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Our Favorite Apps for Children Who are Visually Impaired

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Best apps for blind kids teamed up with Paths to Literacy to create this list of our favorite iPad apps for children who are blind or visually impaired.

We've categorized them by apps great for stimulating the use of vision, honing fine motor skills or teaching cause & effect, great communication apps, apps that tell stories and one app that is really nice for calming down and relaxation.

For more iPad app ideas, check out the app section on or search for iPad apps on Paths to Literacy. For ideas on accessibility, be sure to read this article on iPad Accessibility.



Tap-N-See Zoo appTap-N-See Zoo: $2.99 (with a free Lite version)
The developer of this app calls it "the first app for iPad and iPhone created specifically for children with cortical visual impairment."
Find the app on iTunes.
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My Talking Picture Board appMy Talking Picture Board: $19.99
This app helps children with CVI learn how to locate and recognize two dimensional images. Use your own images of people or favorite objects!
Find the app on iTunes.
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iLoveFireworks appiLoveFireworks: $0.99 (with a free Lite version)
This app makes big sounds and big visual displays with a simple tap of the finger. It’s also great for teaching cause and effect as well as increasing visual attention.
Find the app on iTunes.
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Doodle Kids appDoodle Kids: Free
This bright doodle and drawing app is good for teaching cause and effect and visual attention. There is no audio but the colors are very grabbing and high contrast.
Find the app on iTunes.

Infant Zoo Lite appInfant Zoo Lite: Free
Simple high-contrast illustrations encourage visual attention and help to develop an understanding of cause and effect.
Find the app on iTunes.

Fluidity HD appFluidity HD: Free
Very responsive screen encourages simple motor movements with bold visual displays. Great for teaching cause and effect and increasing visual attention (no audio).
Find the app on iTunes.

Art of Glow appArt of Glow: Free
Simple drawing app with very responsive screen. Helps to build visual attention and cause and effect (no audio).
Find the app on iTunes.


Motor/Cause & Effect

Baby Finger HD appBaby Finger HD: Free
The tap of a finger causes movements and sounds on the screen. Very easy to use and geared toward younger children.
Find the app on iTunes.

Bebot appBebot: $1.99
Bebot is a simple sound cause and effect app that makes funny synth robot sounds. Touch the screen and make the robot sing!
Find the app on iTunes.
Read a review.

Cause & Effect Sensory Light Box appCause & Effect Sensory Light Box: $2.99
This is a really well made cause-and-effect app that creates sounds and lights when your finger is on the screen, then stops when you remove your finger. Perfect for children with low vision or CVI.
Find the app on iTunes.
Read a review.



Talking Tom Cat appTalking Tom Cat: Free
This animated cat repeats words and sounds in a funny voice. Encourages vocalization and interaction with the iPad.
Find the app on iTunes.

Sounding Board appSounding Board: Free
This app allows you to create communication boards using simple symbols with voice output. Very good free communication app.
Find the app on iTunes.

Answers YesNo appAnswers YesNo: $3.99 (with a free Lite version)
A simple yet extremely versatile app that turns your iPad into a communication switch that allows for an array of customizations.
Find the app on iTunes.
Read a review.



Pocket Pond appPocket Pond: Free
Listen to birds chirp and frogs croak in a peaceful pond. Touch the screen to make the water splash or just watch the koi swim by.
Find the app on iTunes.



Tickle Finger in the Jungle appTickle Finger in the Jungle: Free (but you need to pay $1.99 to finish the story)
In this highly interactive story, the reader has to help Tiny Tinga the monkey get home by "tickling" various predators along the way.
Find the app on iTunes.
Read a review.

Dr Seuss's ABC appDr Seuss's ABC: $3.99
All the Dr Seuss story apps from Oceanhouse Media are very well done. The stories are interactive, include sound effects and add a whole new layer to classic Seuss tales.
Find the app on iTunes.
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Best apps for blind kids


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