Most Popular Shared Resources for Parents of Blind Children

The best resources for parents of visually impaired kids is a community site, and this means that we love to hear from YOU! WonderBaby readers are welcome to share their favorite online resources by emailing us.

Each year, we see a ton of really interesting and exciting resources shared on this website, and visitors to the site can vote for the resources they like the best. Below are the 20 most popular resources shared in 2015!

    • Boon Snug: Cool cup lids make any adult glass into a spill-proof glass for kids. Just snap on the lid, add a straw and you’re ready to go!
    • 10 Things You Should Know about Feeding Therapy: Feeding resources were big this year! Friendship Circle’s article on feeding therapy includes where to find help, assessment and therapy, as well as the family dynamics of it all, and the big one – patience!
    • Made with Love 213 Handmade Clothing & More: Handmade clothing, feeding tube accessories, clothing accessories, hair accessories and baby gear.
    • EazyHold Grip Assist Strap: Another great feeding resource! EazyHold is a simple but innovative grip assist strap that easily attaches to tools, toys, utensils and more.
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    • CVI on APH: The Conversation Continues: A resource for research articles, books, websites, blogs, strategies as well as support for parents, teachers, university faculty and students working with children diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).
    • Creative Care Safe Spaces: This company based in the UK makes solidly constructed spaces and beds to keep special needs children safe in their rooms. The stand-alone structure, which looks a little like a tall Pack-n-Play, is easy to assemble and is padded all over.
    • Creating a new Scleral Shell at the Ocularist: This video shows the creation of a scleral shell, an eye cover makes an eye that is blind or disfigured look typical.
    • Understood: For Learning and Attention Issues: Understood has a parent toolkit online with valuable resources for learning about diagnoses, IEPs, and more.
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20 Most Popular Shared Resources of 2015

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