Eric Jerman, COMS

Eric Jerman is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and he earned his MEd (Orientation and Mobility) from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He works at Perkins School for the Blind where he is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist working with children aged three to fourteen with developmental disabilities, including cognitive, physical and behavioral disabilities.

Bloom app

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Music Play

Bloom Music App Review

Eric Jerman reviews the generative music iPad app, Bloom. Bloom allows children to create gentle, soft music patterns and bubbles of color with just the tap of a finger. The...

Talking Carl App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Talking Carl App Review

Talking Carl repeats any word, phrase or sound he hears in a funny high pitch voice. Carl can get your kids laughing and learning how to have a conversation when...

Sago Mini Sound Box

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Sago Mini Sound Box App Review

This app has very high contrast with colorful spheres floating on a white background and produces lovely sounds with each tap, from animal sounds to instruments.

Baby Look Tickle App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Baby Look Tickle App Review

Eric Jerman reviews the hilariously addictive Baby Look Tickle app for kids. The app is a simple cause-and-effect game in which a baby laughs every time you tickle her, and...

Peek-a-Bouncer app

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Peek-a-Bouncer App Review

In Peek-a-Bouncer your child holds their finger on the touch screen to see and hear a silly and colorful animal. As soon as they release their finger, the animal disappears...

Tickle Finger in the Jungle

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Tickle Finger App Review

In this highly interactive story, the reader has to help Tiny Tinga the monkey get home by "tickling" various predators along the way. You can choose to have the story...

Peekaboo Barn

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Peekaboo Barn App Review

Eric Jerman, COMS, reviews the popular iPad app Peekaboo Barn. He explains how the app works and why it's ideal for young children learning simple fine motor skills. He also...


iPad Apps and Accessibility

iPad Basics: What’s an App?

You've got an iPad, but you're still new to this whole app thing. What are apps? And how do you buy them? Eric Jerman explains how to find and download...