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Find advice on how to manage doctor visits and hospital stays, learn how to teach self-feeding skills and discover new medical treatments and research opportunities for children who are blind

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

The mission of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is to provide support to individuals with CHARGE syndrome and their families.

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Foundation Fighting Blindness

The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness is to drive the research that will provide preventions, treatments and cures for people affected by blindness.

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes

The Glaucoma Foundation

The mission of The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) is to fund groundbreaking research and to educate the public about the disease and the importance of early detection to prevent blindness.


Eye Conditions and Syndromes

ONH/SOD Family Focus (optic nerve hypoplasia/septo optic dysplasia)

FOCUS Families provides Information, Education and Support to those affected by Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) & Septo Optic Dysplasia (SOD) world wide.

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes

Stargardts Disease

Stargardts Net is the home for anyone and everyone who has an interest in Stargardts Disease. Via their website they tell their story in the hope of helping others who...


Eye Conditions and Syndromes

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation's mission is to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Visual Impairment

What’s genetic testing for LCA?

If you are considering genetic testing to determine the gene causing your child's LCA, you probably have lots of questions about the test as well as the results. We'll try...

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Feeding and Eating

Make Your Own Sippy Cup to Help Teach Straw Drinking

Learn how to make a small sippy cup out of household items that is easy for your child to hold and impossible to break!


Health & Nutrition

What are Ciliopathies and How are they Related to Blindness?

The source of retinal pathologies like that associated with Joubert's Syndrome may originate in the cilia of cells. Scientists at UC-San Diego report their findings in this Health Sciences update.

Bionic eye

Research Studies

Retinal Microchip Trials

A British man with retinitis pigmentosa has test driven the bionic eye, a set of implanted receivers that send impulses through the optic nerve and into the brain. Thirty-five test...

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Health & Nutrition

Retinal Implants and Visual Cortex Plasticity

The Boston Retinal Implant Project unveiled a prototype prosthetic for people with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and macular degeneration. This post links to a New York Times article which also discusses...

Martin Jones

Health & Nutrition

Tooth Implant Restores Sight

An innovation in lens surgery uses a patient’s tooth to hold an optical lens in place. Within 2 weeks of completing the entire procedure, Martin Jones of England was able...

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Health & Nutrition

BrainPort Allows Blind Users to “See” Through Their Tongue

BrainPort Vision is a prosthetic device that uses electrical stimulation of the tongue to provide spatial information to users who are blind or who have vision limited to light perception....


Eye Conditions and Syndromes

Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness

The Glaucoma Service Foundation’s mission is to preserve or enhance the health of all people with glaucoma.


Eye Conditions and Syndromes

A-Z to Deafblindness

This site offers help to deafblind people, those who provide specialized services for those who are deafblind and to make people more aware about deafblindness.

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Feeding and Eating

Time to Eat! Our favorite meal-time products that make feeding babies & toddlers easier

The secret to successful mealtime may be in the utensils! We review and recommend the best place settings, snack storage, and bibs that support kids with disabilities as they develop...

Booster Seat

Feeding and Eating

The First Years Booster Seat

The First Years Booster Seat is the best seat for children. Compact, easy to set up, and you can take it anywhere!

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH)

Families with albinism come together through NOAH, The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.

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Development, Feeding and Eating

Picking Up Puffs: Working on Developmental Milestones One Step at a Time

We'll give you tips and ideas on how to set goals and teach your blind baby how to finger feed.

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Visual Impairment

Raising a Blind Child with Albinism

Read Mary's story about the birth of her daughter and the struggles and pride she feels raising a child who is visually impaired.

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Eye Conditions and Syndromes

DeafBlind Fact Sheets

This site provides a collection of downloadable and printable fact sheets on topics related to deaf-blindness.


Health & Nutrition

Gene Reviews: Searchable Database of Genetic Disorders

GeneReviews are expert-authored, peer-reviewed, current disease descriptions that apply genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of patients and families with specific inherited conditions.

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Feeding and Eating

Make Your Own Bottle Holder!

Make a visually stimulating bottle holder for your blind baby that's simple to make and pretty to look at.


Eye Conditions and Syndromes, Visual Impairment

Tacey’s Story: Surviving Retinoblastoma

Find out how Tacey, a nine-year-old blind cancer survivor, became the first ever Miss Tough Enough To Wear Pink Four States Rodeo Queen.