Kelly O'Lone

Kelly is a freelance writer who has written on various platforms, focusing on her parenting experiences and offering reviews of her favorite must-have products. Kelly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida International University in her hometown of Miami, Florida.


Before becoming a full-time freelancer, Kelly worked in the non-profit sector for Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she’s keeping up with her three young children or volunteering at their school.

Kelly O'Lone
Mother teaches her child son how to brush teeth.

Health & Nutrition

Teaching Proper Teeth Brushing to Preschoolers

Teaching proper teeth brushing to preschoolers promotes healthy dental hygiene and can prevent future dental problems.

Happy kids having fun on playground outdoors.


Safe Playgrounds: How To Prevent Injuries

Playgrounds are places for children to have fun, but it’s also vital to supervise your children and understand playground safety to avoid a potential injury.

Close up of hand holding baby now modern baby monitor and recording baby in crib.

Product Reviews

7 Best Baby Monitors Without Wifi of 2023

The best baby monitors without Wi-Fi help prevent hacking but still offer the convenience of seeing inside your child’s room and have several additional features.

Asian woman in underwear holding a toddler above head.

Product Reviews

5 Best Postpartum Diapers of 2023

Postpartum diapers offer comfort and absorbency for mothers after delivery. Find our favorites in this round-up of the best postpartum diapers.

Cute girl with mother doing homework at home.


Top 7 Homeschooling Methods Explained

The top homeschooling methods offer various learning experiences while providing your child’s education in your home.

Happy kid brushing teeth.

Product Reviews

The 5 Best Special Needs Toothbrushes of 2023

The best special needs toothbrushes provide gentle brushing, 360 degrees of coverage, and prevent dental health issues.

Sensory Bag

Play, Sensory Activities

7 DIY Mess-Free Sensory Bags

DIY mess-free sensory bags entertain little ones and encourage sensory play and exploration of their senses.

Happy mother read a book to child girl indoors.

Product Reviews

The 11 Best Baby Books for Girls of 2023

The best baby books for girls make great good night stories and frequently deliver positive messages about self-esteem.

happy mother feeding her little child with baby bottle at home.

Product Reviews

7 Best Bottles to Prevent Gas, Colic & Reflux in 2023

The best bottles to prevent gas, colic, and reflux prevent air from entering the milk and help keep babies from spitting up. Find our favorites in this round-up.

Portrait of baby girl getting vaccine drops.

Feeding and Eating, Product Reviews

The 5 Best Gas Drops for Babies in 2023

The best baby gas drops relieve excessive gas due to swallowed air, crying, feeding issues, or food intolerance. See which one tops our list.

Close Up Of Father Holding Newborn Baby Son In Nursery.


Do Newborns Dream? If So, About What?

Newborns don’t dream in the same way as adults, but they experience brain development during deep sleep. Find out what goes through a baby’s brain while they sleep.

Two girls playing montessori toys.

Product Reviews, Toys

The 5 Best Montessori Toys for Toddlers (1-2 Years Old)

The Best Montessori toys for toddlers encourage the development of life skills, allowing fun simultaneously. Here’s a look at our top picks.