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Chanukah Fever


Chanukah Giveaway!

Mama Doni is one of our favorite kids' musicians and it's just an added bonus that she sings outrageously cool and funky music for Jewish children.

chunky puzzle


Tactile Toy & Book Giveaway!

Looking for some nice tactile gifts for someone on your holiday list this year? We're giving away a Chunky Shapes Puzzle (with braille!) and an amazing Noah's Ark set with...

Peter and the Wolf


Music Stories Giveaway!

We're always looking for fun things to listen to in the car on long trips down to grandpa's house. Music is nice and so are stories on audio book, but...

Talking with Baby Cover


Sign Language Book Giveaway!

Give your child the best gift of all this year: the gift of communication. Enter to win Marsha Peterson's book that will help you teach your child sign language, Come...

Music Cube


Magic Cube Giveaway!

We want to share with you one of our absolutely all-time favorite toys: The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube! Enter to win this deceptively simple toy that introduces cause and effect,...

celtic christmas


Christmas Music Giveaway!

Enter to win three wonderful Christmas albums for children! From classic carols to new rock and roll tunes, there's something here for every family.

Silent Night Board Book


Christmas Book Giveaway!

Enter to win three Christmas board books from Seedlings with print and braille: Biscuit's Pet & Play Christmas, Silent Night, and Christmas Angel.



BigBear PizzaBox Video Game Giveaway!

Are you looking for video games that are both accessible to children with little or no vision as well as appropriate for young kids? Look no further! Enter to win...

memory caps game


Puzzle Game Giveaway!

We're giving away two awesome puzzle games that are entirely accessible: The Memory Caps Game and The Slide, Twist 'n Solve Puzzle.

World of Dreams


Lullaby Music Giveaway

Soothing lullabies are a wonderful way to help kids relax and transition to bed time. We've got two of our all time favorite sleepy time CDs for children.

pool reflections


Schlori Swim Cushions Giveaway

Getting your child in the water is an amazing gift. If you're looking for a fun, safe, and comfortable flotation device for your child, then you'll want to enter to...

red, yellow and blue rib-it-ball


Rib-it-Ball Giveaway!

Looking for a toy that's great for playing with friends? Then enter to win this Rib-it-Ball! This ball is easy to hold and throw, plus the high-contrast colors are perfect...

Run, Play, Move


Run, Play, Move Giveaway!

Enter to win a free copy of Run, Play, Move, a book by Matt LaCortiglia that will show you how to adapt any sport or game for any child. Visually...

Stacey Peasley's Together


Friendship Music Giveaway!

Enter our giveaway to win two wonderful CDs that celebrate friendship. We love Stacey Peasley's new CD, Together, and Charlie Hope's newest album, Let's Go Play.

Drawing with Your Brailler


Drawing with Your Brailler Giveaway!

Enter to win Drawing with Your Brailler, a book that shows you how to make images with your brailler, from the simple to the intricate, that you can play with...

Love Me for Who I Am


Love Me for Who I Am Giveaway!

Rymer's CD of singalong songs are instantly memorable, and his videos show kids of all shapes, sizes, and abilities singing along.

Braille Blocks


Braille Alphabet Blocks Giveaway

Alphabet building blocks by Uncle Goose feature raised alphabet letters, braille, and finger-spelling, plus color variation and print letters, for limitless matching, sorting, stacking and spelling.



Tumzee Giveaway

Growing babies develop motor skills during "tummy time," and may need the support of a positioning cushion like Original Baby Company's Tumzee. One of our readers won a Tumzee in...

How We See It Book


How We See It Giveaway!

This guide covers basic information about visual development in children and eye health, as well as very specific and practical advice on environmental adaptations for home and at school.

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Product Reviews

5 Best Toddler Car Seats of 2023

Need to know the difference between a convertible car seat, a booster, and an all-in-one? We've got your guide to the best toddler car seats on the market.



Musical Grab Bag Giveaway!

Enter to win a package of fun musical toys for your visually impaired child from Mud Pie Productions.

Perkins Activity & Resource Guide


Activity and Resource Guide Giveaway!

The Perkins Activity & Resource Guide is known around the world as the most valuable resource any teacher can use to engage children who are blind or visually impaired.

Welcoming Students with Visual Impairment to Your School


Welcoming Students Guide Giveaway!

You have spent a long time getting your blind child ready for school. Is the school ready for your child? Help your school environment, your family, and your IEP team...

APH book, That's Not My Bear


That’s Not My Bear Tactile Book Giveaway!

Our holiday giveaway contest featured the APH tactile book That's Not My Bear, about a lost teddy bear. Children learn tactile information processing by looking for the right bear. This...