21 Sensory Room Ideas to Try at Home

Sensory integration room in the center for children.

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  • Sensory rooms can benefit all children, but are particularly effective for kids with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or other emotional, physical, or developmental issues. 
  • A sensory room in your home can provide a calm space where your child can decompress from overstimulation. 
  • You can also create multi-sensory environments with specific objects and materials that stimulate your child’s sensory needs and help them process sensory information. 
  • You can tailor a sensory space in your home to your child’s needs with simple and inexpensive products and items they will enjoy. 

Creating a sensory room or space in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Although many “sensory products” are marketed to parents, it’s really more important to consider your child’s specific needs and preferences for sensory stimulation when designing your space. 

Adding simple elements to a room like galaxy lights, soft bean bags, or even just a pop-up tent where your child can relax with a weighted blanket can be enough to soothe anxiety, help your child focus, or to give them a sensory break. 

For children working on gross motor skills or who need a safe place for movement, sensory hammocks and soft play blocks are also easy additions to your sensory room. 

We’ve found some simple sensory room ideas to try at home to help you make a great sensory space where you and your child will love spending time. 

How to Create a Sensory Room at Home

Kid on Sensory Mat Massage during sensory integration session.

A sensory room is a safe space that provides children with multisensory experiences to help with any or all of the following: 

Although any child can benefit from a multi-sensory room, they are beneficial, effective, and enjoyable for children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or other emotional, physical, or developmental disabilities, delays, or disorders. 

You may have come across elaborate sensory rooms in your child’s school, clinic, doctor’s office, or, more commonly now, in public spaces like children’s museums or airports. Some sensory rooms may include equipment like sensory swings or sensory soft play blocks. 

However, you can create an amazing, dedicated sensory room or space in your home tailored to your child’s specific preferences and needs without spending a lot of money or hauling in a lot of special equipment. 

What should you consider when designing a sensory room? 

When creating a sensory room, sensory corner, or other space in your home, consider the following in your sensory room planning process: 

Your child’s preferences/needs 
  • What sensory environments does your child enjoy?
  • What sensory environments overstimulate your child?
  • Do they like lights and sound, or do they prefer quiet spaces with less visual stimuli?
  • Do they need a space to make big movements safely?
  • Do they need a space for gentle play?
  • Do they need a space that’s a respite?
  • Do you need a calming space for relaxation?
  • Should it be a stimulating environment for therapeutic work on fine and gross motor skills?
  • Are you looking for a controlled sensory-focused environment to work on developmental skills?
  • Avoid overhead fluorescent lighting, which contributes to sensory overload for many children.
  • Try dimming the lights and using special lighting and light equipment if your child enjoys light stimulation.
  • Consider the color and brightness of the walls.
Seating and Equipment 
  • Think about creating comfortable, safe seating like bean bags, rocking seats, or wobble boards.
  • If the purpose is movement and exercise, do you have space for a swing or indoor climbing gym?
  • What equipment or toys does your child enjoy using?
  • What items do you already own that could add to the sensory space?
  • Have you asked your child what objects or items they find helpful?
  • All surfaces, including the floor, should be soft and responsive if your child tumbles or falls on them.
  • There should be no sharp corners on any equipment or seating.
  • There should be sufficient lighting to see.
  • All toys should be safe and appropriate to your child’s ability.

Not all children will enjoy all sensory equipment, products, toys, or lights that are marketed as sensory solutions. An effective sensory space in your home should be tailored to your child’s needs and preferences and, most importantly, be a safe place for sensory play and relaxation.  

