Amber Bobnar

Originally from Hawaii, Amber and her family moved to Massachusetts to be closer to Boston Children’s Hospital where her son, Ivan, now receives medical care.


She has a Master’s degree in English from Tufts University and spends most of her “free time” writing about being a parent of a disabled child on But really most of her time is spent caring for and playing with her son.

The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection


Acoustic Jewish Holiday Giveaway!

Mama Doni's new CD is all about the holidays! Enter to win a copy of The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection (with songs about Chanukah, Passover and Shabbat). Contest ends November...

Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights


Hanukkah Board Book Giveaway!

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Brailled Rummikub


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The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes


Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes Giveaway!

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Winnie the Pooh and the Hanukkah Dreidel


Winnie the Pooh Hanukkah Giveaway!

Enter to win a copy of Winnie the Pooh and the Hanukkah Dreidel in print and braille from Future Aids! This board book would be perfect for baby's first Hanukkah....

Castle blocks


Castle Giveaway!

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Ivan in his hot air balloon halloween wheelchair costume

Holiday Crafts and Ideas

Hot Air Balloon Wheelchair Costume

Here's a fun idea for Halloween - how about transforming your child's wheelchair into a hot air balloon? All you really need is some foam board and cardboard strips to...


Advocacy, Support

Friends Helping Friends: Why Special Needs Parents Have to Rely on Each Other

Where can parents of children with special needs find the services, resources and programs designed to help them? Noelia says most of her information comes from other parents.

Lily LightAide


The Backpacking LightAide Program!

Lily LightAide is traveling across the United States and wants to come visit you! Apply to be part of this program and find out how the LightAide can help your...

iPad Apps and Accessibility, Visual Impairment

Our Favorite Apps for Children Who are Visually Impaired

A collection of 15 (mostly free!) apps perfect for kids who are blind or visually impaired. Listed in categories ranging from visual stimulation to communication and fine motor needs.

EDA Play App

iPad Apps and Accessibility

EDA Play App Review

EDA Play is an app designed to enhance your child's visual and fine motor skills through 4 levels of play. The best part about this app is that it is...

2 children working on a science experiment

Math and Science, Visual Impairment

Independence Science for Visually Impaired Students

Independence Science strives to create science classrooms that exhibit the full integration of students with disabilities. They provide matrerials, resources and advice that may not be available through a local...