iPad Apps and Accessibility

Reviews and news about iPads and apps for children with special needs. Learn how to make the most of the assistive technology options built in to your iPad!

Sago Mini Sound Box

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Sago Mini Sound Box App Review

This app has very high contrast with colorful spheres floating on a white background and produces lovely sounds with each tap, from animal sounds to instruments.

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Braille and Literacy, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Braille Keyboard for Smartphones

Watch a video of an app developer demonstrating his new braille keyboard app on an iPhone. The new app will allow blind users to type using a touch screen.

GumDrop iPad Case

iPad Apps and Accessibility

The GumDrop iPad Case

We review our favorite iPad case: the GumDrop. The GumDrop is perfect for kids with disabilities because it is nearly indestructible. Now you can feel comfortable handing your iPad to...

iLoveFireworks App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

iLoveFireworks App Review

This app is a winner in our house! Ivan loves iLoveFireworks because it makes BIG sounds with just the tap of his finger on the iPad screen. It's a great...

Baby Look Tickle App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Baby Look Tickle App Review

Eric Jerman reviews the hilariously addictive Baby Look Tickle app for kids. The app is a simple cause-and-effect game in which a baby laughs every time you tickle her, and...

Tap-n-See Now home screen

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Tap-n-See Now App Review

Have you heard of the first app for iPad and iPhone created specifically for children with cortical visual impairment? It's pretty cool! Check out the Tap-n-See Now app for kids...

Bubbles App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Bubbles App Review

Bubbles is intended for babies and toddlers as a simple and fun app, but it also works beautifully as a way to help visually impaired children learn to use their...

ThumbJam Music App

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Music Play

ThumbJam Music App Review

ThumbJam is a simple music app that allows your child to make beautiful, clear sounds with their iPad. It features all sorts of advanced options for changing the sounds or...

Dr. Seuss's ABC App

Braille and Literacy, iPad Apps and Accessibility

Dr. Seuss’s ABC App Review

The iPad is the perfect platform to create interactive and accessible picture books for kids. Oceanhouse Media is doing just this with a large collection of Dr. Seuss books. Here's...

Inclusive Technology: Switch Accessible Apps for the iPad

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Inclusive Technology: Switch Accessible Apps for the iPad

These are accessible apps for kids with special needs and they are fun too! If you're looking for apps that you can use with your iPad switch, this is the...

Peek-a-Bouncer app

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Peek-a-Bouncer App Review

In Peek-a-Bouncer your child holds their finger on the touch screen to see and hear a silly and colorful animal. As soon as they release their finger, the animal disappears...

Tickle Finger in the Jungle

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Tickle Finger App Review

In this highly interactive story, the reader has to help Tiny Tinga the monkey get home by "tickling" various predators along the way. You can choose to have the story...

Big Trace App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Big Trace App Review

Read Mary's review of the Big Trace iPad app that teaches children how to print capital letters, cursives and numbers. The app is great for children with low vision who...

Peekaboo Barn

iPad Apps and Accessibility

Peekaboo Barn App Review

Eric Jerman, COMS, reviews the popular iPad app Peekaboo Barn. He explains how the app works and why it's ideal for young children learning simple fine motor skills. He also...


iPad Apps and Accessibility

iPad Basics: What’s an App?

You've got an iPad, but you're still new to this whole app thing. What are apps? And how do you buy them? Eric Jerman explains how to find and download...

Ivan playing on his computer

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Visual Impairment

The Best Accessible Computer Games for Blind Kids

We'll show you the best places to find accessible video games for blind children - and some of them are free!