21 Simple Sensory Room Ideas 

Lights and Visual Sensory Input

Creating different lighting effects is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to create sensory spaces for children who respond to visual sensory stimulation. Try the following: 

  1. Dim the room: Use blackout curtains for windows, install dimmer switches or use floor lamps, and avoid overhead fluorescent lights. 
  2. LED lights: LED lights come in strips you can put around the ceiling or floor or as curtains of light that change color and patterns. They’re a simple and easy way to change the room’s atmosphere.
  3. Light projectors: Galaxy lights and light projectors work well on walls and ceilings that are painted a darker color or use them against dark curtains.
Galaxy Projector for Bedroom
  • Upgraded 4-in-1 Galaxy Projector Night Light – This galaxy projector for bedroom combines an aurora projector, night light, Bluetooth speaker, and white noise machine all in one device. It now boasts dual projection lenses, capable of projecting northern lights with 33 light effects and lively star light sky to create a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music, bringing you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Transform your room into a beautiful and romantic gateway with peaceful moving lights.
  • Sound Activated & Built-in Music Speaker – Our star projector boasts a cool feature that enables you to synchronize the projection with your music, making it move along with the beat and creating a fun and energetic party atmosphere. Color changing LED lights for bedroom add even more excitement to your party. You can also connect via Bluetooth to play music from this galaxy light projector and watch in amazement as the little stars and galaxy lights move rhythmically to the beat of the music.
  • White Noise Sound Machine – The night lights for kids room come pre-installed with 8 different white noise sounds that can help you, your babies, toddlers, and kids fall asleep more easily. The 8 soothing sounds include Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Summer Night, Stream, Ocean Waves, Birds Chirping, Rain, Lullaby, and Campfire. Use the kids night light projector for education or entertainment and the white noise machine as a soothing tool to help you relax and fight off insomnia.
  • Remote Controlled & Timer Function – The star projector galaxy light comes with a remote that allows you to easily turn ON/OFF the galaxy web and starry night sky, adjust brightness, change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume. The starlight projector also has a timer which you can set to turn off after 1 or 2 hours. No need to worry about leaving it on when trying to fall asleep. It will automatically turn off after 4 hours if you forget to set the timer.
  1. Bubble tubes: Children love bubble tubes, where they can watch bubbles float through changing colors and lights. Some include fish or other floating objects for interest. 
Sensory LED Bubble Tube
  • CALM SENSORY STIMULATION: The combination of color changing bubbles, moving fish, and gentle ASMR hum make our bubble lamps ideal autism sensory toys for teens, and adults. These anti stress toys stimulate the senses and create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for people with ASD, special needs, or ADHD.
  • COLOR CHANGING BUBBLE DISPLAY: Let this water bubble tube enhance the décor of your living room, bedroom, playroom, or even your office or waiting room. As a floor lamp, fish tank, and column water fountain all in one, it’s a great way to upgrade any space. Use these fidgets for classrooms to create a calming corner for social emotional learning activities.
  • EASY TO USE AND SAFE: To set up the bubble tube fidget toys, simply fill the column with water, insert the pretend fish and plug in. Use switch on the base to turn on and off. LED lights are bright and energy efficient, making them cost effective to run. Secure your bubble tube to the wall to prevent accidents and spillages with Playlearn’s compatible bracket ASIN B015MY457W.
  • THERAPEUTIC AID + BEDTIME ROUTINE: The streaming bubbles in harmony with the swaying fish and soothing background hum makes this pretend fish tank the ideal setting for soothing your child as they drift gently off to sleep. Great for ASD and special education classrooms, teachers, ASD Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Developmental Psychologists, and School Counselors.

Sound and Auditory Input 

For some children, sound can be calming when they’re overwhelmed by too much sensory information. They might like sound in the background, or they might want to create it themselves with some of these ideas: 

