Announces Accessibility Feature for Blind Users

On April 14, 2015, Netflix officially announced the addition of audio description tracks for viewers who are visually impaired.

Ivan with his father on father's day


Person First Language: “Child Who is Blind” or “Blind Child”

Have you thought about how you refer to your child? Do you say, "my blind baby" or "my baby who is blind"? Does it matter?


Assistive Technology

Hueyify: Making the Internet Accessible to Everyone

The Hueyify software allows any user to customize any webpage to their personal preferences, including color, font size, layout and more. Talk about an accessible web!

A girl using

Parenting, Support

If you had a magic wand that could “cure” your child’s disability, would you use it?

I recently asked this question to a group of special needs moms: "If you had a magic wand that could 'cure' your child's disability, would you use it? Why or...

Roberto family


Adopting a Visually Impaired Child from China: Our Story

MaryAnne Roberto shares her story of adopting two boys who are blind through Bethel China. Shane and Vincent have different stories, but they are all part of one big family!

standalone bed with sides and top

Sleep, Special Needs

Creative Care Safe Spaces: Beds and Sensory Spaces for Special Needs Kids

This company based in the UK makes solidly constructed spaces and beds to keep special needs children safe in their rooms.


Awareness T-Shirts for Kids who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Check out these childhood blindness Awareness T-Shirts from Eye Power Kid's Wear! Express yourself and raise awareness for your cause!

Tools for Life logo blue letters on white background

Assistive Technology, Special Needs

Dollars & Sense: Navigating the AT funding stream

This search engine helps identify funding sources for a range of assistive technology. Although geared toward residents of Georgia, much of the information is applicable everywhere.

Modular Hose

Assistive Technology

ModularHose allows you to turn almost anything into a handsfree device

This cool system uses flexible hose and a multitude of components to customize a way to attach items hands-free to your wheelchair or other place you might need it.

Gizmonix Visor

Assistive Technology

New Gadget Addresses Tunnel Vision

There's a company that's working on a visor to help those with tunnel vision to see the full picture of what they could see without tunnel vision. It's still in...

Woman's face wearing sunglasses

Assistive Technology

Seeing Through Sound

This technology takes sound to create "images" in the brain, by using a camera, special software, and headphones.

Man wearing headgear-like glasses

Assistive Technology

Cool New Glasses to Help The Blind See

University of Oxford and RNIB have teamed up to create glasses that can help those with even a small amount of vision to identify objects and images. They're planning a...