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Uncle Goose Braille ABC Blocks with American Sign Language


Braille Blocks Holiday Giveaway!

A holiday giveaway contest offers a set of solid wood alphabet blocks featuring braille and finger spelling as well as Roman alphabet, printed and cutout.

NBP logo


NBP Giftcard Holiday Giveaway!

We spotlight National Braille Press, and some of our favorite braille books, toys, and puzzles. Enter to win a gift card to buy some of your favorites too!

Mia Moda Stroller

Product Reviews, Special Needs

I Need an Affordable Stroller for my Special Needs Child!

It can be difficult to find a good stroller for your child when they have special needs. If your insurance company is refusing to help you buy a stroller then...

Ivan wearing his Nowa Li shoes

Product Reviews

Nowa Li: Moccasin Socks for Kids (who Hate Shoes)

Nowa Li: Socks with mocassin bottoms that are great for your special needs child's sensitive little feet!

Ivan teething his mom's necklace

Product Reviews

My Favorite (Teething) Necklace!

Find out about my new favorite necklace—It's pretty and elegant... and a teether! Yes, go ahead and chew on it little guy.

Mom with Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Product Reviews, Sleep

Choosing the Best Portable Crib for Your Baby

How to choose the best travel crib for your baby without waisting your time or your money. We'll show you how to make your dollar really count when buying a...