  1. Music: Allow your child to choose calm music that they enjoy and make it available for them to play either for the entire room or in personal headphones. 
  2. Ambient sound: Play recordings of nature sounds like waves, raindrops, or sounds of the forest, which you can find on music and meditation apps. 
  3. Rain stick: Loved by children of all ages and abilities, a rain stick provides calm auditory and tactile sensations. Transparent plastic rain sticks also provide visual stimulus.
Chilean Cactus Rainstick
  • sturdy construction will stand up to use in the classroom, home, or band over time
  • much clearer sound than plastic or poorly made imitation rainsticks
  • twine dyed in bright Chilean color combinations wrapped around one or both ends of rainstick
  • clear coated for smoother, more water and stain resistant, and durable finish – easy to clean
Rain stick for babies
  • 【Practice visual awareness and Auditory Sensory】 by watching the colorful beads move through the translucent rattle,Suitable for 3 years and up.
  • 【 Develop dexterity and coordination 】 by shaking, turning over, rolling on a surface, and standing up on either end
  • 【Great Education Function】Baby rainmaker rattle toy supplies early education for learning and discovering colours, sounds and movements. Fun and entertaining for your baby.
  • 【Muiscal tools】Filled with a lot of beads,create different sounds as a Rainmaker musical instrument by shaking, turning or rolling
  1. White noise: If your child finds music or other sounds too stimulating, they might prefer the background hum of a white noise machine
White Noise Sound Machine
  • White Noise Sound Machine: The Homedics White Noise Sound Machine includes 6 digitally recorded relaxing sounds designed to mimic the natural environment: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook
  • Compact and Portable: This portable sound machine is lightweight, compact, and easily fits into your purse, bag, or suitcase
  • Baby Sleep Aid: Add these rhythmic sounds to your baby’s sleep routine to help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer; it makes the perfect baby sound machine and baby registry must-have
  • Auto-Off Timer and Volume Controls: Choose to play relaxation sounds on this ambient sound machine continuously or opt for the auto-off timer; the timer features 3 options: 15, 30, or 60 minutes; adjust the volume with convenient volume control buttons
  1. Instruments: Instruments like a steel tongue drum or meditation chimes create soothing sounds and help with fine and gross motor skills. My kids love their steel tongue drum and find it absorbing and calming. 
Steel Tongue Drum
  • 【11-TONE TONGUE DRUM】12-inch 11-note steel tongue drum comes pre-tuned to the Mxied C Major. The tone of the steel tongue drum is soft and melodious, you can feel the relaxation and joy from the heart.”LOMUTY” is our registered brand , You will receive it with painted logo randomly due to different production batch.
  • 【WIDE USAGE】 Zen drum is a percussion instrument that can be used in various fields, including music enlightenment education, yoga meditation, sitting meditation, performances, religious activities, psychotherapists, home leisure, etc.Beginners can learn how to play in ten minutes by using textbooks and scale stickers. This is a special gift for friends, children and music lovers musical drum.
  • 【MANUFACTURE CRAFT】 Musical drum made of high quality Steel-Titanium alloy, after strict manual adjustment and precise manual cutting, it shows good sound quality and anti-corrosion performance. The drum Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDED & CUSTOMER SERVICE】1 x musical steel drum, 1 x Alternate scale sticker, 2 x Drumstick, 1 x Music book, 1xPortable bag, Please contact us If you have any questions or concerns.
Meditation Chimes
  • ★【Natural Meditation Chime】: Ehome solo meditation chime, made of aluminum and natural cherry wood, is exquisite and durable, safe to use for both adults and children.
  • ★【Mindfulness Hand Bell】: Delivering 10 seconds long-lasting echo, the bells chime is perfect for prayer, yoga, eastern energies, mindfulness exercises, and sound therapy.
  • ★【Classroom Reminder Chime】: Gently tapping will make the single-tone energy chime produces a brilliant tone that fills the classroom through the swirling resonance, which can effectively attract students’ attention during class and meetings.
  • ★【Best Music Gift】: The percussion instrument can be a perfect gift for kids as an early learning music toy, for your friends to calm themselves down and even for your pet to notice that dinner is served by a crystal “Ding”.

Equipment for Physical Stimulation 

For a multi-sensory environment that encourages work on balance, movement, and exercise, check out some of this great sensory room equipment: 

  1. Sensory hammock: Large sensory swings can be hard to install and expensive, but a sensory hammock takes up less space and offers kids a lovely relaxing place. 
Sensory Swing for Kids
  • [A RELAXING SPACE FOR KIDS ] Aokitec sensory kids swing help your children relax and get their bearings in. The cocoon swing provides a hug-like effect for little ones. The wonderful experience and sensory input will let your kids spend hours in.
  • [SOFT SILKY NYLON] This therapy swing is made of high quality material–soft & silk nylon. It measures 110″L x 62W”. Kids can sit and cocoon comfortably in the hammock with a sense of calmness. Our updated hammock can block out unwanted sensory stimulation.
  • [FOR SPECIAL NEEDS] Ideal of this cuddle swing is designed for kids and teens who have sensory Processing Disorder,or those on the autism spectrum. The kids swing helps child learn body awareness, balance, motor planning, and spatial skills. It also provides sensory pressure all over and creates a fun space to bounce, swing, spin, or lie down enjoying the movement of the swing.
  • [ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED &EASY USE] This indoor sensory swing comes with extra accessories, including daisy chain, O-sling, carabiner, U-hook , expansion screws x4 and self-tapping screws x4. And you can refer to the installation video or the instruction which is attached with the product, so that the installation will be very easy.
  1. Indoor climbing gym: Indoor climbing equipment can range from simple climbing ladders and triangles to more complex indoor jungle gyms, depending on your child’s abilities and goals. 
Climbing Triangle Ladder
  • Upgrade Triangle climbing toys – the perfect climbing toys for toddlers. triangle climber Montessori toy set with 3 different items, triangle climber, ramp and climbing arch. It promotes active movement, develops motor skills and creates endless hours of fun. Gives them confidence, stability and strength through super sturdy, safe and durable play.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe – the safety of our children is our number one priority. All parts of the Baoniu Mountaineering Tripod are made from 100% natural, BPA-free, non-toxic and odourless eco-wood, and all parts are smoothly sanded for a smooth, burr-free finish to ensure your child plays and grows in a safe environment.
  • Multiple modes of play – Climbing triangle set with available ladders on both sides, one climbing side and one slide, also available with a climbing arch that you can freely adjust to any height and shape you need. With a maximum weight capacity of 130 lbs and an adjustable height ladder that allows 2-3 children to play together, the slide provides your child with a fun and exciting toy that is big enough to play with all day.
  • Easy to assemble – the Baoniu climbing tripod comes with fully detailed assembly instructions and tools, so you can assemble it in less than 20 minutes using the Allen key (included). Of course, if you have any questions about the installation or the product, you can always contact us and we will solve your problem promptly. You can use a wet towel to clean the climbing triangle
Indoor Playground 7-in-1 Jungle
  • INTRODUCING AVENLUR’S MAGNOLIA 7-IN-1 INDOOR WOODEN JUNGLE GYM PLAYGROUND – Get ready for endless fun and adventure with Avenlur’s Magnolia 7-in-1 Indoor Wooden Jungle Gym Playground! This exciting playset is the perfect way for your child to develop important gross motor skills while staying safe and entertained.
  • MOTOR SKILL ACTIVITIES FOR ENDLESS FUN – Your child will never run out of things to do with the mini rock climbing wall, Swedish slide, monkey bars, rope ladder, wood ladder, and swing, all included in the Magnolia playground. Each activity is designed to engage your child’s imagination and develop their motor skills, making it the perfect indoor playset for toddlers and children ages 2-6 years.
  • Good Housekeeping 2023 Award Winner: Trust in quality and innovation with the Avenlur Magnolia Climber, honored by Good Housekeeping for its outstanding performance, exceptional value, and cutting-edge design in 2023.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY FOR CONVENIENCE AND PEACE OF MIND – Setting up the Magnolia playground is easy and requires no professional installation. The low ground design and sturdy rails make it easy for your child to play and explore safely and securely.
  1. Wobble board: Wobble boards are great for working on balance and for rocking. Kids can stand or sit in them. Flip them over, and they can crawl over the arch. They’ve got loads of uses. 
Wooden Wobble Balance Board
  • 🌱 UNLIMITED WAYS TO PLAY: The Wooden Balance Board is whatever you imagine it to be – a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, a small football goal, a teeter popper or a tunnel.
  • 🌱 DEVELOP MULTIPLE SKILLS: It stimulates the vestibular system, which is of great importance for general development and learning. It supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture develops the sense of balance.
  • 🌱 BOTH FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: The board is a wooden toy that grows with the child and is also very suitable for adults. To get fit, stretch your back (as a seat aid) in yoga exercises, to train balance or just because it’s fun. It’s possible to do a wide range of exercises on the wooden board.
  • 🌱 TRUE QUALITY ASSURANCE: Highest quality natural real wood,ecologically friendly lacquers. The wood has unique coloring, texture, grain, and mineral patterns in the outer layer, which make each board one of a kind.
  1. Balance balls: Balance balls are great for stretching, playing, balance, and core strength. They come in many sizes, including kids’ sizes. My sons had a balance ball chair which helped with focus while satisfying their need to move. 
Total Body Balance Ball
  • BALANCE BALL KIT: Total Body Balance Ball workout kit with small (55 cm) exercise ball for an ideal low-impact core strengthening workout
  • WORKOUT GUIDE INCLUDED: Exercise abs, back, glutes, lower and upper body with the included yoga ball and a 105-minute workout designed by fitness expert Tanja Djelevic
  • 55cm BALANCE BALL: Small size balance ball is recommended for users between 5’0″ and 5’5″ tall. Use the stability ball as an exercise and fitness tool or as an alternative office desk chair solution for active sitting.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Small purple exercise ball for yoga and Pilates, easy-inflate air pump, and workouts (Packaging may vary to include DVD or Digital Download)
Kids Balance Ball Chair
  • ALTERNATIVE DESK CHAIR: The perfect kid-sized seat for improving concentration & focus at home or in the classroom at their desk, this exercise ball chair helps to reduce restlessness, fidgeting and prevent boredom
  • ACTIVE LEARNING CHAIR: Stability ball chair promotes a healthy posture & keeps the mind focused and body engaged – Statistics have shown that kids are able to focus more intently when actively balancing their body on a balance ball
  • RECOMMENDED USER HEIGHT: Designed for kids ages 5-7, or children between 42 and 51 inches tall making this active sitting chair ideal for preschool, 1st and 2nd grade students. Weight limit: 175-pounds.
  • INCLUDES: Child-sized 38cm balance ball, easy-inflation air pump, adjustable back support bar, secure metal ball holder, and easy-glide caster wheels (2 lockable)
  1. Soft play blocks: Soft play blocks are great for climbing, sliding, crawling, carrying, pushing, building, or even just for relaxing. They’ve got tons of great sensory uses. 
SoftScape Playtime and Climb
  • CRAWL OR STACK — a configurable climber for new crawlers becomes a soft block playset as they grow; designed for infants and toddlers exploring new textures and colors, learning to grasp and play; foldable half moon speed bump becomes a seat perfect for story time
  • LITTLE IMAGINATIONS — as your crawler grows, watch as they race toy cars and trucks up and down the ramp, the tiny tunnel becomes a half-pipe, the cube a stage for playing with dolls or figurines
  • IDEAL FOR IN-HOME AND INSTITUTIONAL LEARNING — high-quality, versatile climber incorporates safe indoor active play into any learning environment, from home to classroom, and anywhere in between
  • GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT — encourages little ones to develop important growth skills, hand-eye coordination and social skills as they play
  1. Sensory mat: Sensory tiles offering different textures and colors can be great for sensory-seeking kids to walk on, manipulate, and explore. 
Massage Sensory Mat Module
  • Dimensions of Sensory Mat: square puzzle – 9.8х9.8” (25х25 cm)
  • Set Contains: Stones – 2 pieces; Thorns – 2 pieces; Grass – 2 pieces; Wave – 2 pieces;
  • Orthopedic Puzzle Mat Contains: 8 modules
  • These Orthopedic Mats for Children are easy to store – they can be assembled into a puzzle of any size.

