As the parent of a baby or young child with special needs you need to find support. We're here to help! Learn how to locate support groups or just find the encouragement you need!

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They told me to take care of myself, I told them I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Nicole writes about how difficult it is to find the time and money to get away on a vacation when you're the parent of a child with complex needs -...

The best resources for parents of visually impaired kids


Most Popular Shared Resources for Parents of Blind Children

Each year, we see lots of really interesting and exciting resources for parents of blind children shared on Here are the 20 most popular resources shared in 2015!

The Caregiver's Notebook book cover

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The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others

The Caregiver's Notebook gives those who care for someone with multiple needs a handy place to organize information.

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To My Loved Ones Who Want to Help Me Feel a Little Less Lonely

As the parents of special needs children we need support and love. But do you know what we need more than anything? Someone to help ease the loneliness and isolation.

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Strengthening Your Parenting Partnership During Pediatric Illness

Raising a child with significant special or medical needs is challenging. Have you stopped to think about how that challenge is effecting your relationship with your spouse or partner?

Are you on Twitter? If you're the parent of a blind child, you should be!


How to Use Twitter for Parents of Kids with Visual Impairments

Twitter may seem confusing, but it's actually very useful for learning more about blindness and visual impairment. Here is why parents of blind kids should be on Twitter!

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Am I Failing My Child?

All parents feel guilt, but for parents of special needs kids, those feelings of guilt can be multiplied by a thousand.

Financial planning for the special needs family


I’m Planning for a 70-Year retirement… How About You?

When you're raising a special needs child, you need to plan for your own retirement as well as your child's financial future. How can you cover both expenses in your...


Things in My House that I Wish Would Just Take Care of Themselves

This is going to sound like a lot of complaining, but really it's my response to the special needs world closing in on me. Sometimes you need to come up...

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Is this as Good as it Gets?

Maybe things are good now, but you know they will just get harder as your child grows up. Disability doesn't get easier as kids get older! Are these days your...

Beautiful Madilyn

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What Does it Mean to be Blind?

How can you explain blindness to your child when you are sighted? And how can you explain sight to a child who has never seen?

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What would you buy for your special needs child if money wasn’t an issue?

Sometimes it's fun to live in fantasy land and imagine what we would give our kids if money were no object. What if you had a million dollars? What would...

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Parenting, Support

The Day I Redefined Perfection as the Mother of a Blind Child

How can your baby be perfect if he can't see? Obviously there is something really wrong with his eyes, and isn't perfect the absence of wrong?

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Why a supportive community is so important for special needs kids!

Ivan wanted to join in the inflated obstacle course, but can a child with low muscle tone make it to the end of the course?

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If you had a magic wand that could “cure” your child’s disability, would you use it?

I recently asked this question to a group of special needs moms: "If you had a magic wand that could 'cure' your child's disability, would you use it? Why or...

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Braille and Literacy, Support

Bookshare’s Parent Ambassador Program

Bookshare, the free program that offers printed material in an accessible format to those who are unable to easily access printed material, is offering a free parent forum, allowing parents...

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The Relationship Between Parents and Professionals

Watch this webcast about building relationships between parents and the professionals who work with their children who are blind or visually impaired, with or without additional disabilities.

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5 Steps to Overcoming Your Child’s Vision Loss

I had thought about calling this post, “My 6 year old child became blind now what?” When my daughter first started losing her vision, that's the book I was looking...

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The Perfect Role Model for My Blind Daughter

Cat finds herself face-to-face with a real-life hero and she doesn't even know it. She walks alongside Katie Cuppy, one of the first blind swimmers to make the 1.5 mile...

Tommy Edison on YouTube


Tommy Edison on YouTube

Tommy Edison is a YouTube sensation! He posts videos about what it's like being blind. He's very real and so funny!


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Friends Helping Friends: Why Special Needs Parents Have to Rely on Each Other

Where can parents of children with special needs find the services, resources and programs designed to help them? Noelia says most of her information comes from other parents.

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Finding Online Support Groups for Parents of Blind Kids

Finding an online support group can be a life line for parents of children who are blind or visually impaired. Here are tips on how to find the best support...

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Special Needs Travel Mom

The Special Needs Travel Mom writes about her travels with her entire family, including her daughter with special needs. Her daughter is blind, non-verbal, uses a wheelchair for mobility, and...

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A Message for Parents of Special Needs Kids: Don’t Worry, Everything Will be OK

A new study shows that parents of children with disabilities learn to adjust over time and show little difference in well being, both physically and emotionally, from parents of typically...