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Ivan in the garden

Sensory Activities, Visual Impairment

Gardening with a Blind Child

Gardening is a very hands-on endeavor and children with visual impairments need the opportunity to get their hands into as many different real-world activities as possible, so how about starting...

Ivan found a balloon!

Sensory Activities

Make Your Own Textured Balloon Activity

Here's an easy activity that is fun and great for fine motor development and tactile discrimination: fill balloons with different textures from the kitchen (like rice or flour) and squeeze...

yarn pot

Tactile Art

Make Your Own Textured Pot

Create a pretty and tactile pot for your garden and plants with just a few easy techniques and simple craft materials. And since your hands will get sticky making this...

kids in horticultural therapy class

Sensory Activities

Horticultural Therapy

What is horticultural therapy and what are the benefits for blind or visually impaired children? We'll explain what the therapy is and give you a few fun ideas so you...

Little gourd shekere

Music Play

Grow Your Own Musical Instrument in Your Garden!

Daria shows us how to grow gourds and turn them into musical instruments like shekeres and guiros! Plant your seeds in the spring and you'll have your own home-grown instruments...

Sound Eggs Sensory Activity

Sensory Activities

Sound Eggs Sensory Activity

Fill each egg with a different object to make different sounds when you shake them. Fill your eggs in pairs so you can play a matching game!

Bloom app

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Music Play

Bloom Music App Review

Eric Jerman reviews the generative music iPad app, Bloom. Bloom allows children to create gentle, soft music patterns and bubbles of color with just the tap of a finger. The...

Wikki Stix for the Sight-Impaired

Toys, Visual Impairment

Wikki Stix for the Sight-Impaired

Wikki Stix are an easy way to create tactile graphics, assist with O & M training, map concepts, music lessons, daily living skills and much more. Since they adhere to...

PlayAbility Toys LOGO

Special Needs, Toys

PlayAbility Toys: Special Toys for Special Kids

PlayAbility Toys creates toys designed specifically for children with visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive challenges and other challenges.

Blind child touching a sensory board

Sensory Activities, Visual Impairment

Creating Sensory Activity Centers for Blind Children

Learn how to make an activity center for children with visual impairments. Using general hardware materials (like cardboard or peg-board) and other household items (like toys or kitchen utensils) you...


Music Play

Make Your Own Gong!

Learn how to make your own Chinese gong using simple objects you probably have in your kitchen. Decorate your gong with tactile crafts and make lots of noise!

A Sistrum

Music Play

Make Your Own Sistrum, an Egyptian Rattle

Daria shows you how to make your own Sistrum, an ancient Egyptian instrument, out of a wire coat hanger, electrical tape and buttons!

puffer balls


Puffer Balls

This simple ball is squishy and rubbery and makes a neat noise when you shake it. Great for helping with tactile defensiveness. If your child has light perception, you can...

ThumbJam Music App

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Music Play

ThumbJam Music App Review

ThumbJam is a simple music app that allows your child to make beautiful, clear sounds with their iPad. It features all sorts of advanced options for changing the sounds or...

soccer players


Life Lessons from the VIP Special Needs Soccer Program

David wrote this essay as part of a college scholarship application. He writes about his experience as a football player in high school and compares that to his experiences volunteering...

Life-Size Shoots and Ladders Game

Sensory Activities, Visual Impairment

Activity Bank: Sensory Activities for Kids who are Blind

Find sensory activities that have been adapted to meet the needs of students who are blind or visually impaired.

broken ornaments

Holiday Crafts and Ideas, Visual Impairment

How to Help Your Blind Child Survive (and maybe even enjoy) Christmas

A holiday survival guide for parents of children with sensory impairments.

Whack-a-Mole Tower


Whack-a-Mole Tower

Find out about this whack-a-mole game that develops hand-eye coordination in kids with low vision. It's fun and there are lots of blinking lights and ringing bells for encouragement!

jingle bells

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Make Your Own Jingle Bells

Don't you just love the sound of jingle bells at Christmas? This easy holiday craft will show you how to make your own jingle bell bracelets, anklets and jingle sticks!

A girl making Hand & Foot Reindeer Ornament

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Make Your Own Hand & Foot Reindeer Ornament

We love holiday crafts and this one is just so creative! Find out how your child can make their very own reindeer ornament by tracing their foot and hands on...

Accessible Candy Land

Toys, Visual Impairment

Accessible Candy Land!

Learn how to make an accessible version of your kids' Candy Land game that is perfect for children with visual impairments.

Turkey Squash

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Turkey Squash Thanksgiving Craft Project

If you're tired of carving pumpkins every year, why not spice things up with a decorated squash instead? Find out how to make this silly Turkey Squash with feathers and...

mom and Ivan at the park

Play, Special Needs

ADA Regulates Accessible Playgrounds

The revised 2010 ADA sets guidelines for accessible playgrounds, parks and play spaces. Find out what these new requirements are and when they go into effect.

Cowboy and horse wheelchair costume

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas for Canes and Wheelchairs

Kids with disabilities love Halloween too! Here are ideas that will incorporate your child's wheelchair or white cane into their costume.