Mary McDonach

Mary McDonach is the mother to a beautiful little girl who was born with the gene for albinism. She writes about raising a strong and independent child with low vision.

Boy taking his blood pressure test


How to Work with Difficult Doctors & Therapists

As the parent of a disabled child you probably have to meet with quite a few doctors and therapists. What can you do if you just don't agree with their...

A little girl wearing glasses.

Autism, Behavior, Visual Impairment

Is My Blind Child Autistic? One Parent’s Experience

Mary discusses trying to determine if her daughter's behaviors were related to her visual impairment or a symptom of autism.

Ivan talking

Communication, Visual Impairment

You Can Say That Again! Echolalia in Visually Impaired Children

Learn why children who are visually impaired repeat back what they hear, and how parents can help minimize repetition in a constructive way.

boy in a wheelchair playing on a computer

Assistive Technology

EasySwitch Helps Kids Access Computer Games

EasySwitch gives young children and those with learning disabilities easier ability to play computer games with switch access. You can even get these switches in a wireless version!



Fashionability: Inclusive Style

A website which helps blind and visually impaired girls choose and apply flattering cosmetics independently.

Lizzie using 3D Glasses

Assistive Technology

Here Comes the Future… and it’s in Three Dimensions!

Mary McDonach writes about how her daughter, Elizabeth, who has albinism and very low vision, was able to watch (and see!) a 3D film in the movie theater! They were...

Bubbles App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Bubbles App Review

Bubbles is intended for babies and toddlers as a simple and fun app, but it also works beautifully as a way to help visually impaired children learn to use their...

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Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Visual Impairment

How to Help Your Blind Child Survive (and maybe even enjoy) Christmas

A holiday survival guide for parents of children with sensory impairments.

Big Trace App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Big Trace App Review

Read Mary's review of the Big Trace iPad app that teaches children how to print capital letters, cursives and numbers. The app is great for children with low vision who...

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Manners Matter (excuse me, but they do!)

Behaving properly is like playing a game: You need to learn the rules in order to fit in to society. But if your child is blind, how do they learn...

a family arguing depicted on finger art

Parenting, Support

Maintaining your relationship when you have a disabled child

Mary McDonach explores the high incidence of divorce among parents raising a disabled child. She advises devoting energy to your relationship plan in order to keep the partnership of parenting...

Western Pennsylvania school front

Schools for the Blind

Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind serves children who are visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities.