Amber Bobnar

Originally from Hawaii, Amber and her family moved to Massachusetts to be closer to Boston Children’s Hospital where her son, Ivan, now receives medical care.


She has a Master’s degree in English from Tufts University and spends most of her “free time” writing about being a parent of a disabled child on But really most of her time is spent caring for and playing with her son.

stackable sound blocks

Sensory Activities, Toys

Make Your Own Stackable Sound Blocks!

Find out how to make your own stackable sound blocks out of Gerber baby food containers. They are easy to make and fun to play with!

Ivan watering the plants

Math and Science

Plants Get Thirsty Too! How watering plants can teach new skills

What can your child who is blind learn through watering plants? Lots! Watering can be an opportunity to count leaves, talk about the plants, squeeze water bottles, fill bottles and...

Natural Grass Easter Basket

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Make Your Own Natural Grass Easter Basket!

How about a natural grass Easter basket? This is a project my son did at school and we just love it!

My Super Powers Are...


Custom Embroidered T-Shirt Giveaway!

Enter to win a custom embroidered t-shirt from the Stitch Wench for your child. You pick the design and you pick the message! Giveaway ends May 8th 2014.



HowdaHUG2 Giveaway!

What does the HowdaHUG Seat do that other chairs don't? It comes with pull straps along the side of the seat that you can pull to adjust to squeeze and...

Sensory Activities, Toys

Make Your Own Bead Container

Ivan's Occupational Therapist suggested finding simple activities he could do that would require him to use one hand to stabilize while the other hand is engaged. Making a Bead Container...

Product of Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Paints


Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Paints

My son was asking to paint after he had at preschool a few times, and I was dreading the mess--but then I found these paints! He gets the same experience...

Hadley logo: stick outline of two parents reading to child.

Schools for the Blind

The Hadley School for the Blind

The Hadley School for the blind is known for offering distance education to anyone who wants or needs blindness education, including parents of blind children.


Schools for the Blind

Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

Located on the island of O'ahu, the Hawai'i School for the Deaf and Blind provides an ASL bilingual-bicultural program to the islands’ deaf, blind and deafblind students

Anna's Celebration of Life Foundation

Special Needs

Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation

Anna's Celebration of Life Foundation grants wishes to families of children with special needs who require but can't afford therapies, recreational and therapeutic equipment, service dogs and much more.

Ivan playing with slime

Sensory Activities

Make Your Own Nontoxic Slime!

This is a super simple recipe for homemade nontoxic slime. It's perfect for kids who tend to put things in their mouth while they play because it's safe! It's still...


Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Tactile Shamrock Fun: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the Garden!

Find out the difference between shamrocks and clovers (hint: there isn't any), learn about the different types of shamrocks and discover a fun shamrock craft! Happy St Patrick's Day!