Tiffany Griffith

Tiffany is a heartfelt and dedicated writer and mother who seeks to share her voice with other parents — to uplift, inspire, listen, sympathize, and cultivate an environment of shared joy, struggle, and pure love that is the experience of raising a child.


While most of the time she can be found sitting at her laptop, geeking out on compiling new and interesting information to share, she takes every opportunity to get outside and be in nature with her kids. She can often be seen at her local park practicing yoga and standing on her head because sometimes the best ideas come to you when you flip your perspective upside down and let yourself play.

Mom nursing baby during daytime.


Comfort Nursing: Pros, Cons, and How to Stop 

Find out what comfort nursing is, when should you worry about it, and how to stop or limit your baby's comfort nursing (especially at night!).

Adorable little toddler girl traveling by plane.

Product Reviews

The 11 Best Airplane Toys for Toddlers of 2023

What are the best airplane travel toys for toddlers to keep them entertained, engaged, and tantrum-free? We've got the best toys you can take on your trip!

Pregnant woman holding diaper cake for her unborn boy.


Diaper Raffle Ultimate How-To Guide

What’s a diaper raffle? A fun baby shower game where guests bring baby diapers for a chance to win prizes! Here’s how to set up and play the diaper raffle...

Mother changing a cloth diaper.

Potty Training

Cloth Diapers for Beginners: A New Parent’s Guide

Find everything you need to know in this guide to cloth diapering for beginners—when to start using them, how many you need, and how to use, wash, and maintain them.

Portrait of pretty young woman holding sleeping baby at home.


A 6-Month-Old Sleep Schedule for a Well-Rested Baby

How much sleep and how many naps does a 6-month-old baby need? Here’s how parents can set up a consistent healthy sleep schedule for a well-rested baby.

Baby monitor on baby bed at home in bedroom watching small child in cradle while sleeping.


How and Where to Mount Your Baby Monitor

When you should use a baby video monitor and essential safety information for use, including how and where to mount the camera and cover baby monitor cords.

Middle-aged man and his pregnant wife arranging baby bed with mattress at home.

Product Reviews

The 11 Best Mini Crib Mattresses of 2023

Learn about the benefits of using a mini crib, what features to look for, and the best-selling, highest-quality mini crib mattresses!

Beautiful mother breast feeding her cute little baby.


3 Signs Your Milk is Drying Up

How can you tell if your breastmilk is drying up? Learn how to ensure you're making enough milk for your baby and how you can boost milk production naturally.

Proud mother watching to sleep to her daughter.


Toddler Sleeping a Lot? Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Parents can worry when their toddler sleeps too much, but it's often a normal part of development. Find out how much sleep is too much and when to seek help.

Toddler refused to use a pacifier.

Feeding and Eating

Help! My Baby Won’t Take a Pacifier

Why does your baby refuse to take a pacifier? How to safely use a pacifier with your baby and get them to take it and keep it in.

Three multiethnic little children playing with plastic scoops and buckets in sandbox at playground.


Developing Sensory Motor Skills in Children

Developing sensory skills in your child helps their cognitive growth and fine motor skills while building physical strength, balance, and coordination.

Cute baby in knitted hat and sweater playing with a rattle.


Help! Why Is My Baby Chewing on His Tongue? 

If you're asking why your baby is chewing on their tongue, rest assured that it's a normal habit that most babies outgrow quickly.