Relaxing Elements to Reduce Stress 

If the purpose of your room is to reduce sensory overload and promote relaxation, creating a comfortable space with soft seating and cozy corners will be key. You can create this atmosphere easily with some simple pieces: 

  1. Bean bags: Bean bags are great for soft, comfortable, and tactile seating. Bean bag chairs are a more structured option. Look for textured, sensory fabrics like velvet, corduroy, or micro suede. 
Bean Bag Chair
  • COMFORT MEETS STYLE: This fan-favorite bean bag chair’s structured design not only gives you the support you need but also comes in a variety of styles to fit your personality!
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Designed with our durable, stain-resistant SmartMax fabric, spot cleaning is easily accomplished.
  • PERFECTLY FILLED: We purposely fill your bean bag with the perfect amount of beans, because we know an over-filled bean bag is not comfy!
  • IT’S IN THE DETAILS: Double-stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability. Take the Milano bean chair with you wherever you go with the convenient built-in handle.
  1. Weighted blanket: Weighted blankets offer deep pressure stimulation that some children find calming. Be sure to choose an appropriate weight and size for your child’s age that they can handle easily. Again, velvety, textured covers add a tactile sensory element. If a whole blanket is too much, look for smaller weighted lap pads. 
Weighted Blanket for Kids
  • Kids weighted blanket 5lb
  • Weighted kids blanket is made of cotton fabric, while the other is very soft, minky cuddle fabric for sensory input
  • Helps Kids get enough sleep and improve their physical and mental development
  • Relax the kids body and provides calming
  1. Headphones: Many kids find noise-canceling headphones very useful for focus and concentration. Let your kids use them with calming music, ambient sound, or just to help them find some quiet. 
  2. Sleeping bag: Keeping a sleeping bag in your sensory space gives your child a cozy spot to relax. As with weighted blankets, choose sleeping bags appropriate to your child’s age and size. 
  3. Sensory tent: A tent or teepee is a great way to create a sensory space or a quiet corner in your sensory room, which you can fill with pillows, sleeping bags, and stuffed animals.  
  4. Liquid floor tiles: Although you can find tiles like these as smaller fidget toys, big liquid tiles for kids to walk on or play with to watch the colors change can be a nice visual, tactile, and stress-relieving element for your room. 
Liquid Fusion Activity Play Centers
  • Bright cosmic liquid colors that move with every step, jump, dance, or hop ; environmentally protective and safe around kids.
  • Includes 9 pieces of Liquid Motion Floor Tiles, size of each tile is 11.8″ x 11.8″
  • No installation required: it could be placed around in any corner of the house, school or can be used to decorate.
  • Anti slip backing: Liquid filled Motion Floor Tiles have a strong anti slip function that help protect floor and keep still with pvc anti-mat slip.

Why Is a Sensory Room Beneficial for Children?

Little boyl in his room with night light projecting stars on room ceiling.

According to the National Council for Special Education11. Sensory Spaces in School. National Council for Special Education. 2021. https://ncse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/NCSE-Sensory-Spaces-in-Schools-2021.pdf (NCSE) the many benefits of a sensory can include: 

  • Reducing sensory overload for children who get anxious or overwhelmed
  • Increasing sensory input for children who need more sensory and tactile experiences to improve self-regulation
  • Promoting self-care, self-help skills, empowerment, skill development, self-esteem, resilience, and recovery 

In addition to relieving stress, improving focus, and developing communication and social skills, experts at St. Jude’s Health Care Services22. The Many Benefits of Sensory Rooms. St Jude’s Health Care Services. 2021. https://stjudes.com.au/news/the-many-benefits-of-sensory-rooms also point out that sensory spaces and sensory equipment have positive effects for children with physical difficulties such as: 

  • Developing visual processing abilities
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Providing opportunities to exercise gross motor skills
  • Improving balance and movement

Academic evidence on the positive effects of sensory rooms is inconclusive. However, anecdotal evidence and experience of parents, teachers, and professionals suggest that they do benefit children. 

These benefits for children with different disabilities and learning difficulties are why so many schools are creating sensory rooms and spaces. Having some time in a sensory space can help students return to the classroom better able to cope with the environment and to focus. 

To use a sensory room effectively, the NCSE suggests the following: 

  • Use a time or visual schedule to help structure your child’s time and to aid them in transitioning into and out of the room. 
  • Do not use or withhold the room as a reward or consequence in behavior management.
  • Structure your child’s time in the sensory space and guide them. 
  • Remain flexible and adaptable, observe how your child responds to different room elements, and make changes as necessary.  


  1. Sensory Spaces in School. National Council for Special Education. (2021). https://ncse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/NCSE-Sensory-Spaces-in-Schools-2021.pdf
  2. The Many Benefits of Sensory Rooms. St Jude’s Health Care Services. (2021, October 27). https://stjudes.com.au/news/the-many-benefits-of-sensory-rooms
Sensory Room Ideas to Try at Home

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