Assistive Technology

Learn about assistive technology options, including iPad apps and braillers, for children who are blind or visually impaired, as well as funding and grant opportunities.

BlindShell Classic 2 Cell Phone

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

BlindShell Accessible Cell Phone

The BlindShell Accessible Cell Phone, with a tactile keypad, large screen, and enhanced voice control, is the perfect phone for those blind users.

Strawberry smoothie in a blender.

Assistive Technology, Cooking and Kitchen Play, Special Needs

Switch-Accessible Smoothie Activity For Special Needs Kids

Switch play can include interacting with online switch activities, activating musical toys, or even controlling kitchen appliances like blenders.

three photos of feelif camera at work

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

Feelif is making photos and the environment more accessible for kids who are blind!

Feelif just released two applications that will help blind and visually impaired users have a better understanding of their surroundings and of photos.

fingers touching a Feelif screen

Assistive Technology, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Feelif: The Accessible Tactile Tablet for Kids who are Visually Impaired

Feelif is a tactile tablet that is able to combine native features of the Samsung tablet, like vibrations and the built-in screenreader, with a tactile surface to create a whole...

Ivan and his switch

Assistive Technology, Communication

Switch Play: Using a switch for communication and play!

For children who are non-verbal or have low motor coordination, switches can be a great way to augment their play. If you're just getting started with a switch you may...

Aly with Lightaide

Assistive Technology, Eye Conditions and Syndromes, iPad Apps and Accessibility

The “Big 3 Tool Kit” for Children with CVI: PLUS the 20 Best CVI-Friendly iPad Apps!

Children with CVI often prefer clear, crisp images with little background clutter. They respond well to high contrast, bright colors (especially yellow or red), movement and LIGHTS!

close up of Google's Smart Contact Lens

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

Is Google Planing to Cure Blindness?

With recent patent filings and new applications for Google Glass, it does look like Google is interested in getting into the vision business.

blue Kindle Fire Kids Edition device

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

NFB and Amazon Work Together for Improved Kindle Accessibility

NFB joins forces with Amazon to improve Kindle accessibility for blind students

person working at desk with laptop computer

Assistive Technology

Get a computer for your blind child!

Computers for the Blind provides computer equipment for families of children who are blind.

child in front of television

Assistive Technology

FCC Proposes Increased Audio Description Access

The FCC seeks comments on the rules proposed to increase access to audio description for blind viewers.

DCMP blue text logo

Assistive Technology

Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP)

The Described and Captioned Media Program provides a library of free-loan described and captioned educational media for students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind.

accessibility on Apple

Assistive Technology, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Buy Assistive Technology from Apple

You can now purchase assistive technology products directly from Apple on the Global Apple Store. Products are currently available in a variety of categories including Vision, Physical & Motor Skills...

Facebook Accessibility

Assistive Technology

Images Now Accessible on Facebook, Twitter

New accessibility features make images accessible to blind users on social networks Facebook and Twitter

white and green 6dot braille label maker

Assistive Technology, Braille and Literacy, Product Reviews

6dot Braille Label Maker Product Review

Looking for an easy way to braille books and objects around the home? We look at the 6dot braille label maker and review its features and functions.

iPad settings screenshot with text

Assistive Technology, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Learn How to Use the Accessibility Features on Your iPad

Learn how special accessibility features designed specifically for people with varying abilities, including those with visual impairments, are having a a major impact on how our children can access the...

Feature of Smart Specs

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

Smart Specs Help Legally Blind See

New assistive glasses adjust images in real-time for people who are visually impaired.

Braille Smart Watch

Assistive Technology, Braille and Literacy

Dot Braille Smart Watch

New braille smart watch features four cells of refreshable braille.

Smart Cane recongizing owner's faces

Assistive Technology, Orientation and Mobility

Smart Cane Recognizes Faces

The XploR cane uses smartphone technology to send vibrations to the user when it detects a familiar face.

Netflix logo

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

Netflix Announces Accessibility Feature for Blind Users

On April 14, 2015, Netflix officially announced the addition of audio description tracks for viewers who are visually impaired.


Assistive Technology

Hueyify: Making the Internet Accessible to Everyone

The Hueyify software allows any user to customize any webpage to their personal preferences, including color, font size, layout and more. Talk about an accessible web!

Tools for Life logo blue letters on white background

Assistive Technology, Special Needs

Dollars & Sense: Navigating the AT funding stream

This search engine helps identify funding sources for a range of assistive technology. Although geared toward residents of Georgia, much of the information is applicable everywhere.

Modular Hose

Assistive Technology

ModularHose allows you to turn almost anything into a handsfree device

This cool system uses flexible hose and a multitude of components to customize a way to attach items hands-free to your wheelchair or other place you might need it.

Gizmonix Visor

Assistive Technology, Eye Conditions and Syndromes

New Gadget Addresses Tunnel Vision

There's a company that's working on a visor to help those with tunnel vision to see the full picture of what they could see without tunnel vision. It's still in...

Woman's face wearing sunglasses

Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment

Seeing Through Sound

This technology takes sound to create "images" in the brain, by using a camera, special software, and headphones.